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Puzzle piece here.

*Sponsored post time*

Over the weekend, I realized that I have been "bitten". What do i mean by "bitten"? Of course, not literally bitten (else i'd already be whining about it non-stop), but bitten by the shuttterbug which makes me have a further interest and enjoy photography. Isn't it great now that i have actually started to appreciate the beauty of taking photographs, but kind of sad that my digital camera is not really working very well? I wish I had a HP camera. This is because taking pictures with it makes Digital Photo Printing a lot easier as i can just connect it to the HP printer. Enough of wishing.

By the way, a HP Photosmart M527 digital camera was given to a Postie,Michelle, through a previous PPP Opportunity? And her and her family pictures will be used in the next Photo Puzzle? So lucky okay. *hhmph*

Puzzle piece:

If you're all wondering about the puzzle piece above, well, let's just say it's the online puzzle worth playing for. The first person to find all 48 pieces and reassemble the completed puzzle on their blog gets to take a $1000 opportunity. Makes me want to start hunting right away too.

Before ending this post, I would like to say that once again, this post has been sponsored by HP.


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