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I've got to be tough fit. *an advertisement*

To be honest, one of my New Year Resolutions for 2007 is to be much fitter person . Yes,yes, i know, i can hear you saying that sleeping has been my favourite sport and the only one i excel in.

I've always been lazy (quit laughing please!!) because I always put down exercising to being tedious and boring, mainly because i thought that it only included stuff like working out at the gym and so on. But.I.Was.So.Wrong. You don't believe me?

Then check out this personal trainer's site. Imagine, all this while i've been complaining about the lack of parking at college, when in fact, the 5 minute walk from my car to class had helped me burn approximately 25 calories(5 calories per minute)!! On top of that, walking Candy(my beloved dog) for half-hour would have also helped me burn 95 calories!Darn, no more excuses for me to not walk the dog anymore.I also have a very valid excuse to go clubbing now because dancing burns calories too.For real.

THIS SITE really lives up to its URL, because it shows the many ways to actually lose weight successfully (yo-yo dieting NOT included okay!) minus all the excuses and as I am actually feeling quite motivated to start carrying out my New Year's Resolution, I feel that I will be frquenting this site more often. Hey, even it's URL is so catchy, easy to remember and basically sums up the fact that there are no more excuses for you not to go to the gym.

weight training


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