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What's with horror movies and...

....the easily-freaked out guys i go to watch them with?

Imagine, they actually *omfggasp!* whimper!! How-lah, what would happen if one day a 'pontianak'(vampire) actually decides to say hi to me? Who's going to save me then? What would I be expected to do? spray her with my pepper spray issit? but by the time i look and find my spray probably I would kena cekik to death edi

Haiyo. *shakes head*


I'm on my quest for one more pair of black dinner shoes for the upcoming wedding! But to no avail yet (Either no more left in my size or no more left in my size.And they are not even on sale). But in my quest for the black shoes I bought a pair of beige shoes! (i am a woman.RAWR. I buy a million and one things which I don't need, but I don't get what i need. *sigh*)

Wish me luck.


Song that should be banned at weddings :

Jewel - You were meant for me

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!