Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't you just love Queue Jumpers?

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I don't mean Queue Jumpers literally, just these babes and hunks who are clubbers and were spotted outside various clubs through out the UK, especially the Top 15. Loads of eye candy on the website, really. And all their pictures we taken using the new 5 megapixel Samsung G600 slim slider - the image concious phone . Anyway, from the 22nd till the 31st October (Halloween!!), the 15 Queue Jumpers will be joined by another 15 winners from their G600 Queue Jumper Facebook Gallery (more hot chicks and hot guys to oggle at!!). The winner will win an amazing portfolio and photo shoot managed by one of Europe's leading model agencies Independent Talent worth a cool £10,000. So you can actually head to their website to vote for your favourite guy or girl, or just check out the guide to the most uber glamorous clubs in the UK.

Screenshot of the competition.


I miss the land of Andros.

Andro is Joyce's term for lion statues. Please don't ask me why. Ask her-lah.

And I just cannot believe that she is back in Malaysia!! Sorry to hear about whatever happened, babe. *sigh*

After hearing about that, I guess it really dispelled the myth of 'if it can survive three years then there is a chance that it will last forever' for me. Some things in life really suck.

I have to work later as well.Damn.

ah ling

P.S: One more paid post after this yeah.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Yourself Amazing (MYA).

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With society seemingly emphasizing on being superficialbeautiful on the outside, it is no wonder that so many women (and men!) are reaching out more and more to going under the plastic surgeon's knife. With so many options of plastic surgeons to choose from, and all the more since with so many horror stories of plastic surgery gone wrong, how can anyone choose the 'right' plastic surgeon to put your trust in? Well, you either get referrals from your friends or you can read more from a lady from the Times who went undercover to get the scoop on Plastic Surgery UK, and the review about Make Yourself Amazing(MYA) got the highest marks I feel. With over 25 years of experience and 100,000 cosmetic surgery procedures, I think the road to achieving stunning beauty shouldn't be difficult. I mean, it is even affordable as a student tells you how she is paying around 20 Pounds
a week for breast enlargements here.


Friday, October 26, 2007

I don't know what to wear already!! (Part 2) / WWF (We Were Fugly)

And this time I ain't talking about work attire either.

Damnit, the Recharge rave tomorrow is going to be just a whole mess of sweaty bodies (if I could SWEAT during the Zouk Fest 2 years ago in Genting Highlands, well, I DREAD the heat tomorrow). So what to do? Wear less clothes lor....Hopefully I won't look naked when I take pictures again =.=""" This ALWAYS happens, like wtf.

If there are ANY of you who are reading this and are going there too, and IF you do bump into me, come over and say hi yeah? =)

Donny will be there, and so will Audrey and the two German guys...


WWF (We Were Fugly)

Against my better judgment, I am going to show you dear readers (there are probably like only 5 of you guys/girls or something, but nevermind) a picture taken back in my high school days when We Were totallyFugly (in Andrew's words).

Don't laugh hor? Or at least try not to lar.

Joyce, Andrew and ah ling

I know. I wouldn't even have dated myself.

And many years later, we look like this:

ah ling & Joyce

ah ying & Andrew

A hell lot better, don't you think? =)

Enjoy your weekend people.

ah ling

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Plumbing is no shitty affair.

Avand.co.uk was set-up as a plumbing training company around 3 years ago. Over that time we have gone UK-wide with centres all over the UK.
A lot of our qualified plumbers began to ask about sales and how they could better their own business. So we decided to investigate that area and it has turned out to be very popular.
So we have decided to expand our business into sales training and are looking for promotion around that area.
We want you to let people know we are now offering sales training.

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You see, nowadays, everything revolves around sales. You would think that even a job like plumbing wouldn't need sales and that plumbers wouldn't need any training other than the necessary to enable them to learn the art of plumbing. Sorry then, because I would say that you are dead wrong. There are actually Sales Training Courses available for plumbers, and one company offering just that would be Avand.co.uk. This company was initially just a plumber training company, but now besides having centres all over the United Kingdom,
they actually found a niche in the plumbers' market by investigating how plumbers could better their own business, and so one thing led to another and that is how the company started having Sales Training Courses. Whoever said that plumbing was such a shitty affair(sic) in the first place?


I don't know what to wear already!!

Don't know what to wear already to work!! I don't want to go!!! *Throws tantrum*

heheh, no-lah, imagine not wanting to go to work just because I don't know what outfit to throw together wear.

Reminds me of the time Joyce and I were in Rome at Spagna, and she started throwing a tantrum because we were hot, exhausted, cranky and annoyed. She was sick of navigating and I must say I don't blame her.

She damn kheng chau man, really pissed off already can still pose.

Anyhow, that girl is coming back, like REALLY REALLY SOON. So if you do manage to read this before you get back here, please bring back my Natwest debit card AND also my Rail card travel pass yah? Thanks babe! =) (Also if there's enough space in your luggage please help me buy Aeros yeah? You know the green & brown ones..)

Don't know if I've posted this picture up before, but what the heck. I <333 this picture. A lot.

Bless the person who helped us take this.

Anyway, I wanted to post up some other recent pictures since I just got my camera back, but I ter-left the charger AND the card reader in my car. Yeah. Forgot-lar. Getting old liao =( I dare NOT see the pictures in my camera now. Especially since my camera just left the clutches of a crazy German guy...xD (Sorry Ole, just taking the mickey out of you...=) )

I was SO NOT supposed to blog today. In fact, I'm supposed to be asleep already.

ah ling

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Redinbox - your very own unique phone number email.

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I am still wondering how the heck my phone number can also be my e-mail address? And exactly how important is the e-mail function in one's life anyway? Ponder this; there are about 1.1 billion email users in the world, with 171 billion emails being sent each and every day. What the....?! The figures are simply mind-boggling. That's really amazing, really. At the same time, there are also 2.7 billion active mobile phone users in the world. This company found a way to combine the technologies of email plus mobile phone numbers. Confused yet? Let me explain further. RedInbox came out with something called a phone number email service where you can register your phone number as an email, so it will look something like this - @redinbox.co.uk. This would be especially helpful when networking. Having your phone number as part of an email address. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. The service is free, actually, so no worries about having to pay a huge sum of money to try it out. By the way, the service is spam-free, which is great
since 70% of the 171 billion emails sent everyday are actually spam.


Recharge @ Kota A Famosa here I come.

Yeah, I'm going. Didn't feel like going at first, but I got my ticket sponsored by Ole & Jo (Thanks guys! I know you prolly won't read this, but yeah, thanks heaps)..=)

Audrey, if you're reading this, here's to thank you in advance for helping me get my ass there (and yes,don't know if you got my text yesterday, but yes, you'll have a place to bunk in if you decide to). And ah ying + tetek leong, thanks in advance for taking me back hor....=)

Raving with a totally new set of friends + old friends. This weekend is going to be interesting. Here's to life! Cheers!!

ah ling

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things you cannot ask certain friends to help you buy first.

See,Don and I were talking about certain friends and there are some people who will actually use your stuff first before you pay them back for it.

My moral of the story is :

With friends like these, you cannot ask them to help you buy

a) underwear
b) condoms
c) a dildo
d) toothbrush
e) toilet paper

ah ling

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Exam Prep Software.

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Thanks to one friend in particular who just HAD to say that I am now a real-estate agent . I wish I was as capable as he made me sound though. You think any Tom, Dick and Julian(yeah yeah, it's supposed to be Harry right?) can simply become a real-estate agent nowadays? Not so sure about how it is done in Malaysia, but in the States you actually have to undergo an examination? And
if you do not know how to go about studying for it, why not try out a Real Estate Test and Preparation exam? There is even software to help you ace your home inspection exam.

Apparently Compucram.com's Real estate Test and Preparation software (and all their other software) guarantees a 100% success rate. There's also a free trial download available on their other software like insurance, mortgage lending and even securities.

P.S: Bet you didn't know that to sell funeral plots in the United States you have to be qualified as a Cemetery Broker.



Quite honestly, I do not know Aaron. I do not know how to play DOTA either. But that's beside the point. Ever since the whole incident with the car 'getting drowned' (I'll elaborate someday if I feel like itwhich means that I'll probably won't, hah!), anything bad that happens gets blamed on Aaron not inviting us to play DOTA. So if anything goes wrong now in your life, please blame it on Aaron who didn't
invite you to play DOTA (that poor bastard!).

I digress. Just got news from ah Don that I am supposed to be Mei Ching's 'Chi Mui'. (Sorry May, forgot to tell you that I changed my hp number...) Apparently she has been sending me texts to my old number and wondering why I never responded. So ah Don was stressing that I HAVE to be one of her 'Chi Muis' since she sent me texts and even though I never got them, so I told him that it would be the same principle as someone coming up to me and telling me that I have to be a prostitute for a night since they texted me and even though there was no response from me =.=""""

Sorry-ah, feeling a bit emo today.

ah Karen became my model for that day.

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and the connections get deeper and deeper...

what are the odds of you going to a friend's birthday party and ending up meeting a person who used to date your ex-partner's sibling? AND NOT ONLY THAT, but the person ALSO knows some other friends of yours?

Jesus. It's a small, small world wei. At this rate I can pretty much say I'm related to
Gisele Bundchen. And probably to you who are reading this as well. But this would mean that I have probably committed incest at some point too right? *shudders* Aiyerr random thoughts. Go away go away!! *swats head*

ah ling

P.S: Saw a VERY NICE Balenciaga up for auction on ebay yesterday. Too bad my Paypal account doesn't have much money in it left *sulks*

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it's the wrong time to be hungry..

...since I should probably try to get some shut-eye now!soon, but am still awake, courtesy of the 14 hour sleep I got earlier today.

Suddenly I feel like eating tuna on toast. I don't know why, but I feel it would be even better if the tuna had lemon juice, black pepper and mayonnaise in it too. Goddamnit, even J Co doughnuts would do just fine (original glazed please, since they taste like Krispy Kreme's)!!

But the fridge is empty-lah =(

ah ling

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thanks Audrey..

...for the kick-ass party yesterday @ Sky Lounge in Hotel Maya.

What can I say? We had a great time, the alcohol was pretty much free-flowing, the food was nice (regretting not eating more of the mousse now!!), the entertainment was totally unexpected and the Polaroids were great gifts..Paiseh-lah, I still owe you your birthday present yah.

Will need to wait for the pictures from Audrey,Don as well as from Timothy.

P.S: Dear Aud, FYI, I got hammered yesterday. The alcohol hit me when I was on my way back. Meh.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My take on plastic.


You see, I think that it is really amazing the way we humans worship those little squares of plastic with a magnetic strip and chip embedded in them. Yup, understandably they make our lives so much more convenient (less worries than having a whole bundle of cash in your bag), but yet can cause much misery if you are not careful. If you didn't already know that I am talking about credit cards, then please go jump off the nearest high-rise building you have access to. You know, sometimes having a higher credit limit is not necessarily a good thing as along with it comes debts. Sucks huh? But true. But plastic IS essential. I mean, even fast food restaurants accept plastic. So I guess that if you do want to use credit cards, please search carefully for low rate credit cards and also compare balance transfers beforehand and also the rewards offered by different credit card companies. So always remember to spend wisely before your debts consume you alive.Heh.


Others have it worse.

Sorry, totally emorandomrubbishrant post below.

But no matter how many times you see them suffering (everywhere! on almost all the mdeia! an extreme cornucopia of pain) and even though you feel sorry for them, you can't help but feel even more sorry for yourself and all the shite and pain that you are going through. And yet you still feel sorry for others but think that no matter what hell they are going through, the pain must be somewhat on the same level that you are feeling right now. And then you realize that maybe, just maybe, you can make it through the bad times because you are strong enough to do just that. Hopefully no relapses happen this time!

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Free Sports Picks!!

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Well, finally there is a good other reason to start watching sports like NBA basketball games and other American football league games on television other than for the fact that there are hot hunky *ehem* well-buffed good looking men running around and bashing each other up in the name of glorysportsmanship. The other reason would be that you would like to catch the sporting action live on television because you just read about certain matches' analysis and you would like to see how accurate they are. And since that I just found out about free sports picks online and am sharing this recently acquired information with you, well, I guess you could probably try your luck at Football Betting now?

Since I do not bet on sports, okay, to be honest, only once every four years (guess the sport?) and that is IF I have the extra moolah to spare (!!), I am not really into betting on sports. However, the site also has much information regarding sport betting as well as many other links to online casinos and also online entertainment games like poker, and also links to horse betting.

Psst. Gambling is NOT for minors. Gambling is fun, but too much is UNHEALTHY as it can become ADDICTIVE, okay? So please do not say that ah ling encourages people to gamble when I DON'T.


Silence is golden.

Yeah, not really sure what I intended to say here in the first place, but I have to work later today(past 12 am already-lah)!!

Damn sad. Seriously, no more bumming days anymore =( Finding it difficult to wake up early nowadays for work. But! For the past 2 days I have still managed to go to work on time with makeup on. Sometimes, I really admire myself (Cheh, sendiri perasaan..) wtf.

ah ling

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wish me good luck

to help me in this new chapter of my life.

Goodbye study years. Even though I've bitched and whined and bitched my way through them I will still miss them and all those memories they have brought me.

Time to face the reality ; I will start whoring myselfworking in a few hours time.

ah ling

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Online Casino Reviews.

Online Casino Reviews

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Question : How does anyone who actually gamblesplays games online to entertain themselves using cash figure out which is the best online casino to spend their hard earned cash at (and the one which gives out the best cash bonuses)?
Answer : Go check out the reviews available at Online Casino Reviews.

Imagine stepping into a place with many overwhelmingly different choices of casinos to choose from and different games to play. Too difficult to choose which casino you would wish to step into first right? I would think so. Don't forget that in real life you can see the hustle and bustle of crowds, the coloured lights and most importantly, the gaming tables which draw the most crowds. How are you going to see all that and judge for yourself which would be the best place for you to play online?

You search for the online casinos which give the best bonuses and can be trusted from a whole list of them at http://www.icasinoreviews.com, which happens to be an online directory of these types of casinos. The reviews there are updated on a monthly basis which means that you will be reading about up-to-date information so you do not have to worry about rules being changed or so on. On top of that, the casinos reviewed there are based on payout percentages as well as customer service. This means that the gaming experience will be more worry-free for you as it is one step even closer to the gaming experience you would be getting if you played in a casino in real life. Gaming from the comforts of home means being less scrutinized by other players, and you can also opt to play naked if you wish! =P


Who Needs Love?

"Oooh darling who needs the rain?
Who needs somebody that can feel your pain?
Who needs the disappointment, of a telephone call, not I
No I don't need that at all, not I

I'm, tired of love
Yeah, sick of love
I've taken more than enough"

Razorlight - Who Needs Love?


I think the lyrics above more than sum up my mood perfectly.

This girl was oblivious to all happenings at the Sheffield Fayre.

I wish I could live in oblivion but I cannot deny the fact that this shite has been happening one too many times and it is really pissing me off right now.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coupon directory ; bargain mania.

*sponsored post*

And so when I start working (very very soon!), I doubt that I will have time to go shopping during the daytime. And since weekends bring crowds and crowds of people to the shopping malls, I would much rather shop online especially since great bargains can be obtained using Coupon Codes easily available online. Think about it. No getting stressed out fighting for parking or elbowing your way through the throngs of shoppers.

Want to check out the latest gadgets? Why not use Apple coupons to get that latest MP3 player everyone has been lusting over, and get it at a cheaper price? Having a wedding soon (it seems to be wedding season now) and your guests are heavy drinkers? Check out the money saving
Wine.com deals. I would give the site bonus points because the layout is really easy to navigate around, and besides that, the site is updated daily with lots of new and great offers.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do you need help from Yahoo! Malaysia Q& A's forum?

You can view this question in Yahoo! Malaysia HERE.

Q : Is this normal plz help!?

ik that a bunch of people are gonna say that im way too young to know wat im talkin about but i KNOW wat im talkin about! im only 13 but im in love. i have loved him for a year now. he's my ex bf and we both love eachother still. he has asked me out but idk im im ready to take the chance of getting hurt again. i really do love him and i know that i do. i have had other bf's but he is way diffrent. even adults can tell that i love him. so my question is: is it normal for a 13 year old girl to love some1 this deeply?

* 2 minutes ago
* - 3 days left to answer.

ah ling's answer:

< bitch mode >

Dah-linggg, if you KNOW what you are talking about in the first place, then WHY DID THIS QUESTION EVEN ARISE??!? And he is only probably trying to get in your pants. Trust me. I thought I knew all about love at 13. Nearly a decade later I am still trying to figure it out. At 13, I was one hell of a horny bitch mess of raging hormones. You probably are too. Always remember that puberty is a bitch, and I am so sorry, but apparently so am I.

P.S: Please brush up on your spelling and grammar.

< /bitch mode >


the bitch herself ah ling

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Friday, October 12, 2007

End of bumming days.

My bumming days are coming all too soon to an end.

Strangely, I miss studying all of a sudden.

The clock is ticking too darned fast for my liking, I feel.

ah ling

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Monday, October 08, 2007


*sponsored post*

Yes, the penguin boyfriend is crazy over tinkering with cars AND anything to do with cars (and I guess this includes the umbrella girls at car shows. I found out something really amazing. I can actually install a car lift in the HOUSE, as well as metal pegboards to hang tools up if I wanted to? Gosh, I believe that the penguinboyfriend will go absolutely ballistic(and in a good way!) if I got such gifts for him. Yeah. I would go for the car lift. Definitely the car lift.


I'm hungry so..

I would like to reminisce about Italian menfood. I'm really sorry if you are bored about reading about advertisements and other random rubbishRome already but I have not put up as many pictures as I would have liked to earlier on. Please blame it on my lazinessbad Internet connection.

Anyway, am hungry right now, which is BAD.BADBADBADBADBAD.

I want risotto. With Porcini mushrooms. Like this:

I also want grilled eggplants. And pasta. Here's a tip for those heading towards Rome. The pasta is only okay in some places, but even so the grilled veggies there served are YUM. Really.

In the foreground, my pasta with grilled eggplants and Joyce's cannelloni in the background.

And we queued up for what seemed like AGES(hey, we were STARVING okay), to eat at this highly recommended place for pizza (recommended by Joyce's friends, and also our Rome guidebook), called Baffetto.

A very non-artisticcomical caricature of the owner:

Yes, the pizza has an EGG on top. Authentic, yes, weird, yes (for us anyway).

The pastries were bloody good as well.

The bigger one has some cream inside, and the smaller one has apple filling. By the way, a croissant is a 'Corneto' in Italian, so don't feel weird ordering a corneto in Rome and not getting an ice-cream instead.

And lastly, the effects of globalization which extend to food as well:

The Golden Arches @ McDonalds.

The ice-cream with an espresso was orgasmic, so orgasmic that Joyce dragged me to a McDonald's outlet EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY WE WERE THERE.But I got to try other things well, so I am not complaining. Like the currypuff lookalikes, which have tomato paste and cheese inside. Kind of like eating an incomplete pizza.

This would be a normal feature inside most of the McD outlets there:

Coffee junkies seek sustenance here.

As well as gelato counters (think Lecka-Lecka).

Okay, no more food pictures. Kinda bored edi.

ah ling

P.S: Pictures which were not watermarked are by Joyce. And I think I pulled a muscle in my butt. God knows how. I wish God would let me know. Sigh. Have a good week ahead.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Photo Blanket Difference - personalize your bedding and more.

I think personalized items are really cool. And by personalized, I am not talking about merely adding one's initials to an item. Nope, initials are cool and all, but imagine adding your picture to your own bedding? Think about what a wonderful gift personalized photo blankets would make. I am all up for this concept of custom personalized dog beds as well like in this picture below:

A customized dog bed:

So cute right? You can even design the way to want to arrange the photos of your pet the way you like, and the dog beds are machine-washable and dryable as well, without compromising on the colour and quality of the material used.

There are also Photo Pillows available. Imagine being overseas, and not having your loved one there, true, hugging a real person would be so much better, but putting the person's picture there and huging it as much as you want (you can kiss it too!) is just as good.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Whoring Andrew Ah Drew + L'Oreal Purezone.

You see, I find it really ironic that "Coffee, Tea and Me" was the heading above his head HERE. Especially since we share a mutual kind of hatred and wish to stab whoever says dislike towards whoever says "Coffee, tea or Me?". Yeah yeah, it's not exactly the same, the difference is only A word.

Anyway, I only found out about Andrew's involvement in the L'Oreal Purezone contest, remember Nescafe Kickstart competition? Yeah, it's like that, which involves giving the winner an opportunity to pursue his/her interest.

Andrew 1 year + ago. He looks different now. Really. Click HERE to find out as well as to vote for him.

His concept is a fusion of a kopitiam (coffee shop) with art. Yup, the artist in him will never die apparently.

See more of him explaining his concept below. The videographer SUCKS BALLS man. Like, REALLY BAD. Okay, probably I CANNOT do a much better job, but I would certainly try. I was telling Andrew that I felt like shooting the videographer in the balls, but then he told me that the cameraman was actually a SHE. And so I mentally shot another part of the body's anatomy.
Check out the "I will bring it to heaven with me" part complete with the waving of hands in the air. Totally suffering from 'SADD' (Severe Attention Deficit Disorder) man, but I sayang Ah Drew and so I voted for him.

I think the concept is really interesting. I'm not an artsy-fartsy person, however, but I think that artistically inclined people will find it interesting that they have a place to express themselves to a similar crowd?

Please take time off to check out his video and to vote for him if you agree with his concept?

The link is HERE again, and if you notice the huge-ass painting behind him, well, I WANTED (AND STILL WANT) THAT PAINTING AND HE REFUSED TO GIVE IT TO ME LAST YEAR. Ptooiii *spits*
Nice to know he didn't give it away to someone else though.

ah ling

P.S : This is probably not the best time to bring it up, but Ah Drew, You still owe me my fish painting from 6 years ago. Or has the 'debt' been paid? XD *hugs*

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Whogets.com - contests with a twist.

*sponsored post*

I am actually in quite a foul mood right now. But somehow I saw something which made me happier. Really. And I am not saying this because this is a sponsored post okay. Am thinking of taking part in whogets.com free sweepstakes because of the prizes like electronics, appliances and even clothing and more, but mainly because it is free. Their contests run with and interesting twist as well. By signing up (free!), you get to decide who actually wins the prizes. If you get to the semi-final round, you just have to post a message pleading your case explaining to the other members (and to convince them as well!) why you should be the one to win the coveted prize. Check out the many contests there (and the prizes!).


more photos of Rome.

Sorry for the lack of updates, have been so damn unmotivated to blog. Digging the laptop out from the bag and looking for the cables and stuff have been too tiring as well. I'm just lazy.

Anyway, check it out. A Roman gladiator crossing the road at the Colleseum in bright daylight. For a moment I felt as if I was stuck in the wrong century.

Silver ballet flats and roman sandals not fuck me pumps like those in Amy Winehouse's song.

Just an example of glorious Italian food. I <333 Italian food okay. I think it can be even better than the men. Joking-lah! *runs for cover*

Saw this in the grounds of the Vatican Museum. Can anyone please tell me what this golden ball is supposed to represent? I don't get it.

I miss the breakfast cappucinoes at the small little cafe near Termini station.

ah ling

P.S: At many places in Rome I wished that I had a wide-angle conversion lens. *sigh* just got a display protector and UV filter thingy for my camera. Mahal!! Expensive!! Have to sell ass soon...

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!