Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look at the 'World's Worst' E-Fit Sketch.

Wtf, I could draw better than that while blindfolded and wiping my arse.

But you know what is even more astounding?

The fact that it helped in the arrest of the alleged suspect (who obviously claims he is innocent). Poor bastard, whoever he is. I'd hate to look like that too -__-""

HERE to read more about this.

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Black hole.

I mean in one of my molars.
What exactly were you thinking about?!!

KNNCCB, this is what I get for eating loads of chocolate everyday.

If my teeth are not white, then at least my watermark font colour is. Hah! *feels a little bit happier*

Sigh. Should take better care of my teeth, I guess =/

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Friday, November 27, 2009

I is going to Spain!!

I is also going to Egypt and Paris!! *throws confetti and hamster*

Going to be a packed travelling schedule for December. First, we fly off to Barcelona in Spain on the 6th - 10th (celebrating the boyfriend's birthday there), then we head off to Egypt on the 16th - 23rd, then off to Paris on the 31st to usher in the New Year and will be back on the 4th January.

Did you know that Malaysian travellers are allowed stay in Egypt up to 15 days without a visa? I just found that out, btw.

ah ling

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unwrapping post - Burberry Shimmer Check Tote

Just to keep it simple and sweet (because I am so tired from being out the whole day), the boyfriend got me a Burberry Shimmer Check Tote, and I got one for my mum.

And say hello to my model wannabe boyfriend new baby!!

Thank you beebee!!

Mum's bag is exactly the same, btw.

Off to bed now, extremely tired-lah.

ah ling

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MIgraine attack!

Yeah, had one of the worst ever migraine attacks yesterday. Slept at 7 something pm yesterday after taking some paracetamol, woke up at 1am with one side of my head still throbbing, and then forced myself to go sleep again. Then woke at 7 am with the migraine subsiding, then went back to sleep till 11.30 am.

I'm alright now, but I think I slept too much -__-"

Now to concentrate on selling stuff on ebay..

ah ling

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Friday, November 20, 2009

LV Taiga wallet for men.

Because I am uber bad at keeping secrets from him, I caved.

I gave him 1/3 of his birthday present, er, 3 weeks early a little too early to be exact.

The SA helped me gift wrap it without me asking. That's what I call damn good perception, and good customer service =)

The other 1/3 of the present has already been dispatched according to the email sent me (it's a lens for his camera btw), but the dilemma now is, what should the last 1/3 of his present(s) be? Any ideas anyone?

ah ling

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Miss Sixty and Diesel's 'tetek' tops.

Wait, I'll explain about the inclusion of the word 'tetek' in my title above in a little bit. No, I am not trying to be vulgar. (A quick lesson in Bahasa Malaysia for the uncomprehending ; 'tetek' = breasts/boobs/tits etc.)

Finally after looking at Miss Sixty dresses at, well, I caved and got one.


And now on to the matter of 'tetek', was shoppingbrowsing online at a fashion site, and saw this:

Click on photo to enlarge.

seriously WTF?!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For ah Karen....

.....for all the good times. Have a good day at work =) With love,

sh ling

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Random pictures, because I can.

Been looking through my collection of photos taken in 2009, and just wanted to post some.

A while ago Walkers crisps company had a competition where 6 selected crisps flavours were up for the public to decide which one would be added permanently to the already extensive selection of flavours. Seriously, I only liked the taste of the onion-bhaji crisps. The squirrel-flavoured one tasted of wood -__-"

The day I met 'The Rock'.

Okay-lah, at Madame Tussaud's.

On the same day itself I watched the boyfriend 'hamsup'get 'up close and personal' *ehem* with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

And then Jennifer Aniston.

And then watched in horror as he proceeded to kiss Tom Cruise wtf o_O

First time going all the way to Manchester just for 'dim sum'. I miss these two gals =/

Bei Yi, Subie, me.

I also miss my straight hair. Damnit.

Made my miniature snowman on the 2nd February.

I just realised that we will be leaving for home on this date next year. Boo to mixed feelings =/

Spring time here brought forth the most beautiful cherry blossoms (or sakura) ever. Taken right after I had my tattoo done. The area of mutilated skin was most uncomfortable under the scratchy layers of clothing okay.

No, I'm not in any part of Japan, but in Sheffield.

At Wendy's and Tom's wedding (both of them are my housemates now).

Ling Ling, Diane and I.

Food wise, one of the best ever Chinese weddings I've ever attended. No kidding.

And one of the latest photos taken, at some lake in Scotland.

Omg, I look so short next to him wtf *emo*

Okay, this could take me all day, so I'm just going to abruptly stop here.

Have a good week ahead.

ah ling

P.S: Did I mention that we will be going to Paris for the 2010 New Year countdown this year? *grins*

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've got a new present!

Do the words Maurice Lacroix mean anything to you?? hurhurhur...

Thank you darling!! *MUAXMUAXMUAXbigkisses*

Will stealtake pictures off the internet of it later, since it hasn't arrived yet...

ah ling

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Funeral - To remind us that life is too short.

The late Yasmin Ahmad's videos never fail to elicit though-provoking responses. And rightly so, as you will see in the latest one 'Funeral'.

Life is indeed too short for time-wasting conflicts.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Goodbye, working life in the UK.

I've quit my job.
Yes, my year-old job in the UK.
Now, it's time to pack up, and start planning where we wish to travel. Tentative travel plans mean that the boyfriend and I are most probably spending Christmas in Holland, and ushering in the New Year in Paris.

More later.

ah ling

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gucci, Prada, Fendi....

and also visited Chanel, Dior, Ferragammo, Celine, Burberry, D&G and Louis Vuitton while we were down in London.

1) Chanel in Selfridges in London only stock the Jumbo Flap in Pink or Light Green (this season's colours). Black is completely sold out, so what I might do is go down to the one in Selfridges Manchester to ask about ordering them, or to check when we go down to Paris. The search begins.

2) Currently contemplating between a Dior or LV ladies purse to replace my existing Burberry one.

3) Bought a pair of Gucci shades to add to my sunglasses collection lol. Looking for one last pair of Dior ones before we go back home.

4) Didn't know there's a Diana & Dodi Al-Fayed memorial in Harrods (There is a diamond-encrusted ring displayed in glass as well, going to find out later who's ring that was). All those times we've been there, we didn't realize that -__-"

5) Met the most friendly SA in Louis Vuitton ever in Harrods. Nice to know he's more 'approachable' as compared to many SAs in designer counters/boutiques.

6) Went for Four Seasons duck rice in Bayswater and in the one in Chinatown. Can I say that even though they are under the same company, the one in Bayswater (the last time I've been there was 2 years ago) wins hands down as the duck tastes a lot better and the service there too is a while lot better. Price wise the dishes in Bayswater are 30 pence cheaper.

For 4 of us, we ordered a whole duck, and a plate of charsiew (honey-roasted pork), had rice and tea. Price came to GBP 41.50, which is quite reasonable (if you do NOT convert).

More random ramblings later. Got to get to work soon.

ah ling

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To the person

searching Yahoo! for 'Winkert Khut', and visiting my blog as a result of the search, WTF?!?


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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!