Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cellphone deals with Wirefly.

*paid post*

I remember one of the many reasons why I wish to move overseas is because there is a whole lot of stuff over there which can be gotten at better deals or prices and it includes cell phones! For example, on, people who sign up for a 2-year plan gets a totally free cell phone as part of the package. Isn't that great?

Okay, over to the what-ifs. What if a person does NOT want to sign up and commit to a 2-year plan because of several reasons but yet wishes to get great deals on a phone? Well, there is a way to overcome this. Now, Wirefly does sell surplus cell phone inventory on eBay (with pretty good deals as well), so if you were hunting around for a new phone, go check it out.


suddenly i feel.. being a zebra. (<--no, i'm not crazy, just in denial.) Do zebras have nightmares?

I've been getting nightmares again. Some of my nightmares include:

1)when in Melaka, I dreamt that a guy had me cornered and had already slashed part of my throat and he was going to finish me off with a dagger.

2)dreamt that was chasing (and being chased) by some bad guys underwater and that holding my breath was such a b*tch. After getting away, saw that one of the baddie's kids got a heart attack and died on the news, so i found the bad guy getting on a roller coaster and told him that i was sorry for his loss (i even hugged him okay). WTF?!

3) went to look for the penguin boyfriend to have dinner, saw him feeding a small girl. When i asked him who that was he said "it's my daughter". =.="" Apparently that was his daughter with his ex-gf. =.=""" I was beyond anger at that point (since i was hungry) so I just told him "faster feed her. She looks hungry".

And a lot more nonsense like that. Sheesh.


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Let's see. If you happen to run a small business, or if you are a consumer looking for cheaper phone service, try Vonage, which happens to be a VOIP Internet phone. But if you're not convinced about how good the service is, you could perhaps dig through peruse through the various site sections available on the website, like the reviews section, news, and also the FAQs. Some of the great benefis and features include International call Block (you get to prevent your maid's long-distance lover from bugging your household at all hours of the night), free Vonage to Vonage calls (more reason why your friends and family should sign up too) and also a refer a friend program (incentives for getting your friends to sign up). Go click on the link above to find out what I'm talking about.


loh sang soon?

this saturday will most probably loh sang again. Yah, my mother is so afraid i will fong fei kei (not attend) the event that she has kept asking me even though I have given my RSVP already. Obviously I will go, since I don't think it will be a good idea to make anyone of my family 'lose face' with the host of the dinner party for that night. Hopefully I don't throw my loh sang on the Puan Seri. Heh.

ah ling

Sunday, February 25, 2007

i'm sweating like a pig

Blogging all the way from Melaka. It's burning here okay. Sort of like constantly being in a sauna, but unfortunately, I don't have the option of getting out of the sauna. But i'm only complaining about the weather and nothing else. Back to KL in a few hours.

ah ling

Saturday, February 24, 2007

so noisy.

Went over to a friend's place to see them gambling and left early only to reach home to gambling parents and friends. *sigh*

They're still at it. So noisy. I can hear them from my room. But since I don't have to sleep yet it doesn't matter, I guess.

Yam too lazy to pack yet. *yawns* Maybe I will sleep in a little while after all. Enjoy your weekend dearies.

ah ling

Insuring your furry/feathery/scaly friend.

*sponsored post*

A few years ago (before Candy joined the family), we had a pariah dog (pariah but still cute okay. I miss him. A lot.) Well, it being pariah and all, we didn't really bother to mollycoddle it since we assumed pariah dogs are tough and all. Hey, it still got sick. It had heart worm. After taking him to the vet, we sent him for an operation to remove the worms from it's heart. Just like with humans, the cost of an operation (especially something as major as that) cost a freaking bomb. Really. Adding in the other charges like the medication and boarding charges is enough to make anyone cry. If I had the option of buying pet insurance i would. And not just to prevent burning a hole in my pockets, but if you feel your pet is as much a part of your family, you should.


Rated 18-SX.

" bad_sex is better than no sex."

Go read. Rated 18-SX. You have been warned.

I've got the blues.


And i am very happy to note that I have a huge selection of music from unsigned or independent artistes all around the world at the Blues Bands category on I get to listen to them for free. Yes, listen to free music at any time of the day i wish.

If blues are not your cup of tea, it may delight you to know that there are many other genres of music (from independent artistes of course) available there. Ranging from genres such as Christian Rock, Techno, Classical and even Gothic, I'm quite sure that you will have no trouble at all in finding something new to listen to.Nothing's stopping you, so go on,be different. Listen to something new right this instant.


The cracking earth.

I know, what a weird ass (sic) title right? Let me explain.

Back in my Diploma year, we used to combine lecture halls with other courses for certain subjects. And for one particular subject (forgot what subject already-lah), there used to be a few girls from other courses who would happen to be sitting in front of us most of the time. But that's quite alright see, since, well, normal-lah, other people from other courses sitting all jumbled up in the hall. But i digress.

Anyway, one of the girls (sorry, but she was quite fat ) from the group used to wear really low-riding jeans, so naturally when sitting in front of us we would get a good view of her, erm, to put it delicately (okay, there is no way to say this delicately), her ass crack.

Actually just the ass crack flashing would be fine, since admittedly, a few people would have seen mine (and yours for the matter), and well, hey, it's just an ass crack. But the horror. She had really BAD cellulite AND she had a sun tattoo right over the ass crack.

Now, fathom this; the cellulite looked like really bad cracks on the skin, plus the sun tattoo right over it.

Okay, can't imagine? I help you imagine, okay.

sorry, obviously my drawing sucks but it looks something like this okay. Of course her sun tattoo doesnt look like that but hey! Imagine it for yourself.

And so Jackie said it looked like the sun caused the cracking earth (cos' the sun dried up everything). Hhmmm.... =.=""


Back to Melaka tomorrow. Yay!!

ah ling


Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm still...

can't get over the fact that i won't be having lessons for quite some time *throws confetti and calculator in air*

there really is a calculator by my side. Don't ask. But if you really have to know, well, I'm using it to calculate stuff-lah.

More random drawings coming your poor unfortunate way soon. Have to catch a much-needed bus to lalaland now. (<--the penguinboyfriend always says this)

See more clearly with swarovski binoculars.


And when I say see more clearly with swarovski binoculars, I mean exactly that. Eagle Optics is such a fitting name for the best place to purchase binoculars because if you didn't already know, eagles happen to have the best eyesight of any creature around. Likewise, the excellent selection of binoculars sold here such as the swarovski binoculars, Stokes DLS Birding binoculars (these are conceived, designed and endorsed by birders for birders, if you happen to be clueless) and many other types all come at great low prices which are not easily available elsewhere.

In case you just HAVE to get the pair of binoculars you have been coveting but are still a little short of cash, why not consider the option of free financing which is available on orders of $200 and above? At the end of the day, if you need any help or further information you can easily get it as they always emphasize on excellent customer service.


I'm supposed to be saving up..

..for my DSLR and i have been shopping online but it's so not for DSLRs okay.


McD's medium french fries no more twister fries cos' they're out of stock already darn it for the first person who can correctly guess what i have been looking at
online. Matter of fact been surfing the net the whole night through yesterday and only went to bed at 8 this morning.

How come when it is exam time i manage to feel so sleepy that i practically have to force my heavy eyelids awake with heavy-duty tape while the whole time yesterday I was happily surfing without noticing the time? I think I will end up with the whateveryoumaycallit carpal(?) syndrome cos' my right wrist felt really stiff today.

Think you know me and wanna get your fries? Leave your comments if you can be bothered.

ah ling

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Know your widget.


Widget, not midget. Don't know what i'm talking about? Well, it happens to be a flash player that plays or streams music, podcasts, photos and even porn videos. The nice folk at Widget even host up to 1 Gigg of files for free and are also offering unlimited bandwidth.

I like it because its interface is user-friendly. For hopeless people like me who have no idea how to go about making or customizing a widget, the method of getting one is so easy. Just choose the files you wish to be uploaded to your widget, create a free account to manage your files, and upload. Presto! A widget to be displayed on your blogs or even other websites. So cool and so easy!

What a widget looks like:

Get your own widget and share anywhere!


this is bad.

Why does it seem that everyone around me is becoming more and more siao random??!

Example 1 : the penguin boyfriend. He was talking nonsense about exploding all engines of the cars in his house. =.=""

Example 2 : tetek leong. He was moaning (tell me about it. The HORROR.) =.="""

And countless other examples from other people. *shudders*

Sweat blood, can?

Light up my life house.

*advertisement time*

I have a feeling that if/when the penguin boyfriend and I ever get around to buying a house, we are going to have loads of problems since our taste in decorating the house differs greatly. I foresee that one of the problems will be in choosing Home Lighting Fixtures. At, i browsed through and i really liked this pool table lights . Somehow, I like it because its design is pretty as well as unusual. There's a whole lot of other Home Lighting Fixtures there complete with details and measurements. Go see!


A community service message from ah ling.

The consequences of over-indulging this festive season.


Stoned no more.

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This is recommended for all you stoners people who happen to be reading this; tell your friends who are into drug abusing (for fun, or otherwise) or let those who are really in need of drug detoxification or drinkers even know about this.

Usage of drugs or alcohol will actually lead to accumulation of toxins in the body, thus drug detoxification which is part of a treatment program known as the Stone Hawk (hhmm...interesting name eh?) can help in the removal of these toxins from the body. This is very vital, as this proven effective program helps eliminates the toxins which would otherwise be stimulated again later in life creating the addictive cravings for the drugs all over again. Many other programs can not be as effective as the Stone Hawk one as they only help the addicts cope with the withdrawal symptoms, and not completely remove toxins from the body.

Psst...their success rate is 80%. The numbers speak for themselves, alright?


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm in ...

..the office. On the 4th day of Chinese New Year.=.=""

Yes, really. And I'm here blogging from my boss punye computer. Sui boh? (Nice or not?) And YES, i have finished my work for the day that's why i'm blogging. Want me to die meh, haven't finished work yet but still blog. Haiyo.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shades anyone?


Sunglasses have become more than just protection for eyes.What gives a person an instant sense of mystery and glamour? Well, sunglasses do just that and that is why they have become a very important fashion accessory which most celebrities refuse to be seen without.

Out of the many brands, one of the best known ones would be RayBan. Synonymous with style (think aviator shades!) and of course, quality, RayBan, the world's leading sunnies brand, can be obtained from In fact, if you intend to purchase shades anytime soon, check out the RayBans at as they carry the largest selection of RayBans at the best prices anywhere. There is even an easy return policy. On top of that, using this discount code : ETP5P will get you en extra 5% discount on already discounted prices.

Get a pair of shades like the above today. Cool eh?


busy, busy

have to rush this. Guests will be arriving soon.

more later.

ah ling

Not any other market.

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Wonderful. Will be leaving for the UK (hopefully) soon, and I get to know about In case you don't know what it's about, well, this site which is centred around the UK happens to contain free classifieds, and also offers (free!) blogs, the latest news, events calendars, dating (too bad I'm not single) and many other features. DSLR freaks Budding photographers please take note that there have been photo competitions and also lovely photographs in the archives to be browsed through.

Hopefully I will find this site to be of much use to me (okay-lah, it should be) when i'm there, if not, all you people studying or living there who are reading this should go check it out as soon as possible.


Monday, February 19, 2007

what goes in must come out..

and yes, ladies and gentlemen, i'm talking about shite. It feels so darned good to be able to shit after eating so much junkfood.Heh.

Property in Bulgaria.


Many people (me included) would simply not think of visiting Bulgaria, or think of Bulgaria as a holiday destination. After some research, I have concluded that Bulgaria would be a cool place to be seen, perhaps by being spotted sunbathing on one
of the country's beautiful unsullied beaches on the the Black Sea coast. Since Bulgaria is a former communist country on the way up, it would be not a bad idea at all to invest in property in Bulgaria as the venture would be worthwhile since Bulgaria is steadily building up a reputation as a must-see tourist vacation spot. Think about it if you have the cash and are open-minded enough to realize the pros of investing in the property there.


Golden pigs.

Okay, imagine the colour gold.

Got it?


Now look at this picture below.

Photo of Mama and Baby Pig. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart

Got the picture of the 'tu'(pigs) above from HERE .

Now, imagine the pigs above in the colour gold.
Got it? Good.

A Very Happy and Prosperous 'Golden Pig' Year to you!!!

ah ling

I <3 you PPP.

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Interesting information which one can learn from the internet nowadays. I know I sound just so darned money-minded nowadays (please stop agreeing with me on that, thanks very much!) but it is just so hard to stop thinking in my current frame of mind. Money money money. Cash, dough, and a host of other terms mean the same thing; those pieces of paper and rounds of metal which make the world go round.

Call me biased, but I realize that blogging with PayPerPost (hereby known as PPP) is just so rewarding (for all parties involved) in terms of money. Ever since PPP made changes, well, the new segmentation system rewards bloggers who have high traffic blogs. No bullcrap here; there are USD 1,000 opportunities available (but sadly, I don't qualify for them since my blog is not high traffic enough. If you're kind enough, spread the word about my random rubbish blog so I can qualify, please?).

Other interesting information which i found out was that PPP does charge a service fee (obviously-lah, since there are such things called bills to be paid, besides maintaining the website too), which is only 35% compared to ReviewMe(another site offering almost the same service as PPP) which charges a 100% fee! Gosh, that's like taking half of the blogger's money for every post taken. Besides, ever since the changes have been implemented at PPP, this means that us bloggers at PPP get to take 3 paid opportunities every day. This can only translate into one thing ; more and more money for us!

Obviously since low-traffic bloggers like me are still taking opportunities,this means that I am making money. PPP with its blog marketing strategy is an excellent choice for low-traffic and high-traffic bloggers. So if you do sign up, please put my gmail as your reference yah, and remember, disclosure is always required as one of the terms and conditions. What do you have to hide anyway? You're making money AND doing this legally.


Many many angpow, you have?

how's the angpow collection coming along? Have you started the customary gambling rounds with family and friends yet?

Happy 'non-halal' new year, Niki says =.=""". Sweat okay. Anyway, i've been watching dvds. Apparently, so has ah drew. *Sigh*

Wanna know something even sadder? The penguin's boyfriend's car wires have been bitten by some rats. Damn sad rite? He was quite pissed and vowing to torture any rats he finds. Gah. Animal cruelty is not condoned by ah ling (except under the circumstances where i will close one eye like this : =.-"").

Okay, back to 'work'. Oh hey, more on my new boss and other current new job later.

ah ling

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free love for real.


Did your mum ever say anything about there being no such thing as a free lunch in this world? Well, I bet she didn't say anything about there being no free love in this world. Feel lonely because you can't seem to find "the one and only" or even your soulmate? Don't despair if you think that looking for blind dates are going to empty your pockets. There is still such a thing called free online dating and it really is a hundred and one percent free.

Think about it; no wasting your time (and money) and yet the features are as good as any paid dating site. The lovely cupids people at believe in free love(up to you to decide if i meant that literally or figuratively, heheh) , and a really good free dating site, and lucky for you, they built the site. So go on, look for your soulmate there (it's free remember?) now.


Damn you, kennysia.

Was watching his video for Maggi's competition just now and I feel super hungry now, which in turn, makes me want to eat maggi mee. Grrrr..don't count calories, don't count calories, don't count calories... *shakes fist at abovementioned video*

if you noticed...

I'm back to selling my soul writing sponsored posts. The reason why they disappeared from my blog for a while was because i was too busy studying my butt off like a good girl for my finals having problems posting stuff to be reviewed at PPP. Basically, there were loads of bugs (cause they changed quite a lot of stuff) and they were affecting lucky me. Hmph. But everything is fine now, so i'm back to writing again.

ah ling

Review My Post

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I really really 'sayang' or love PayPerPost. If you have been noticing some of my past entries which are tagged 'PPP', well, I make money with those posts okay. The people at PPP are really innovative in coming up with easy ways for us mortals to make easy money. How? Well, with the introduction of Review My Post Program, everytime anyone signs up and reviews one of your blog posts, the person reviewing your post earns money. On top of that, the good news is that YOU earn money too! (talk about a win-win situation, eh?)

What are the pros and cons about Review My Post program? Well, I can only think about the fact that by participating in this program, it would help me build blog traffic as well as increasing my income and also generating interest in my site all at once. This would be considered easy money for anyone too (the best part is that it is NOT illegal!). I love the fact that I am getting extra money from them as it means i get to go shopping more often save for a rainy day.

Wanna know how to sign up and be qualified to take part in this program? Firstly, you have to be a blogger. This program would be especially great for you if you don't feel like selling your soul like i did doing sponsored posts. Next, sign up with PayPerPost (if you are kind enough, please put my gmail as your reference yah?) and then from there, just go to 'Affiliate Tools' on your dashboard there and select 'Review My Post' for more details.

Do it quickly! This program is spreading or exploding, if you will, and i'm sure you don't wish to get left out. Remember, it's so uber easy, just add a badge to the end of your posts.

Review My Post badge:


Chinese New Year is tomorrow.

What have you done in preparation so far?


1) bought new clothes and shoes
2) dug out decorative items (like the red banner, lights, etc.)
3) eaten 'kam' or mandarin oranges

I also need to send stuff over to my mother's friends' houses tomorrow.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you (yes, including those of you who don't celebrate CNY. Hey, be 'muhibbah'-lah!) . Those married already please hand over the 3 or 4 figuresangpow, hor.

ah ling

Sunday, February 11, 2007

what a coincidence.

nearly 2 years ago, I met the penguin boyfriend during Chinese New Year. The most poignant memory of the whole incident was the flower balloon which i kena molested by the clown to obtain it.

Today, while in Ikano (brought Candy for grooming and to Starbucks; more on that later) saw an old friend. And he gave me a balloon(a teddybear balloon hugging the flower balloon. Yeah. About the same time during the anniversary of meeting the penguin boyfriend.


Did you know that Starbucks in Ikano is pet-friendly? It means you can bring your dog/cat/hamster/2-foot long python/bunny/and whatever else animal you want there. Thanks to ah ying for letting me know. As a result, well, Candy went to Starbucks. The Starbucks is near the pet lift, so it's really convenient too. Wait ar, next day i'll bring her again and make her cam hoe yah..


CNY is coming! In less than a week! I need to go shopping!!!

ah ling

i'm exhausted.

after-effects of exams (think sleepless nights, mind-boggling questions and stress).

click here so we both earn money.Heh.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sign it, don't say it

A mere suggestion for Sharron and the penguin.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Penguin picks fights with polar

Since Ah Ling likes penguin. I decided to post a video of it. Had it quite awhile. Hope she likes it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spinning Around.

"I'm through with the past
Ain't no point in looking back
The future will be
And did I forget to mention that I found a new direction
And it leads back to me?"

Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around


You guys know I don't really post song lyrics here, but there's a reason why I'm doing this(obviously i'm not going to say what for or for whom), and if you happen to be reading this, I suggest you read the lyrics properly and see if they apply to your life right nowat any given time.

Happy pondering.

ah ling

Be Delicious.


I remember there was a time when our clique used to joke that if anyone of us got perfume for a present, it was because the recipient of the gift stank.Heh. Quite frankly, if i were to actually receive as perfume nowadays I'd be over the moon. Especially if the guy got me DKNY's Be Delicious (the Green apple one). It's not just the scent which lingers, but the packaging. Darn nice okay. I would never, and i mean NEVER ever throw the apple at anyone, not even if it were to save my life. So which perfume is your favourite and which one do you hope to get for Feb 14th?


i got a miniature...

...bamboo prosperity plant from ah don. It's sitting on my headboard right where I sleep. I hope i don't accidentally knock it over tonight or else i might just get the jelly on my head or even worse subject the plant to extreme torture by snoring cos' confirm will die wan. Heh.

I seem to be getting a lot of flora lately, thank god no one has actually given me any fauna yet *looks around suspiciously*. Sorry guys, anyone thinking of getting me a hamster or bunnyor anything else which is small and furry and breathes, please rethink your decision yah.

I still want to gnaw on sugarcane.Somehow.Must.Have.Sugarcane. I am so much more worse than a pregnant woman, kan?

ah ling

Monday, February 05, 2007

Joyce, Joyce. *shakes head*

What has going to the UK done to you?!? But i guess I can't blame the country eh, since we are all damn spasticated you were always spastic even before you left. Were you stoned or did you have a 'fling' with Mr. Daniels or even Ms. Barcardi right before making this video?! *sweating like mad*

Video stolen from HERE.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Use your plastic wisely.

*Advertisement time*

This is sad but true; many people have actually been declared bankrupt because of massive credit card bills which they failed to settle. Before anyone of us becomes like that, I'd suggest that in order to fight against Credit Card Debt, one has to keep a close eye on their spending.

I understand the allure of "buy now, pay later" is sometimes difficult to resist (especially when there are sales all around!) but we have to keep in mind that whatever you swiped for has to be paid off eventually. If possible, it would be best to pay off as much of the amount you owe as soon as possible before the interest charges keep accumulating. End of the day, the best way( and last resort!) to keep Credit Card Debt in check would be to cut up your cards.Heh.


i remember when..

..Candy was a small white ball of fur. The length from the tips of my fingers to my elbow (around a foot long) with a pink nose(because it was always playing, so kept banging her nose) and big paws. Looked something like this:

labrador puppies normally look sad, and by sad, I don't mean pathetic.

and while she was growing up, she looked a bit like this:

But somehow this dog looks like a male =.="" . Obviously these are so not Candy's photos-lah. Photos taken from HERE , since my lappy is back and i don't have the charger, i can't search for pictures there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to bore all you readers with random pictures of labradors commerate the occasion of the acquisition of my lab nearly 7 years ago when she was nearly 2 months old. I remember the date quite clearly cos' it was a Sunday, Feb 13th and I was only in Form 3(no date for Valentine's Day, so i can remember it clearly-lor).


ah ling

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Plastic is good.

*Advertisement time*

I'm sure you all know that having plastic is good. And by plastic, I don't mean having plastic surgery. What i'm talking about is that piece (or pieces) of credit cards many of you carry around in your wallets or purses. Recently, a credit card company offered a free television if the customer transferred all outstanding credit card balances to the company's credit card, and many people highlighted this to the media, saying that end of the day the television would of course, not be free. I guess, this shows that consumers out there are doing their homework, especially since it involves hard-earned money. But I digress.

What I wanted to say was that it could actually be feasible to actually buy houses (yes, you read that right) using that square piece of plastic instead of taking home loans. Apparently some people overseas do that. Come to think of it, why not? Since more companies are offering better financial value like 0% balance transfers and lower interest charges.I don't think that this is practised in Malaysia. Or is it? Wouldn't that be cool if you could actually say that you bought your current home using your credit card? But before you do such a thing i suggest you compare credit card offers to see how many credit card reward points you could acquire if you're dead serious about swiping your card for a house.

Anyway, for credit card news and other information regarding this matter you could actually visit the sites in the links above to learn more.


being forced to..

.. sit down for 3 hours straight is not nice at all. What sucks even more was that I was forced to sit down for 3 hours straight cracking my brains to finish up my exam paper. Blek.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Are you prepared for Valentine's Day?


On the 14th of this month it will be Valentine's Day. And if you value life want to show your better half or the person you love how much you love them, why not go here for some ice deals on jewellery? I like what the jewellery they have to offer, and i must say that any other girl would be very happy to receive any of their products as a gift.
If you're on a very, very tight budget, i'm sure you would definitely appreciate the coupons available here to get these deals. I'm going back to checking out their full range of jewellery. maybe i could get a little something for myself.


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!