Tuesday, November 29, 2005

me got to hold a real gun!!

I got to carry the shotgun!! It was freakin heavy and 'all metal' ( hmm..metallic?)..The boyfriend showed me how to load it and how to turn the safety catch on or off.
No chance to fire it yet though, lets just say we were supposed to go hunting but we were too late since our targets(babi hutan/wildboar) ran off.

Will prolly go hunting next time though..The boyfriend will definately make me kill 'tupai' (squirrels) for real. Just like in my dream that day.


Speaking of that dream, i got my 'revenge' through killing zombies!! By playing one of the playstation2 games on his new PS2 slim. It has to be said that I am JEALOUS!! of my own present to him!! MUAHAHAHAHHA...I would get one for myself. But.I.Am.Broke.

but yeah. GTA 3 was fun. So was Midnight Club.

So it was money well spent then, i guess.


when i find something interesting to blog about, then i will. But there is nothing more i can say for now...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

this has got to stop...

everytime I watch/think/whatever about zombies i get nightmares about them.

Yesterday nite's nightmare has had to be the most vivid and frightening one for me so far. What would you have done if you were me, armed with a pistol with only a few rounds of ammo left in it, since the boyfriend had run off with the whole box leaving me with no extras? To top it off I had no freakin idea where i was at that time, since i was supposed to be out hunting with the boyfriend and his dad.

Oh and btw, he forced me to kill a squirrel during the hunting. Forced.How cruel. since the shotgun was at such a close range the squirrel's guts spewed out.( Think mini-explosion.)

What horrible dreams I have.

And all because I just started playing Diablo's expansion pack. (I'm a necromancer. I raise dead people.)


So much happened when i wasn't blogging!!

~> Jay's farewell dinner at Sun & Surf in Sunway Lagoon Hotel
~> Jamie's birthday dinner @ Thai nudle house in Ikano
~> And a whole other lot of uninteresting routine stuff
~> I lost my voice!! ( Sick-lar..)

Till then.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures / random stuff / the jambu with pubic hair

WARNING : Crappy entry ahead with totally random pictures inserted at the writer's will.

DISCLAIMER : The author will not be held liable for any bouts of nausea/boredom or such induced by reading any of this blog's entries.

Read the above already? What ho! Onwards!!


These two pictures were taken on the 12th October at the National Blood Bank while I waited for my turn to get my test results.

See the results of ah ling making Karen take her photos with the numbered slip:

See the numbers printed on the paper! Can go and buy lottery okay!!( But donchno if can strike or not wan)


Oh!! see pictures of my auntie's new ''daughter''.

See its little butt:

Also see a candid shot of ah ling's foot which was taken by accident when she was trying to get the dog to settle down.


Did I mention that the bf and I went for the 'Theresa Teng Remembrance Concert' ( or something like that) at the KL Convention Centre?( we, or rather, he, was forced by their CEO to attend the concert).
Here's a pix of the Plenary Hall from where i was seated:

The songs being sung were pretty okay, but the sound system was sucky!! At times the singers' voices and also the sound of the er-hu was drowned out by the background music. Also, there were lots of hiccups.Yeah. Many.Many.Glitches.

Hmm.. the dinner at Jalan Alor after that was okay-lar. FIrst time I've seen a Beemer ( a BMW, with Malaccan numberplates summore!Haha!) being towed away, most prolly cos it was obstructing the way huh..


If i have been acting unusually hyper, here's the reason why:

Can you see what it is??

Green tea. Green tea makes me hyper.
Hyper. HYper. HYPer. HYPEr. HYPER. And more HYPER. HYPER-er(<-- no such word) even.

And I put my brew in here:

Guess where I got my nice lil' exclusive glass teapot from?? I ain't going to write here where i got it from, sorry, keep guessing and i'll tell you in person!


The jambu with pubic hair.

Did you ever realise that innocent looking jambu air ( water apples, you know. The pink bell-shaped fruit) actually have PUBIC HAIR?!!?!??!?!?!?!
Don't believe me ar?

Check this out :

SEE!! IT'S GOT MOMO!!! HAIRY ( Curly and coarse!!)MOMO SUMMORE!! the 'pubic hair' you see in the picture above was what was left AFTER i stopped pulling them out so that i could take a picture!! IMAGINE!! HAIRY MOMO JAMBU!!!

Told Tetek Leong Jason and Jamie about it later and this is what Jason said :

" Sometimes they even have 'gajus' growing out of the hair.."...


o.O""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (<-- new variation of a sweating person)

OMG!!! ish ish, Tetek Leong Jason....


Anyway i've been promoting Nokia's latest unreleased handphones @ KLCC since Saturday. Normally we hang the phones around our neck. Not this time.

Nokia 6111


As you can see we chain the phones to our wristcuff. We look like dogs. We also look like we're into the whole S&M / bondage scene. Kinky. Kinda degrading too...

Back of the nokia 6111:

Group photo of us working at the Nokia "Live Connected" KLCC show:

Can you spot me with my newly straightened hair??

Btw, we used the phone to take the group pictures. It is a prototype though, just like the nokia 6270 and the nokia 6280 that the other girls were using.


That's enough for now, am so freaking tired already. Happy marveling at the jambu's pubic hair yah?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Zouk abuse..


Ish ish ish. Horrible.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The "Vinegar Boy" Saga.

Fuck me ( no, don't take it literally!!)..If there are idiots drinking vinegar, then the chances of idiots eating toilet paper as dessert should be quite high too rite?

Click HERE to read about the "Vinegar Boy" Saga.

Idiots. Tsk. Tsk.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm still alive!!

Ah Ling is very much still kicking and screaming ( and also whining + bitching!..=P)

Haha,tetek punye stupid blogger, when I really felt like blogging and was raring to upload pictures and stuff i had a problem logging into blogger. Now everything is just great, the urgent feeling to blog is gone! Just like how sometimes when you really need to park, and there are no spaces available, but when you don't HAVE to, there are ample spaces. The irony of life.


Visited Cats Whiskers while waiting for the small fart to finish his piano lessons in Mont Kiara. Got something, not saying what it is or for who, but Hmmm...we'll just have to wait and find out kan? Hor, Jamie/Ah Ying/ Mantao hor...*nudge nudge wink wink cough* (<-- yes Ying, read this and keel over with the suspense, oh the suspense.)

And before I forget hor..Happi Birthday Siew Li!!

I have not been constipated for the past few days. Yay!


More later, or whenever i'm free. Time for bed. Long day ahead later. Yah lar, sudah pukul 2 pagi lebih.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happi 27th / the new dog

Happi Birthday Darling!! (although I doubt you will ever read this.)

Today the penguin the boyfriend turns 27, on Halloween Day itself. Gave him his present yesterday nite at the Mc D's drive-in near the Curve. See, I wrapped the presents seperately.The Playstation 2 was wrapped properly, but I put the 17 games in a shoebox lined with lots of newspapers, and i even poked holes in the top of the box ( kononnye there was a hedgehog inside. Yes-lar, there was a Sonic the Hedgehog disc inside, not a live one,like i led him to believe there was).

The look on his face was absolutely priceless when he was opening the shoebox, cos he was really afraid the "hedgehog" would jump out or something. Hahah! I am so mean!!!


Rescued a 3-year old English Cocker Spaniel from PAWS yesterday!! She's oh so bloody cute, and unlike Candy-the-labrador which is always hyper, Sweety is oh so demure. Don't ask me why my aunt named her that, after all Sweety will be going back with her to Ipoh in around 3 weeks time. The onli problem with the cocker spaniel is that it has teary eyes, apparently it was born with that problem. I'm still supposed to take her to the vet in a while though, just to be sure and also to get the required eyedrops.

The wonders of having a lap dog!! Having a great time just putting her on my lap while i sit on the chairs on the patio. Just having her sit there without her fidgeting is abso-fucking-lutely priceless!! Did I mention that she acts aggresively towards Candy? Candy is afraid to approach her, that poor poor labrador of mine. Must keep reminding myself not to get too attached...

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!