Monday, August 29, 2005

my sweat could fill up a swimming pool.

it doesn't help that i'm sitting here typing this without the fan on. Helped my father clean the bloody fish tank earlier and got 'blessed' by smelly fish water in the process.Yuck.Yuck.

the 'cheong kay' session at Neway Times Square was...okay lah. Didn't sing into the mike at all. ( but since when do I ever?!) was there from 7 something till 11 something. Put together a buffet table and Malaysians and you get PANDEMONIUM!! HAVOC!! seems as though we are constantly starving and that onli food from the buffet table will release us from our sufferings!!

that's about al im going to write for now, need to desperately shower now before my skin ends up soaking up more of its own toxins.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I forgot my password

to log in to blogger. this is bad.

on with what i have to say :

-= went clubbing with Karen on Friday nite. Yes, it was a realy spur of the moment thing. Utilized her 12SI atmosphere card. WHat the heck? Since when did that place become a 'shuffler haven' complete with trance music and lasers wei??
Met Mr. Postman after...hehehhe.. Not bad at all lar =P NO NO, Karen don't get me wrong aight' ? Don't let him escape!!! yum cha at the mamak for nearly 4 hours, believe it or not..actually got back around 7 am. ^_^ =-

-= Been visiting University Hospital. So depressing lar. =-

-= I just realised if my boobs were huge I could take on the moniker " Busty Sharron". But oh, too bad. It's so not going ot happen in this lifetime. I'm talking nonsense again. Stop me please. Nevermind, I will stop myself.=-

p.s: I 'forged' Mr W.K's signature!! But of course he's alright with it lar.Pumped petrol again, didn't realise that I'd have to sign for it at the Shell station. Grrr...

P.P.S : I'm supposed to go 'cheong K' this friday with Mr W.K and his colleagues!! How the heck am i supposed to get out of this?! ( Cheong K is our way of literally saying " Sing Karaoke" ). I DON'T LIKE !! I DON'T LIKE!! DAMN...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hospital visits make me depressed.

went back to ipoh to see my grandaunt in hospital on saturday. Initially i wanted to write this in the blog just before leaving " Going back to ipoh now, leaving you people behind enjoying hazy Kay Elle. So long, suckers." Hah! luckily i didn't wei, cos when i left early morning it was such a NON-hazy day, whereas it seemed as if the haze followed us up north.

Anyway, saw a dead body there ( yes, but luckily it was covered). So my grandaunt is now in UH (university hospital) for an cerebral angiogram to see how much damage has been done to her brain. Btw, she had a stroke, hence the flury of all these tests involving the cerebral regions.

okay, on to less depressing stuff.

Sunday nite : got Joyce to hang out with me at the McD drive-in near the Curve. Later followed Mr W.K back home.

Monday : Celebrated Eugene's birthday with their friends. The cheesecake was yum!! ( of course-lar, i chose it and paid for it too okay! ^_^)

and tuesday : felt so lethargic the whole day. Ah Karen came over to hang out.Yay!! By the way, Karen this is for you ===> "Hellooooooooo Mr. Postman..!!" hehhehehe..


Anyway guess what i managed to 'pau'(take) from Mr W.K??

Guess lar.

Go on.

A wild guess.


Okay lar.

Here it is :

Image hosted by

Mr W.K (a.k.a. Darling)'s credit card.

MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!*evil evil laugh* Not a biggie to most of you existing plastic users, hor. But it is to me ^_^

So far i've only used it at the petrol kiosk. But that's only because i've onli had it for a day.

But enough of that, here's another picture to justify your visiting my boring ole' bloggie.
Image hosted by
what the left half of my wallet looks like. And yes, if you still don't know how he looks like, well, that's Mr W.K with me in that tiny picture.

I'm hungry. Yam off to satisfy my craving for Indomee goreng. Nitez...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

steamboat buffet part 2.

believe it or not, had it again on saturday nite with Mr W.K and his friends. How was I to know that Karen went for it too with her friends? Some coincidences are freaky.

Hmm.. i didn't follow the rents' back to Ipoh, but apparently my grandaunt was sick. Well, i dreamt on saturday nite that she was sick cos' she kena poisoned as something poked her leg while she was in the kitchen. Well, half of my dream was correct. I asked small fart ( that's the youngest bro) why she was sick and it was because she was poisoned!! by a fruit(and not by some foreign object stuck in her leg)!! so you see, half of my dream was right, so does that make me half psychic?


Now certain BAGS in Nine West are 50% off, but couldnt find anything i liked. Damn. Wasted a chance to swipe Mr W.K's card. heheheh..No lah, don't put it that way hor? Just say that he had no chance to buy me something. Now doesn't that sound better? ^_^

Saturday, August 06, 2005

it's 3 am and my bread is baking.

Seriously. That's the wonder of a bread-making machine. You just throw everything in ( measured properly of course!) , select the programme you require and let the machine knead, and bake it for you!! Excellent!! Is it weird baking stuff at 3 am? I remember making 'char siew' out of wild boar meat at 2 something am that day ( Karen can vouch for that!! =) ). Cooking in the middle of the night or early morning helps me get past the hours when i can't sleep. I know studying puts me to sleep, but urgh.

Why are there so many nice clothes on auction in Purple Mascara? *WAILS* I don't think this auction has the 'buy it now' option though, unlike Tanya's auction. Darn. Darn. Triple-darn.


Other things i've discovered/learned/ done this week:

Having sex in public areas doesn't give me the high the way it once did. Blergh.

Grocery shopping.

Paid for the rents' wedding anniversary dinner @ Chillis.

Finished all the assignments and reports on time. Am done with the presentations

Bathed Candy only to have her sleep in the mud after.( it's cooling for her!!)

Thanks to Drew have added new and colourful, extremely rude-sounding "swear words"
to current bad words vocabulary. The best part is, these swear words are not swear
words at all!! For example : Chaniago (<-- a brand)
Say it like you would for a chinese swear word. Go on, like this "CHAN nia go". For
more impact, add 2 word " CHAN lei keh nia go" . Sounds rude?
i got a new one today from the word "Konsortium". take away the 'Kon' and you are
left with 'Sor tium'. 'sor' in cantonese means stupid, but what the heck is
'tium'?! Try it.."Sor tium!" Rojak everything together to get ' CHAN lei keh sor
tium'!! MuAHAHAHAHAHAHA...sounds rude, but it doesn't mean shite. yeah lar!!

had dinner at a new cafe in Dataran Prima ( near Sunway Mas, near Tropicana, near
Taman Mayang). It's called 'Maroon'. Ah ling ( and Mr W.K) recommend that you do
not go there. The menu is really really limited and it's not cheap at all. Besides
the portions are really minisicule lar. Seriously. 'Boh kau chiak'( hokkien for
"not enough to eat").

Wore the kimono top and I LOVE IT!! SO MUCH!!!! hahah..thanks Tanya ( don't know if
you'll ever read this or not)..

That's about it kua...the bread should be done by now.. have a great weekend!! And don't forget to use the new 'swear words'!!! ^_^

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

announcing the arrival

of my new laptop. Yay!! thanks dearest parents..!! ^_^

oh, and dunno if any of you guys realised, but my adopted mouse fetus is back.I used to have one at my old blog remember?( the blog is gone!! deleted!! adios!! sayonara!! ciao!! forever!! along with all the memories ; good or bad.)
Anyway (most) rodents are cute , especially hamsters!! I like hamsters!!!!!!

Assignments are due again, so what else can we do now except to rush everything? *Sigh*.... Back to work.Grrrr......

Monday, August 01, 2005

steamboat buffet.

for RM18.80... ate loads of stuff there with the majority of the nice classmates!! HHmm..prawns,ikan pari,ostrich meat,fishballs!meatballs!! fresh mushrooms!! chicken..etc.etc. Gave the crabs a miss though..

But anyway the company was great to chill out with.

Unlike the 'muka macam hai' and the 'sei fei hai' bitch.
yes lah, really rude of me to curse them like that but in all honesty they have no freaking manners. Wtf is the 'fei hai's problem, can't bother to open her golden mouth to say 'excuse me' but instead just banged into us without bothering to apologize?!? Sakit okay!! Aku tahulah, dahlah pantat besar, tetek besar, buntut besar. But what the fuck is your problem?!


Okay Ah Ling, chill.. chill *fans self*

anyway have not been dating for a few days already. Really nice of Mr W.K to come visit after work late Saturday nite ( 10 something?). He's still working now too, and its already 12.07 am Monday morning.


Looks like we'll be rushing the assignments this week again. *sigh*..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!