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How it started.


Remember I wrote a while back about my post "what is beautiful to you'? The one about Peter Belisi? Well, today's post is about Belisi - How it Started

The man himself.

Peter Belisi (see picture above) used to be a bartender. Knowing that success was what he wanted, he started to dress the part. Investing any extra money he had in a tie collection, he soon garnered much praise from colleagues and customers. To me, that's yet another trait of success ; being a risk-taker. Why do I say that? It's because at that time, according to Peter Belisi, he was struggling to support a family comprising of his wife and a newborn child.

Since to him accessories are part of a complete outfit, and not optional, Peter Belisi has since stuck to his priciples and offers fashion accessories at much more afforable and reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

He also is as fashionable AND charitable. The reason why I say that is because Peter Belisi started the programme "Luxury with Meaning". How it works is that everytime a customer purchases a Belisi product, a portion of the sales goes towards the customer's cause of choice. Excellent concept, don't you agree? With the implementation of this programme, customers can now shop and contribute to charity at the same time, making it a win-win situation for everyone. I feel that this type of programmes should be implemented too by other designer fashion houses.

So now you know the story behind the Belisi fashion brand and also about the "Luxury with Meaning" programme. To know more about the man himself, Peter Belisi, you can visit the site in the link above.


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