Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ah ling, ah ling.

If you readers have realized that most of my friends are called by abbreviations of their names (eg: ah ying, ah drew, ah lean) or sometimes not (eg: ah karen, ah don) or not at all (eg: adam, raymond, tetek leong),or even got an entire switch from human to animal (eg: penguin) well, it's just our clique's thingy. Somehow I feel we are bullhitting moregetting more and more random and sweat more easily (eg: =.=" , -_-' , -___-"). Not that that's besides the point. Just wanted to say that I really like hanging out with the bunch of people aforementioned above. This is just a random post, afterall I am ah ling.

ah ling

Puzzle piece here.

*Sponsored post time*

Over the weekend, I realized that I have been "bitten". What do i mean by "bitten"? Of course, not literally bitten (else i'd already be whining about it non-stop), but bitten by the shuttterbug which makes me have a further interest and enjoy photography. Isn't it great now that i have actually started to appreciate the beauty of taking photographs, but kind of sad that my digital camera is not really working very well? I wish I had a HP camera. This is because taking pictures with it makes Digital Photo Printing a lot easier as i can just connect it to the HP printer. Enough of wishing.

By the way, a HP Photosmart M527 digital camera was given to a Postie,Michelle, through a previous PPP Opportunity? And her and her family pictures will be used in the next Photo Puzzle? So lucky okay. *hhmph*

Puzzle piece:

If you're all wondering about the puzzle piece above, well, let's just say it's the online puzzle worth playing for. The first person to find all 48 pieces and reassemble the completed puzzle on their blog gets to take a $1000 opportunity. Makes me want to start hunting right away too.

Before ending this post, I would like to say that once again, this post has been sponsored by HP.


i can't breathe..

..properly. My nose is blocked. Annoying like hell lah.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No making lemonade here.


When you buy a car and you got yourself a good deal, say the car works fine, the price was excellent, and most importantly you didn't get cheated, you say that you got yourself a lemonfree deal. But will you be so lucky next time? Well, try doing a Car Search on and you'll see that the site lives up to its name; meaning no bad deals there, just great cars at great prices.

Normally at sites like this, the search feature is of utmost importance. When searching for prince charming you would like it to be as easy as possible right? Same goes for searching for your dream car. You would like as wide as selection as possible to choose from, and if you try their search feature, i guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I searched for Nissan 350Z, and I found 566837. But of course i didn't opt to enter my zip code in my initial search, if not it would have been greatly narrowed down.

Listing your car is free and including pictures in the listing is also free, so if you're planning to get a new car while getting rid of the old, why not use


Monday, January 29, 2007

in a few days time..

...i can look forward to money in my Paypal account (finally!!)

and i can also "look forward" to my exams (finally =( )

apart from that i wish to state here that i hate studying, and i don't believe that i've endured like more than 3 quarters of my life studying. Horror sial. but it could have been worse. Here's a point to ponder about ; imagine spending most of your life giving head to strangers with BO or worse. And the saddest part is that you didn't go into that profession life willingly.

ah ling

Goodbye unknown phone callers.

*Advertisement time*

The one thing I hate most after missed-calls is people who call me from an unknown number. Sometimes, I think that I should torture let you people who are guilty of doing it know how much it becomes a pain in the behind.

Luckily there are such things like a Cellular Reverse Lookup service now so that I can trace which chap fan lady the penguin is having a non-existent affair with one of my friends annoyed called me by using an unknown number.

I like the part about "keeping the site to myself and not telling anyone else about it". Good marketing,and an even better service, i would say.


i like..

..hamsters. I like their ears, their whiskers, their (short) tails, their fur, and basically everything else. Gosh, i sound deranged. But here's a picture:

It looks stunned.

picture stolen taken from some free wallpaper site online

Darn cute rite?

Have a good week ahead, people.

Podcast hosting for free.


Always felt that you could be an overnight star (for good or bad reasons) if given the chance to communicate to the world through an alternative media, say, maybe a podcast? Well, let me help you start your revolution okay. For Free Podcast hosting, you could try visiting the link given. Not only is hosting free, you get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and also free membership. Get started today, then come tell ah ling about your podcast and i'll download it and watch it okay.


Tribute to my lappy.

I'm without my lappy! Cos' it is with Drew who formatted it already.Yay.*sigh*

I miss you lappy, come back safe soon, okay.

ah ling

Get more of Paris Hilton.


If you like celebrity gossip and pictures (including NSFW ones), probably you have heard of, and been reading lots of gossip blogs. Which one takes it all? Not Perez Hilton, for sure.

This is Paris Hilton. And if you can't get enough of her(or other celebs) you can visit the link above.

Yes, I do mean a celebrity gossip channel where there's loads of photos and also juicy bits of gossip. Bored at home or at work already and want to see what your favourite stars are up to? Visit this site then to have a steady stream of gossip and celeb trivia at your fingertips.Never fails to amaze people AND it makes for starting conversations.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

I wanna raise the white flag.

andrew was right. Nearly there and yet I feel like giving up. God please tell me that this shall soon pass.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

book (Buzzmarketing) with kudos from Fast Company magazine

*Sponsored post plug*

I think it's just great to be able to change the way people perceive a company. Like this guy who renamed Halfway, Oregon to, Oregon. By the way, is the #1 Internet retailer of used books,music and movies. Then he wrote a book on how he did it called Buzzmarketing. Now, he is evidently a very successful marketing speaker on the professional speaker circuit.Interesting? Go check out the site.



- my lappy is currently being abused reformatted by Drew n Don. Yes, they slept together. Don't even get me started about that.

- been getting super weird dreams again. the night before, i dreamt that the DBKL truck (the ones where they use to go pick up stray dogs) was going round my housing area, and they were looking for people like me (cos' apparently I was an illegal in that dream; no papers, no identification, no nothing). So they were looking for me, cos they wanted to put me away in the truck and then kill me. Scary okay. Especially when you're wearing heels and running.

But it's all about weird dreams when you're ah ling.

ah ling


The PPP site is down for upgrades!!! ARGHARGHARGHARGHARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy your weekend!

(a very harried) ah ling

Millionaire dating.


Do you ever feel envious of all those 'tai-tais' who never have to work a day in their life and their only concern is whether or not their outfits matches their shoes, bags, manicure and pedicure? Well, sometimes I do. But how on earth do I actually find millionaires who are still available and in the dating market? I guess if things do not work out with the penguin boyfriend, I could always go to a site for Millionaire Dating. Easy, just create my profile, and voila! I'm all ready to prowl around looking for my next victim boyfriend. But of course, keep in mind that i said that i'll only go for that option if things do not work out. But for all you single people out there, it's worth a shot.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Andrew is a cam hoe pyromaniac.

Today's topic is "Andrew is a pyromaniac".

For you, my brother, I bet you prolly wanna burn that KNNCCBKKCMCHTNS asshole who stole your stuff, right?

Watch how I burn it.

Burn, baby, burn.

Watch me cam hoe burn stuff.

ah ling


For him/her.


I like the smell of CK Be by Calvin Klein. Don't ask me why, but i just do. I wouldn't mind the penguin boyfriend smelling of it 24/7, actually. I love it so much, it's pretty much the only scent I can recognize.Wait, I just remembered that I also like CK One Summer because the penguin boyfriend and I use it. So, since Valentine's Day s fast approaching, and if you are out of gift ideas, why not buy perfume for your loved one(s)?


i'm sleepy.

and i feel like shitting. again. damn sad okay.

but of course you didn't need to know that. But now that you do, treasure it as part of my randomness manifesting itself into this blog post.

ah ling

Sponsored : Exhibit Jet


What's the first thing that catches your eye when you enter an exhibition hall for trade shows? (No, besides the girls okay.) Of course it would be the Tradeshow Displays and Booths as well as the exhibits there.

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At their website, there is a wide range of products to choose from; from (rotating) lightboxes to even (collapsible) literature racks. Pricing there is seriously affordable (especially if you have the budget needed to "dress" your booth). I like the fact that even if you're totally hopeless in graphic design, you don't have to worry. That's because Exhibit Jet actually provides graphic design services, and you are not charged before you approve anything.

With many upcoming conventions and tradeshows scheduled for this year, why not turn to for ideas and help? After all, their products come with fast delivery, lifetime warranty and excellent quality, so why not seriously consider Exhibit Jet for your next tradeshow?


I'm getting married next.

Or am I?

Interesting to know that people think you're prolly next in line to legally produce babies get married. Hhmmm... *raises one eyebrow but fails miserably*

Good lord! Many people have asked me when I'm going to get married also okay. What if I never wanted to get married but all I wanted to do was to have one night stands around the world with all the nationalities available travel around the world?

I don't know, i don't know , i don't know *throwing tantrums rolling around on the floor in typical ah ling fashion*

Bet some of you people didn't know that one of the people who asked when we are going to get married happened to be the penguin's boyfriend's father. =.="""

okay enough.


The penguin boyfriend paid for my phone bill again. Awwww.Which reminds me. I have to sort out the bill statements for the credit card. Why im writing this down, i have no freakin' idea. Back to selling my soul writing sponsored posts.

Wait, I wish to state right now and here that I am officially in love! And it's not with the penguin boyfriend!!!

> The best part is that he knows I'm in love and he even understands!!!!

I am so in love with taking pictures with a DSLR camera.

I want one! a Nikon preferably! To be more specific a D70! like edho's one!

enough of rantings.

ah ling

How it started.


Remember I wrote a while back about my post "what is beautiful to you'? The one about Peter Belisi? Well, today's post is about Belisi - How it Started

The man himself.

Peter Belisi (see picture above) used to be a bartender. Knowing that success was what he wanted, he started to dress the part. Investing any extra money he had in a tie collection, he soon garnered much praise from colleagues and customers. To me, that's yet another trait of success ; being a risk-taker. Why do I say that? It's because at that time, according to Peter Belisi, he was struggling to support a family comprising of his wife and a newborn child.

Since to him accessories are part of a complete outfit, and not optional, Peter Belisi has since stuck to his priciples and offers fashion accessories at much more afforable and reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

He also is as fashionable AND charitable. The reason why I say that is because Peter Belisi started the programme "Luxury with Meaning". How it works is that everytime a customer purchases a Belisi product, a portion of the sales goes towards the customer's cause of choice. Excellent concept, don't you agree? With the implementation of this programme, customers can now shop and contribute to charity at the same time, making it a win-win situation for everyone. I feel that this type of programmes should be implemented too by other designer fashion houses.

So now you know the story behind the Belisi fashion brand and also about the "Luxury with Meaning" programme. To know more about the man himself, Peter Belisi, you can visit the site in the link above.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

more pictures!

okay, I didn't know that one of the Compact Flash(CF) cards were with the penguin boyfriend. Here are some of the pictures of the wedding:

The champagne fountain glasses stacked up:

Bride and bridegroom's grand entrance

FLower boy and girl In traditional nyonya attire. Pretty kan?

I like this photo.It's like being at some award show.Anugerah Tangkap Beribu-ribu gambar Pengantin Baru.(The award for taking thousands of the newly-weds' photos).Heh:

Be patient okay. many many more pix on the way. My lappy is lagging like sial.

ah ling


Hard to find movies.


I love the movie "A Home at the end of the World". Was introduced to it by Ah Drew a few months ago and I still can't get over the movie. Was so moved by the movie that immediately after watching it on my computer I searched for more information about it online. Sad to say, however, even though I want to watch it again(and again!) I don't have the disc anymore, since I think Aziem took it with him to the US. I checked out, however, and they HAVE IT!(it's even on discount.Cool.).

I sincerely doubt the local vcd 'pasar malam' seller would have it. Okay, i'm going to check if they have other hard to find movies that I have not been able to find at many vcd sellers' places.

*goes to check*

Okay, excellent.They even have "The Butterfly Effect" and *gulp* adult films. And, they are discounted too. They even let you email them with questions about any movies you wish to ask. You can even search for music, posters and books.I'd give this site two thumbs up! All in all, a highly recommended site.


I think i'll bid buy ...

...the ipod transmitter/dock for use in the car. Not sure if the guy'll let me buy it direct instead of bid for it, but , hey, it's worth a try rite? Wish me luck *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dolls are not just for girls.

*Sponsored Post*

When I was younger, I remember never liking playing with dolls.When I was given dolls, I would either throw them aside to one corner, or actually give them away. Why? Because I found them freaky (i'm weird, i know and admit it). However, I did like playing dress up games, but I feel i'm too old matured to actually get costumes and other clothes and stuff to play dress up nowadays. So what do I do? I turn to playing dress up games online. Yes, sort of cos-playing online, using an avatar.

Dress Up Games

The site above lets me create my own personalized doll character, so I can dress up my doll whatever way I want. See, you get a whole list of choices to choose from. Like Princess Doll, Thanksgiving, Angel, Gothic Doll, Fairy, Oscra Celebrity(!!), guys, couple dolls and so on.

Super sweet fairy doll:

After creating your very own cartoon doll (dollz) and dressing them up the way you want them to be, you get to use your creation as an avatar( think instant messaging! email! forums! for your blog too! competitions even!) And why not? There is a huge and varied collection of doll graphics and pictures, so you will be spoilt for choice. At the end of the day, I have a feeling that just creating one doll will not be enough.

Does she come across as a mysterious beauty?

In case you are having a difficult time deciding which outfits or how you would like to dress your doll up as, take a break by trying out the games on the site, or you may even ask the doll about your zodiac sign.

In short, dress up games and dolls are not just for girls anymore! but don't take my word for it, go see for yourself!


suddenly... seems to be turning out a-okay.

And i'm grateful for that, God.

I really am.

ah ling

Fly here and there.

In case you don't know what year this is, this year happens to be Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY 2007). FOr those of you not from Malaysia, you really have to book a flight to Kuala Lumpur as soon as possible.

Why? Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful cornucopia of many mixes of cultures and races, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. On top of that, Kuala lumpur is a wonderful city which never sleeps. Imagine, local cuisine 24 hours a day! Nightlife and sightseeing are also must sees. to give you an impression of how unique Kuala Lumpur is, well, majestic sky scrapers can be found in the midst of a serenic 'kampung' or village.

To book reasonable holidays and/or flights to Malaysia, and to other countries, like Mauritius holidays, to New Zealand, India, Japan, New York and more, just click on the link above and check out the special deals available. And when you've done that and travelled here, I guarantee that you'll be back for more.


The wedding..

..went great. The wedding costumes were so freakin' elaborate and unusual. I mean how often do you get to see people wearing the nyonya costumes nowadays?

I rememeber telling Don that i'm only one-eighth nyonya, so I can't wear the whole costume. I can only wear one sleeve. meh.

Happy waiting till the pictures get back.

ah ling

For soap opera fans.

*Advertisement time*

I remember a few years ago everyone was all hyped up about The Bold and the beautiful. And in case you have been in hiding or hibernation and do not know what it is about, it is a Soap Opera. Since the show was usually in the afternoon and I had tuition then(yes, I did study okay), I could only rely on either my maid to tell me what happened, or know nothing about it at all.

I wish had been ready back then, as it would have made a whole lot of people's lives more 'complete'. For really impatient people like me who don't mind knowing beforehand what happens, there is a Spoiler site. There is also a list of the complete Soap Opera listings on abc, NBS and CBS (doesnt' really apply to us though, but you can check out your astro guide).

Overall I feel that soap opera fans should try out the site as it would be of use and be very informative to them as daily, there are updates (so it doesn't matter if you missed a show or two), latest news and news room.


Saturday, January 20, 2007


..from the penguin's the boyfriend's house.

Much love,
ah ling

Friday, January 19, 2007

LOL (laugh Out Loud).


Feeling bored at home, nothing to watch on television and can't sleep? There's hope for you yet! Why not watch some of the best funny videos? Have you ever seen a guy drink a whole bottle of vodka in like 10 seconds??! Siao (crazy) or not? Or even check out the funny pictures link at the and see for yourself pictures like the one with the tattoo of the two monkeys having a 'good time'. My brother and I had a good laugh browsing through the site. You should too.


My brother is so sadistic annoying handsome.

can you tell that the annoying sas is next to me he is next to me?

He is making me write about sas. and Ninjas. And freakin' Chuck Norris.

I'm dying. Help me. Help me.

This is ridiculous. It has come to the point that he is sprouting out 'facts' about himself to be written here. you think i'm a dating advertising site issit? Chau Hengli.


P.S: He wishes to include a random fact before he'll let me end this post :

Did you know that page 673 of the Kamus Dewan has the word 'kapang'.Apparently it is a type of snail which sticks to wood and eats the wood in water. =.=""""


Want more business?


So you got your business a website but you wish that it could attract more customers? Of course, any savy and smart businessman with good business acumen would find a way to do that, but finding that handling the advertising part a tiny bit too much hassle? Don't fret just yet. Ever gave website promotion a thought but not sure how to get around to it? Try a try as they will help your site attain top rankings in some of the world's largest search engines like Google, Yahoo! and so on. The icing on the cake would be that has affordable packages to help you bring in either targetted local or international visitors to your business. Local businesses like cleaners, hair stylist and so on should invest in this method of improving the ranking of your business through search engine submission by as it will help beat your competitors in no time. Hurry! You wouldn't want your competitors to get the same idea now, would you?


The wedding... drawing even closer!! I can't wait!! tetek, as if like my wedding only rite? I'm excited because I / I have/ I will have :

1) new dress!
2) new shoes!!
3) new friends!!
4) get to go back!

However, I'm NOT looking forward to the journey back with Don's pussywillows. Yes, I stupidly agreed to buy them, ship them back AND deliver them to his house. Why do I have the feeling I just kena conned?

I can't wait! I can't wait! *throws confetti and headphones and ter-throw ipod nano also*

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Beautiful To You?

*Sponsored post*

Beauty, as with many other things, is something very subjective. To Peter Belisi, he finds that there is more to beauty than measuring it against glitz and glamour, as the most beautiful people he has seen are not models or even red-carpet celebrities, but are people who help make the place we live in better; everyday people who are indeed beautiful just by being a good person, be it a mother, brother or even wife. He finds it ironic that this type of campaign was launched by a fashion company, but stresses that this campaign was launched to see if others agree and see if people would expand their point of view.
The Belisi brand, a name synonymous with luxury and also makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes, has earned a loyal following for high-end quality ties, and recently scarves and handbags!(Surprise, surprise!)
It is no surprise then that the company diversified their product offerings, as Peter Belise believes that then done the right way, a well-heeled wardrobe along with the right accesories present a very elegant and polished picture to the world.
Rest assured that by owning any item from the Belisi brand, you are not merely in possession of a tie, or a scarf.Instead, you are now the proud owner of something truly exquisite, created with the most skilled craftsmanship, as each dramatic detail represents the Belisi brand's unwavering quest to fashion products of true prestige and value.

Doesn't he look stylish?

So, in order to answer as Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?" , just log in to the link provided and by putting your answer there, you could win a $100 Belisi Gift card.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random photos : Things which I like.

3 random photos of things which I like from my collection.

I like this shirt. *psst! The owner is somewhere in my links of friends below! Evil laugh*

White lilies are my favourite flowers, especially when arranged like this. Btw, saw the same arrangement in the Estee Lauder White linen roadshow. Nice!

We I like doing silly stuff like playing with the leftover icing below. Guess who got iced?

ah ling


Send me an eCard.

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If you are as forgetful as I am but still want to send
greetings to your loved ones, why not send an eCard instead? You get to choose from a very vast array of eCards, including animated ones (think music!adorable animation!) which are available for every occasion imaginable, from birthdays, to weddings and the list just goes on and on.

Not only do you get to save trees, but the other benefits to you would be that your card will actually arrive on time (or even scheduled to arrive when you want them to), they will also cost you a lot less compared to going to the store, buying them and mailing them, you also get to truly personalize them with whatever message you choose and also with your pictures.

On top of that, eCards allows you to send the same card for a holiday to a whole bunch of recipients at once. By signing up with a site like MSN Greetings (click on the link above), you can receive a free 30-day trial to send eCards. A yearly subscription is as low as $13.99 and you can send all the cards that you wish.

If you choose to sign up for the free trial membership and when asked to provide personal information like your name, mailing address and so on, don't worry about your information being distributed to third parties as this will not happen.
So what are you waiting for? Send an eCard today!


The internet connection is such a swinger.

It's going up and down (hey, what are you thinking about?!?). It has its moods too, I guess.


I'm super tired. My god, I feel SO OLD. Walking around Ikano and Curve today with ah ying made me feel so tired. I couldn't feel my legs after that. So.Tired. Lack of strength, I guess, since pretty much whatever I ate the past 2 days or so have been coming straight out.Eeeww.

*Remembers that still have to buy pussywillows for Don looking at ceiling innocent look whistles*


The wedding is coming!! So soon! Time flies!! soon we will all be using 'tongkat' to walk around . Off to continue selling my soul blogging for PPP!!

ah ling

I don't want you to know who I am.

*An Advertisement*

Who am I?

Imagine if you wanted to pull a prank on your mortal enemy, maybe a prank like "Hello, this is the police. I'm looking for ...(insert enemy's name here).." . But wait! What if he/she had Caller ID? No biggie. With SpoofCard calling cards you have the ability to change what the person on the other line sees on their Caller ID display when they receive a phone call.

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Interested? Can't wait to start trying it out? Check out for more information on the many features and you may even purchase a SpoofCard from there.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The squid were talking to me.

In fact, they were daring me to eat them. I did not dare to. So I just pushed them aside.

After yesterday's bout of violent food poisoning I may never look at seafood the same way again for some time. Me thinks me has gone off seafood for the time being. Damn you, oysters. I hope you guys are happy being expelled that way from my body. *shakes fist*

*feeling nauseous again*

Is your phone on the top 10 list?


Want to know if your phone is among the top 10 phones of 2006? Well,Wirefly announces the Top 10 cell phones of 2006 which is based on customer orders, and surprise, surprise, the No.1 phone in the list happens to be the Motorola RAZR.

The brand Motorola took eight out of the ten places on this list, with Cingular RAZR in first place, the T-Mobile RAZR in second place and Verizon Wireless RAZR in third place. Cingular Sony Ericsson took the fourth place while T-Mobile Samsung came in at tenth place.

I think that Motorola's RAZR does indeed deserve the first placing, as it has all the functions and features the younger generation and those young at heart desire. Its sleek clamshell design, for instance, is classy and makes the owner look stylish.

Pink RAZR. I like!!

After 'converting' to Motorola (I am using a RAZR too!), I would say that no wonder many like Motorola's phones as they are not merely phones anymore, but also double up as stylish accessories.


I feel like shite (literally).

Because I am having a horrible bout of food poisoning. Yesterday was a lot worse though. Feeling better today.

Donny calls it 'retribution'. =.=""" Adam calls it 'menebus dosa' =.=""" Andrew and I call it 'food poisoning'.

*sigh* I know i wanted to lose weight for the upcoming event, but did it really have to be this way? Bah.

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Ever felt like your concert experience was a most outrageous one, exciting, or simply *gasp* embarrassing? Well, share it with the world by making or reenacting your experience into a video around 30-45 seconds long for the PayPerPost Concert Contest and eligible video entries will be paid $15 by PayPerPost. To top it all, the grand prize winner will be getting $500 in cold hard cash!
After posting your entry, make sure your family and friends view your entry on YouTube as the top three eligible videos with the most views on YouTube will be voted on during the week of February 5 and the winning video will be played on!
This contest runs from Monday, January 15th to February the 4th 2007.Interested? For the official contest rules and regulations you may want to check out .


Monday, January 15, 2007

New Fur coat

Its amazing what you may find at IKEA. Check out the mink coat that Me and Sharron found @ Ikea.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


...all I want to do is just scream non-stop till either my lungs or my ear-drums burst.


I'm quite tu-lan (pissed off), but what can i do about it?

*Sigh again*


Good news.I got the black shoes today. Was walking around with the penguin boyfriend in One Utama (where else-lah) and upon walking into a shop he pointed out the shoe before i even got a chance to open my mouth. Yes, so after he vetoed tens of dozens of pairs of black shoes with descriptions like "it doesn't match your dress" , "too old" , "too ugly" , "too casual" to just giving me the 20-cent look or just shuddering, I finally got the shoes!!! *ting ting ting clashing cymbals banging on drums throws confetti and also bra*

Went a bit over-the-budget given but I don't care!! I like!! And I made the penguin boyfriend keep them in his car so I don't give in to the temptation to wear them before this weekend.


Have a good week ahead, people. And if i'm feeling a bit down it's because there has been too much bad news lately, and it's not even past the 15 first days of the new year. so much for 'Happy' in the new year eh?

-ah ling-

Sponsored : The Speed Blog


I know who would like to visit and bookmark a site filled with information about Nascar and F1 drivers, their birthdays and of course, the many pictures of the racing cars available. I should, and will recommend the penguin boyfriend to visit The Speed Blog specifically for the informative content and also to check out the ChampCar category.

I should start visiting the site more religiously in order to note the entries about Formula 1 so that by the time the Malaysian leg of F1 Grand Prix takes place in March, I would be well-armed with bits and pieces of knowledge to wow the penguin boyfriend.

So if you consider yourself a fan of motorsports, or just want to drool over the pictures of cars available, then do check out The Speed Blog by clicking on the link above.


Jogoya the 2nd time around...

...was just as good as before, only this time there weren't any scallops (but they had crabs.Manymany crabs!!) and freak loads of escargot(s)!!!!! There were many deliciousescargot in the tank in front also okay(and looking at them swimming around after devouring platefuls of them just made me feel a wee bit sick afterwards).

Belanja-ed by Andrew and Adam and they also threw in reflexology,yay! for my belated birthday, we ate so much in the name of pure gluttony like kena starved for many days and many nights.

Pictures with the penguin boyfriend and Andrew. *Burp tasting of sashimi*

Who is Chris Abraham?


One-third randomness, one-third geeky and one-third informative makes Chris Abraham. Being me, you should all know that I like the randomness readily found about the site. From Chris Abraham's blog's tagline "because the medium is the message" plus his wide range of topics which range from sex to Nicole Richie, his bursts of randomness and the occasional pinch of sarcasm thrown in makes this blog an interesting read.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

weird dreams.

I've been getting some very randomweird dreams lately. Somehow in the dream things happen very very differently. For example, yesterday evening's nap caused me to dream that Don's bro was going off to Rome(Rome,WTF?!) for his honeymoon and would only be back for the wedding. =.=""


off for lunch now, penguin the boyfriend is waiting for me outside my house!!

ah ling

Bring the love bug into your life.


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Friday, January 12, 2007

What's with horror movies and...

....the easily-freaked out guys i go to watch them with?

Imagine, they actually *omfggasp!* whimper!! How-lah, what would happen if one day a 'pontianak'(vampire) actually decides to say hi to me? Who's going to save me then? What would I be expected to do? spray her with my pepper spray issit? but by the time i look and find my spray probably I would kena cekik to death edi

Haiyo. *shakes head*


I'm on my quest for one more pair of black dinner shoes for the upcoming wedding! But to no avail yet (Either no more left in my size or no more left in my size.And they are not even on sale). But in my quest for the black shoes I bought a pair of beige shoes! (i am a woman.RAWR. I buy a million and one things which I don't need, but I don't get what i need. *sigh*)

Wish me luck.


Song that should be banned at weddings :

Jewel - You were meant for me

Wanna Play Games?


The earliest games I remember playing when I was younger happen to be Pac Man and Space Invaders.Nothing fancy about those games ; easy to understand and play, and also ADDICTIVE. Even though there are many choices of other different games, nothing beats playing games like these, and at Play Games, an online flash game site there are many more choices of (over 150!)games available and they are FREE. Absolutely no hassles about registering beforehand to play games. Bored and want to kill time? Just click on the link above to go there and start playing.


Hearts for sale.

Hearts galore!Guess what these are?

ah ling


The world is your audience.


Ever heard a song and told yourself that you could actually write/sing/play better than the artist(s)? Ever wanted to showcase your stuff but were unsure of what genre your music is actually in? Told yourself that you could talent-spot a mile away and want to listen to new artists? Well, if you actually answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then I would recommend visiting Unsigned Artists. They have some pretty cool upcoming features like being able to create and sell your very own CD compilations.

Enough of singing in the bathroom already with only the soap, toiletbowl, toothbrush and other toiletries being your only audience and start showing the world what you've got!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

you know the feeling?

Yeah, the feeling of wanting to rip open a motherfisher with your bare hands then feed that asshole's guts to the rats then stab the eyeballs with your keys and pickle whatever that's left as a warning to others stab a person to death with used toothpicks kill someone so badly.

read Don's blog.

Enuff said.

-a very, very pissed off ah ling-

Want some peace of mind?


People have asked me why sometimes i'm so aggresive on the road, and the reason, as you all may know already, is because there are so many motorists nowadays who (are more or just as aggresive and) pretty much do not give two hoots if you get into an accident or not. That's why it is would be a great idea to have insurance as you can never be too sure about anything nowadays. Not sure where to start surveying for choices? For starters, why not check out Insure121, where there are online guides and quotes from popular insurance providers for both car insurance and home insurance. By looking at your choices at this site at least you can have peace of mind should any thing bad happen *knocks on wood* both on the road or at home.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random conversations : Part 1

with the penguin boyfriend in the car :

me : Why do you always like to annoy me on purpose?
penguinhim: Why do you always like to ask me nonsense?
me : (shit!!shit!!!KNNCCBKKC!) -___-"""

I lost that argument so I just shut up -lah.Hhmph.


Monday, January 08, 2007

anyone kind enough... sponsor me the i-pod transmitter gadget for my car? *hopeful look*


i had a nightmare about me catching the penguin boyfriend + a colleague going to some super sleazy massage parlour(which in the dream itself,it was so obvious that the massage parlour was just a front for *ehem*, activities).
-___-""" rite after i woke up i got a call from the penguin boyfriend asking me out for lunch -___-""""""""""""""

Tsktsktsk.Coincidences, coincidences.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shopping is even better with discounts.

An advertisement:

Coupons and coupon codes are very handy thing to have, especially when it regards the items you have been eyeing or already had in mind to purchase. I chanced upon many great deals while browsing this site.

I am currently looking at clothes (as usual), and I found quite a number of gap deals at the site. Time to bring the shopperholic out in everyone with all these great deals!


Smoooothhh E.(<--say it in a Thai accent)

Smooth E, baby face foam. Non-ionic.
A love story in 4 parts.
Makes you wonder why Malaysia doesn't have commercials like this (besides the guy n girl in the cinema sharing popcorn for some product. Sorri ar, i've forgotten edi.)


ah ling

Property in Dubai


I wish I could own my own island. If it were man-made island like the dubai marina that would be a plus because that would be really cool. If you have no income like me (which means no worrying about income tax), then people like us have to dream on. However, for people who have a million, billion, trillion, gazillion, fifilion dollars and can afford to invest in property in Dubai, where there’s virtually no income tax, then I am so jealous of you.
So if you have a million, billion, trillion, gazillion, fifilion dollars and are not kiamsiap (tight-fisted), then do consider investing your cash in Dubai or build a unique shaped building which will be marveled at by the world.


i think i should be sleeping now rite?

it's 4.38 am and I am trying to work on the stupid assignment for college. Damnit. Why did Taiwan have to get hit by the earthquake? (okay, please stop cursing me and saying that i should be sympathizing with the victims instead of lamenting about the sucky internet connection because I DO keep them in my prayers at all times when i do pray feel sorry for them. Really.

I've been MSN-less for a week or so already. Yes, I cannot log in. No worries, if you haven't seen me around on MSN for a while it's not because i put you in my Invisible list unless your name happens to be ***i**, just that i can't even log in in the first place. If you can't log in then i feel sorry for you too, and since now you know about my plight please feel sorry for me also, can?

Bah earthquake.

- ah ling -

Beach biking in style.


Ever rented a beach cruiser bike to go cycling while on a beach vacation and wished that the bike provided which you just had to use was a lot cooler and in a color you actually liked instead of an old rickety beach bike with only half-functional brakes?

Well, I would actually pawn my right arm and leg to actually own this baby as I wouldn’t mind cruising along the sand on it *hint hint* and the main reason is because it’s pink and sleek (how much more glam do you want me to be?). I’m sure little bro wouldn’t mind getting the REBEL chopper beach cruiser as it certainly fits into his current state of rebellion; to be different in style and also in heart and soul.

Check it out below:

Gosh, I feel really out of date now as I never knew that there are actually so many different types and styles of bikes (from Classic Beach Cruisers to Kids Cruisers. I really feel cheated now after all those years putting up with the mediocre rented beach bikes (think dirty and more often than not, cracked seats, rusty parts, half-deflated tyres and so on) during vacation.

The good thing about the beach bicycles featured on the site is that they are direct from the factory which requires easy assembly, which means that the prices are actually very reasonable, and they do have specials from time to time.

Color wise, the range of 36 colors which you actually get to pick from to decide the combination for your frame, rims, fenders and seat is wide enough even for the fussiest person around. However, I say ‘Let there be more pink!’ but that’s only because pink is my favourite color.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why do I have a feeling that..

..i'm going to have to wear Kevlar bulletproof vests instead of my nice new dress from F21 to the upcoming wedding? =.="""


Random conversation with ah Drew:

me : Drew, guess what I got from your apartment?
him : STD?!??
me : *sweating* NO! I got ant bites -lah!
him : damn sad...!!


aih. i still love you all the same, ah Drew. *hwugs*


Song which should NOT be played at weddings:

Vanessa Hudgens a.k.a. Babe V - Come Back To me

Hyped up about HP.

- an advertisement -

Don’t you wish you could get a free new digital camera and photo printer? Wouldn’t it be even better if they were from HP?

Your wish just came true, darlings people.(Even though Christmas is just over.)

HP is giving away not one, but ten new 6 megapixels of fun digital cameras and photo printers. Sounds good? The catch here is that you have to “work” for it. Yes, “work”. Didn’t your mama ever tell you there’s no such thing as a free digital camera and a free photo printer lunch? But don’t start worrying and crying just yet. This “work” is actually fun-lah.

Here’s the deal; all you darlings out there aspiring for one of the HP digital cams and photo printer (can take pictures then print instantly okay! there’s no more need to send your pixs to the shop anymore!) just need to tell Ted why you needwant a new HP digital camera and photo printer just like how Tamale(this chick) did and you could be next.
Apparently Ted likes creative ideas; the crazier your idea the better! Ted will then pick 5 of his favourite video posts and each of the five Posties who created them will win! Darn easy rite?

The rules are that you must not use any copyrighted material (help prevent piracy please!), your video at least 30 seconds in length and that it has to be uploaded to YouTube and posted on your blog.Simple enough?However, if taking this video opportunity, the text opportunity is out of the question, and vice versa. Hey, life has got to be as fair as possible.

I wish I could actually enter this, but I am currently clueless as to how to plead my case of why i want a digital camera and photo printer, BUT I can think of quite a few people who would actually jump at the chance of winning all this cool stuff, so if you’re actually reading this right now I suggest you get cracking ASAP!

Oh and by the way, this post was brought to you by HP.


Feng Shui motorcycle.

Was at Centrepoint BU a while ago long time ago and I snapped this picture and forgot all about it till today.

Feng Shui motorcycle:

damn, I don't even put dangling feng shui stuff around my car! Extreme or not this owner of the motorcycle? *shakes fist at Lilian Too and the many other feng shui masters*

P.S : if YOU happen to be the owner of this motorcycle or if you KNOW the owner, then sorri lor. you've just been ah ling-ed.


I've got to be tough fit. *an advertisement*

To be honest, one of my New Year Resolutions for 2007 is to be much fitter person . Yes,yes, i know, i can hear you saying that sleeping has been my favourite sport and the only one i excel in.

I've always been lazy (quit laughing please!!) because I always put down exercising to being tedious and boring, mainly because i thought that it only included stuff like working out at the gym and so on. But.I.Was.So.Wrong. You don't believe me?

Then check out this personal trainer's site. Imagine, all this while i've been complaining about the lack of parking at college, when in fact, the 5 minute walk from my car to class had helped me burn approximately 25 calories(5 calories per minute)!! On top of that, walking Candy(my beloved dog) for half-hour would have also helped me burn 95 calories!Darn, no more excuses for me to not walk the dog anymore.I also have a very valid excuse to go clubbing now because dancing burns calories too.For real.

THIS SITE really lives up to its URL, because it shows the many ways to actually lose weight successfully (yo-yo dieting NOT included okay!) minus all the excuses and as I am actually feeling quite motivated to start carrying out my New Year's Resolution, I feel that I will be frquenting this site more often. Hey, even it's URL is so catchy, easy to remember and basically sums up the fact that there are no more excuses for you not to go to the gym.

weight training


it's been great while it lasts... birthday, i mean. When you've got great friends + penguin boyfriend, it never fails to make life so much more worthwhile.Thanks for all the makan (cake also!), calls (long-distance and near), texts, tributes (wallpaper included) and testimonials (Ray and Don, i'm super touched!) and birthday wishes.

Yeah, so i'm now 22 years old for the next 364 days of my life. Hopefully i'll be a wee bit wiser too, huh?

Anyone wanna chachacha avec moi chihuahua? >.<

-ah ling-

I'm going to be selling my soul writing for PayPerPost from now on..

..Yup, you read that right. And the reason why I didn't mention it to any of you (including the penguinboyfriend) before this was because i wanted to see if my bloggie would be approved.And it did.

No worries, I'll put something like this (--> "Sponsored post by XXX) in the title to let you all know if it's a sponsored post or not,hor. To me, selling my soul writing for PayPerPost(PPP) is not very much different than writing for the newspaper. You do your research properly, get your facts right THEN you write (hey it rhymes!!!)

Yeah, so that's one of my new year's resolutions on it's way to be implemented ; more blogging for me.Beep.expect me to touch on unusual rarely talked about topics like *ehemehemcough* fitness and other stuff. Don't worry, i'll still be the same old random ah ling, so just keep reading kay?


ah ling


Friday, January 05, 2007

charlie the unicorn!

I posted the same video on Donny's blog. Watch it here or there. You won't regret it. It's damn funny kay...

Happy Birthday Sharron

Thursday, January 04, 2007

my last day.. be forever 21 21 forever. But this doesn't mean that i have to stop shopping there!! And also a very Happy 2007 to you. *rolls around throws confetti & bra*

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