Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Furkids Boarding in Selangor - boarding for your furkids (in other terms, your dogs aka babies). No caging! :D

It's been a right hassle even thinking or planning a vacation, especially when it is to a place where our Furkid (dog) is not allowed. There are only so many options for dogs to travel with us. Not only that, but price is also another factor. Regardless, the number one priority when choosing a suitable boarding place for a (wo)man's best friend is the cleanliness, comfort and the way pets are treated when boarding (don't want them to feel neglected, no? Enough fresh water, food, get their walks, ventilated sleeping place, etc. etc.) Christmas & New Year promotions (No increase in prices during weekends & public holidays for now apparently) Hmmmm.... A maximum of 2 dogs at any one time only? HMMMMMMmmmmmm...... Absolutely no caging & tying policy? *throws confetti!* Fantastic! :D Go HERE TO to check it out. Hopefully there will still be space!! xoxo, ah ling p.s: furkid owners know that their furkids rule their lives. Pretty much -__-"

I'm still alive!

Im still alive!!

Yes, for those who have been still reading this blog thank you very much!! *muaxx*


And looks like I didnt forget my password either, heheh.. So what's been up with you? My life thus far: I am signing my life awaygetting married. Yup. In 1 month and 6 days to be more precise. Nervous I am. Guess it is normal huh? xoxo, ah ling

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!