Thursday, April 27, 2006

How much information is too much information? / Too much information Part 2.

X-rated post ahead. As my blog header says "Best viewed with an open mind". If you are easily offended, please vamoose.

Where was I?

Today I watched a Japanese guy eat a Japanese girl's pussy. I also watched them mate. And moan. And talk in Japanese ( which sadly, i wished i understood at times like these).

End of post.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I know i should be blogging about more, but...

I'm so <insert expletive of your choice here please> tired.

And I got a new handphone. Well, my dad got it for me. Hey, dad got small fart the latest MOTOROLA RAZR okay.
So all my contacts are now in my 7610 (<-- my 016 line). Didn't realise that i've been keeping all of my contacts in the phone. So if you do happen to call my Celcom line anytime soon and i ask you who you are, please forgive me.It's gonna take me a while to transfer all my contacts over. Guess it's a job for the penguin boyfriend.

Anyway, got the Nokia 6280, and am still figuring how to get around the phone. I feel i'm getting old, yo.

Back to transfering songs to the memory card. Bleh.

Friday, April 14, 2006

gee whiz.

I swear if i EVER see a fat bitch from work in a public place i will :

a) Mow her down
b) Mow her down
c) Mow her down, reverse, and then run over her again.


okay, i feel a lot better now. But then again i guess i should hope never to run into her in public, huh?

What a totally crazy week. And to think that this project is not over yet. We.Are.All.Screwed.

chocolate = aphrodisiac

Some people say chocolate is an aphrodisiac(<--did i spell it right?).

Well, it's true.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tommy 1 and the camhoe.

here are the pictures as promised:


and just for a bonus picture, here's a photo taken at the BRATs camp in Cherating :

Jonathan - Aaron - ah ling - Steve

Mommy, why is that girl so fugly?


I was seriously damn paiseh to even show this picture to the penguin boyfriend.

Please do NOT call me up to laugh about this.

Can you believe I used to look like this?!!?

my old BRATs tag. Picture of me was taken when I was 13 years old.So NOT glam.

Monday, April 03, 2006


The penguin boyfriend has got my disease!! Yes!! *pumps fist in air* One of his text messages to me today started off with " miao.." -__-""""" ( i'm beginning to think that it's not such a good thing after all..)


Anyway, in case you are still wondering what the 2nd part of my present from the penguin boyfriend is, here's the last clue :

Okay, go ahead and keep guessing.


I made Tommy 1 cam hoe!!!


bahbah. nyek. looks like the pictures will have to wait.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

what a week...

Is the world becoming increasingly smaller or is it just me getting a little bit bigger? (OI!! apa ingat? i meant more mature, NOT bigger THERE)

What i mean is everybody really is connected to everybody thru' some theory of 6 degrees or something like that huh?


My boss reckons the penguin boyfriend has got some competition from some people in the office. =.='''''''''' No-lah. There is no competition. Haha, maybe there IS competition, but i'm not interested. See, i'm such a good girl leh. *you may all stick fingers down your throats right now to barf, thanks very much*


I was really really pissed off on wednesday. How is a person supposed to react when the person has been 'betrayed' by someone he/she really trusts? Sure, there may be loads of justifiable explanations and reasons, but that doesn't really mean I shouldn't be offered it first, instead of being given totally crap reasons at first.

Because of whatever happened, it really got me thinking. Yeah, first I cried. Then I went to sleep at 7 pm and woke up a few times during the night. Then I slept till 8 am the next morning. Only to go to work in a totally foul mood. I guess it really showed. yeah, yeah, bad vibes surrounding ah ling. So what's new huh?


OH FUCK. The fucking toilet door just fell off the slider thingy again. *rave rant rave rant curse rave curse*



Update of advice to total fat-ass biatch ( literally!!!!) in the office:

Lose some weight, lady. Then maybe you won't get rejected from Rashid Salleh again. Heh.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!