Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fertility issues.

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You see, when I was younger I used to tell my mum that I would never want any kids and she laughed right in my face and said that I would change my mind. Now, I tell the penguinboyfriend that I do not want any kids and he ignores me. Daymnn. But that's just me, and I like being a twat sometimes.

Come to think of it, it is a blessing to be able to start a family, and that is why so many people out in the world turn to fertility treatments when they find it hard to conceive well, without any aid. But really, it is no wonder that more and more people are finding it difficult as well. With the mounting amount of stress and anxiety we face everyday, it is no wonder that the effects are starting to show in other ways.

At the Thumos Health Center, they focus on women's health and fertility issues there. There, fertility treatment involves no less than a 3 to 6 month treatment plan which incorporates analysis and counseling as well as a combination of a number of acupuncture and herbal remedies.
Through the treatment plan, this helps combat anxiety and stress hormones which cause fertility to be diminished.

Fertility at Thumos Health Center is indeed an issue taken seriously, and what I am pleasantly surprised is that men's reproductive health is also treated by using acupuncture and also herbal remedies. And yes, it has to be successful or else Santa Monica and Los Angeles obstetrician-gynecologist specialists wouldn't refer their patients to them, right?


ah ling has a love/hate relationship with knives.

Or for that matter, anything which can be defined as a sharp object. I freakin' managed to leave a very long cut(by my standard) in my right thumb, and earlier on, I managed to keep myself from crying while chopping onions, only to feel like crying when I managed to slice off part of my nail. Damn. I am officially staying away from sharp objects.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

With the weather being so lovely..

...how could one stay at home sleeping doing nothing?!?

So guess what I did.

Psst. Here's a hint. It involves spending money.

Shopping!! *tada!throwsconfettibrablankettoothbrushusbcable*

And if you are wondering why I want to throw all those stuff above it is because I have those things with me right now in ah karen's place because my housemates abandoned me went for a trip.

Anyway, I was supposed to blog more but i got distracted halfway and its so late now, so this post ends here now hor...

ah ling

p.s: I ate kangaroo burger today...=)

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chinese Cordyceps.

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My mum used to literally force us kids to drink medicinal soups and whatever else medicinal when we were younger. The reason for this being that it was good for us, to enable us to be more alert when studying, yada yada. And you know what, all of us ended up hating to drink concoctions like that and we only drank them to avoid any scoldings or lectures from both the parents. But honestly, mum knows best anyway, and I have to say that yes, they are good for us in terms of boosting our health and so on.

Take Cordyceps
for example. It is grass like fungus with amazing properties. I know, even the description does not sound appealing at all, right? But normally, whatever tastes bad is good for you. Back to the Chinese Cordyceps. Its properties include unmatched immune system support as well as immunological restorative properties which includes helping the body resist infection. On top of that, cordyceps is a natural anti-inflammatory herb. It can assist athletic performance and recovery, enhance the libido *ehem* and also improve fertility *ehem ehem*.

Does it sound appealing now? If it does, and you are wondering where on earth to purchase it, you may find Cordyceps at LongevityHerbs.com. There are also various other products like ginseng and also other natural herbal products to detox and so on. So to boost your health naturally, you can go check it out.


the weather...

has been great these few days!!

Seriously!! =)

But summer is due to end soon as well as all the sales. =(

Anyhow, hopefully the spate of great weather will continue soon, as it means that I get to soak up the sun and at the same time get the excuse to wear less clothing as possible.

Went to Embrace yesterday night, it was Mardi Gras part night, so for most of the electro/trance/techno/mashed up songs, there was this cute guy playing those drums (not sure about the correct term to describe them) for an added tribal beat. Something like what you get to hear in Safri Duo songs. The guy was *ehem ehem* cute. Lol. And I told the penguinboyfriend about him, and I could practically hear him sweating all the way from Malaysia. The penguinboyfriend told me "Happy Checking out Guys!" =.="""" Ahahahha, see, that's why I love him so much even though at some times I just feel like grabbing an electric fly-swatter and electrocuting him.. *muax*

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gamblecraft.com - the art of gambling.

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And I am going to talk about gambling. More gambling, you may sigh. Sorry dear people, but as I said, it is not really my fault that I am staying near a casino, right? Anyhow, the casino which is near my flat is quite small, actually, and is no where near the size of the one situated up the hill back in Malaysia. However, we, as all other humans, did manage to adapt to the 'situation', and as a matter of fact are adapting quite well even.

But that is not the point here. Online Gambling, I feel, would be quite fun too (yes, all in the name of fun). What is the point of gambling if not to have fun? And don't tell me that it is because you want to win money. But where in the world are you going to find the best casinos for gambling online? If you go to any search engine and type in "Online Gambling, you are bound to get a few thousand hits. Imagine filtering your search and getting a headache in the process.

At Gamblecraft.com, you save time by providing you with a list of online casinos and their ratings as well as reviews and also free software to download so that you can enjoy the gaming experience right from the comforts of your home.

There are also many (seriously, there are many) links to the latest casino news, so that you can equip and keep yourself up to date with knowledge both about the games, as well as the industry.


Nutrisystem Nourish Program - losing weight the easy way.


I wish that I could be more strict with myself. Every time I supposedly "diet", I don't. Heh. So what's so unusual about that? I am sure that many other people also find themselves cheating on their diet. Anyway, at the TV Overstocks website, the Nutrisystem Nourish Diet Program is available. No, I have not seen the TV show, but I think that this product is a good concept because there are many people with busy lifestyles nowadays who strive to achieve good health, but due to time constraints and other excuses do not have opportunities to eat healthily. I think it's great because you can choose different diet plans which best suit you (for example, if you are a diabetic or vegetarian, you can opt for different diet plans than say, a woman who is over 60). For 3 delicious meals a day( plus snacks! and desserts!!), I would say that losing weight has never been easier. So yeah, it sounds good. Literally.



...about certain issues ("iz-zues", a certain lecturer pronounces it) gets me all bothered. And sad. Well, life's not exactly fair, is it?

ah ling

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Shopping post.

Today I went shopping. The lure of the four letter word SALE was too much to resist. It's akin to dangling a piece of juicy medium-rare steak in front of a starving carnivorous son of Adam who's only aim in life is to consume as much half-cooked meat in his lifetime as possible.

I am a daughter of Eve, if anyone gives two hoots anyway. But I digress. Shopping, yes, glorious shopping. It helped boost my mood today by maybe 20 points. This is despite the fact that it was raining quite heavily (I contemplated bringing along my soap and shampoo.Free bath hor.) and the pavements are really really slippery especially if one is stupid enough to wear slippers with not-so-good grip (that would be me). Thank god for 'stabilizers' also known as my house mates.

From the half an hour shopping stop in Manchester (notice the Manchester United merchandise which was bought earlier on in the day @ Old Trafford) + some Dorothy Perkins stuff from the High Street in Sheffield:

And some tops from Dorothy Perkins + Morgan which I got earlier today:

The clothing in my wardrobe now come in many different colours instead of just in black. Many people especially the penguinboyfriend will be so proud of me. Lol.

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Poker online dating - You don't have to keep a straight face on.

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Yesterday I went to the casino (as usual), but the five-card poker table was not open, so I played roulette instead (first time ever! But that is another story for later). But I digress. What I am trying to get across is that given the choice, I would have preferred to have been given a chance to sit down at the poker table. Anyway, I cannot help but wonder what IF I had met the penguinboyfriend at a poker table. Imagine this, a stranger sits down opposite me. We reach out to take the cards which have been dealt. We both slowly turn the cards over and then.....*cheng cheng cheng*....our eyes slowly look up at meet. Wahlau. *shudders* Okay, before it becomes x-rated, I shall practice self-censorship and stop wondering now. But I can't really. Because it would mean that we would be poker freaks.

But just in case my little story of 'what-if' that I conjured out of my imagination did get you wondering when you are going to finally meet a tall dark handsome (or tall curvy babelicious) stranger at the poker table, well, you don't have to wait forever then. Raise the stakes and try out Online Poker Dating instead. A free unique dating website which caters to single poker players (and also poker fans) who seek love, online poker players can meet their match (quite literally or figuratively, you decide!) there.There's even the option of video chat, instant messaging features and much more. The higher the risks, the greater
the return, eh?


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm tired...

Finished up with the last of the presentations today, but thinking of the other assignments which submission dates are dangerously near, I feel even more tired. Had a kick-ass dinner though, and that helped make my day.


Here's an excerpt of my conversation with Donny thru MSN earlier:

Donny - Visit my blog at http://www.donny2bits.blogspot.com says:
ah ling says:
ah ling says:
ah ling says:
*rolls around*
Donny - Visit my blog at http://www.donny2bits.blogspot.com says:
ah ling says:
*pretends to be a bunny*
ah ling says:
*plays with fork*
ah ling says:
*twirls hair*
Donny - Visit my blog at http://www.donny2bits.blogspot.com says:
*takes a raquet and smacks bunny*
ah ling says:
*looks down top*
ah ling says:
*hops aside and sinks teeth into neck*
ah ling says:
ah ling says:
*dies of blood poisoning*

As you can see, we can get as spastic as possible. Hope your day has been good so far for you.

ah ling

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Ice hockey fans take note.

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Back in primary school, I loved playing hockey (even though I really sucked at the game). In fact, being able to carry the hockey stick around during Physical Education class was fun enough. Ice hockey, however, was too much for me to handle. Hey, I can barely stand up on the ice skating ring okay.

So, hats off to the professionals who actually play ice hockey for a living. And I
visited this site to see the top ranking teams and also to find out a little more about what's happening in the world of ice hockey. But I found out more that just that on the website. I also found out more about the teams which are on the nhl draft, as well as ice hockey news. Ice hockey fans can even listen to radio dedicated to ice hockey news at the site there. Ice hockey fans go check the site out!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

making space for new things in life.

And I'm not talking about babies. Or pets. Nope. I'm talking about.......

*drum roll*

handbags!! But what's so surprising about that anyway? I have been cracking my head, figuring out how to rearrange my stuff in my wardrobe. You see, I didn't bring much articles of clothing and shoes, nor did I bring any accessories. I only brought two handbags with me and a mini-skinny (for my Ipod, bless the penguinboyfriend for making me bring it as it kept me company countless times when I travelled). So yeah. Still need to figure out the best way to rearrange my stuff. Oh and I am loving the new bag that Ms. Ho bought. Such a lovely summer bag really. Am really tempted to
get one for myself. But my summer bag should be on its way here(if the postal service doesn't fail me). And a wristlet too (didn't bring any of mine here, figured I should just add one to my collection. My excuse = "I don't have it in that colour!!") *shakes head* A picture of my latest shopping mini-spree up later. Took just one picture because the bags were cluttering my room. Heh.

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KeepCash more often.

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You see, keeping cash instead of blowing it on a whim is never easy. Especially when the sales come around. But what better way is there to justify spending to yourself and others than using the words 'sale' or 'discounts'?

As a matter of fact how do fellow bagholics like me justify NOT spending when there are temptations constantly hovering all around in the forms of eBags deals? At the KeepCash, an online coupon and hot deals website you can be sure to find many more deals for other products which helps you save when shopping online. And I am most certainly sure that you will find some of the coupons here handy as there are over a 1,000 stores.


who says i don't have any willpower?

Anyone care to dispute me on that?

Yeap, I guess there are. Anyway, I actually turned down free drinks(two!) and free entrance to Embrace club-leh! Clever ah ling! *pats head and gives self standing ovation* For real. Seriously. Because I have a presentation tomorrow and I need to go to the casino tonight and because I have to blog. Lol.

The club will always be there, and somehow I don't feel like clubbing tonight. Not used to clubbing on a Monday-lah.

On the other hand (pun intended), I managed to stab my finger with a knife. Ouch. Not as gory as hitting my finger with a nail *ehem ehem Jon cough ehem*, but still painful, nevertheless. Luckily it didn't bleed though, I just nicked the skin. Damn clumsy, I am. I have even been managing to walk into stationary objects. How sad is that.

Clumsiness. Sigh.

ah ling

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Monday, July 23, 2007



You see, because of the extremely *ehem* strategic location of my flat, my friends and I have been able to visit the casino every other night or so(okay, I did not go yesterday because I was too tired). Before coming here, I have to admit that I have only visited 'Uncle Lim' twice (Uncle Lim = well-known casino owner in Malaysia), and most of the time there was spent at the roulette and 'tai sai' (big small) tables. I always wanted to learn how to play poker though, but I never got a chance to learn. Until now. I am proud to say that I have since learned how to play poker but have yet to learn how to keep a good poker face.

But that is beside the point. Now, even if I do not want to walk to the casino to play, or if the poker tables are closed, or even if I do not want to go way up the hills back in Malaysia to gamble, I can just bet online from a whole range of online betting sites. How can I be sure? Well, Top Sportsbook And Poker Reviews And Recommendations provides links to a whole lot of recommended online poker websites. There are actually lots of reviews where the casinos reviewed on the website are tested on a regular basis and according to distinct criteria. If the casino fails to meet any of the Top Sportsbook and Poker Reviews and Recommendations's website's stringent testing, then you will not see the casino anywhere on the website. Nice.

For avid gamblers, go have a look at the site. As its name states, there are also loads of links to recommended sportsbook websites online for all types of sports. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Pork mee...please?

I'm hungry.

Okay, the title just sounds so....wrong.

I want to eat pork mee. *wails*

Will anybody be kind enough to send me a bowl of pork mee from my favourite haunt in USJ (near Summit)? I want it in soup, with kuay teow, with liver, pig oil and add one egg. No? =(

Damn. I don't think you would find it a breeze to pack, and undoubtedly it would be a miracle if it could get anywhere near customs. Not to mention that by the time it reaches here (yeah right!), it would be really cold and probably spoilt as well. *sigh*


BP factory in Whting ; the sludge issue.

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Let's see. When misrepresentations or untrue facts are published in the media, it is only fair to be able to speak up and tell the world about both sides of the story. Are you wondering what the heck is ah ling referring to? Well, recently, the Chicago Tribune(a newspaper in

Recently the Chicago Tribune ran an article about a BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana and misrepresented some important facts. What facts? Well, if you are a well-known global petroleum company like BP, and if a completely misleading article was written about your company with sentences like this which states that BP is allowed to "...release 54 percent more ammonia and 35 percent more sludge into Lake Michigan each day" WITHOUT further mentioning that BP's levels are well below the legal limits.

Really? Yes. A new water discharge permit allows BP's refinery's average ammonia discharge to increase, but at levels that will still be less than half of those that federal environmental guidelines could allow.

However, as a matter of fact, it is stated in the BP Whiting Fact Sheet, only treated water is released from their refineries in which the contents are 99.9% treated water and not sludge, as sludge is treated separately and never discharged into Lake Michigan as per state and federal requirements.

Besides, BP plans to invest around $150 million to further enhance their modern wastewater plant in Whiting to enhance the refinery's wastewater treatment capability.

The BP Whiting Fact Sheet here, certainly helps put issues into perspective. It's not fair to jump to conclusions, a'ight? One has to gather all relevant information BEFORE making a conclusion.


I am not as faithful as he thinks...

yup, that is absolutely right. You read it correctly. But the sad part is, the penguinboyfriend knows about it. You see, I was talking to him many days ago through the MSN videocall feature, and I told him that I had been dating another male for the past two days.

I really did not know how to comprehend the look on his face; that ultra-familiar penguinboyfriend face suddenly morphed into a complete stranger's. "You what? I'm leaving you," he declared. Shite.

So I quickly explained the situation; The male which I had been dating was my lappy. I even told the penguinboyfriend the sordid details of our intimate affair. The times when we just stared at each other ; my lappy looks at me, and I look at it. The times when I just let my hands run all over it, and the times when I just kept banging it.

Dear penguinboyfriend, if you read this then I want to say that I love you.Tomorrow marks a certain special niche in my life. Meep.

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The construction software buyer's guide.

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Hmmm...while reading the general overview section of the Construction Software Buyer Guide which answers many (many many!) questions how businesses which perform work on a project by project basis should choose construction software which best suits the nature of the business and their requirements, I couldn't help but wonder if the curly haired,yellow boots-wearing, hokkien speaking contractor with a mole on his face would have invested in this software...He probably would have, if only he knew about the existence of such a useful software buyer guide as well as the accounting software.

Anyhow, the guide also touches on issues like the more common features of construction software, how constructing accounting software is generally different from other accounting software packages as well as additional information which would be of much use to homebuilders, union contractors as well as land developers. If the highly comprehensive guide doesn't answer all of your questions (yes, inquisitive minds and all that..), well, there are loads of links at the bottom of the page to additional resources and information.


Sunday, July 22, 2007


Remember my post where I raved and ranted about my the environmentally friendly bag which has the words "I'm not a plastic bag" written on the side by Anya Hindmarch?

Well, thanks you penguinboyfriend. He just notified me saying that he went to collect and pay, heheh them(yes, I booked two) for me. *muax*

So after all the shite, I still get a new bag. Two new bags, in fact. Heh.

ah ling

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I just did something...

..which I am not supposed to do for a while yet.

*plays with fingers*

I, err..I...hmm...

Okay, okay.

I shopped. *eye twitches*

Nothing wrong with shopping right? After all we gals and some guys do live to shop after all.

But I shopped to add to my collection of 'babies'.

Show you guys when my new 'babies' arrive, kay?

Yam going to Manchester tomorrow, so more shopping perhaps? Enjoy the weekend, all you beautiful people.

ah ling

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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Daily Veggies - drink your veggies.


Remember when your mum stood over you just waiting to make sure that you finished up each and every little bit of your carrots(good for your eyesight!), broccoli(good for you!!), spinach(you will be just like Popeye!) and your cabbage (so you will grow up to be strong!!)? And remember how much you hated it then? Well, if you love vegetables now, that is great! But if you don't, then there is an alternative way of ingesting the required amount of daily vegetables to maintain healthy living, and it's by drinking your vegetables so you don't have to spend ages chewing the veggies and suppressing the gag reflex you get only when you are chewing vegetables.

I supposed it would be really great for picky eaters, especially for kids (okay, some adults too) who absolutely detest any kind of food which even remotely resembles vegetables. Hey, in its easy to use packet form, and with the recipes given at their site, it is pretty easy to disguise it in food of most forms.

So for the camping enthusiast or even the boy scout, you do not have to worry anymore about finding methods of bringing along fresh vegetables along with you into the wilderness; just bring along a packet of My Daily Veggies as a daily dietary supplement or a 'on the go food'.

You can always go the website to get a My Daily Veggies Free Sample before you decide to purchase it. But it's really quite brilliant; just a packet a day to keep healthy.


The minute details don't really matter.

Watching people leave.

Watching the bus overtake us as we walk into the night.

Watching others watching us.

Watching for cars to wait for a safe time to cross the otherwise empty roads.

Watching the breeze rustle the leaves.

Watching others talk and breathe in the crisp night air.

Watching out for cracks or dips in the pavement to avoid.

Watching cars go by.

Watching others hold hands.

Watching people interact; body upon body, breathing in each others' oxygen.

Watching people intrude into each other's personal space.

And keep watching fate being dealt upon others. Things which will not have mattered
anymore an hour later.

And think about things which don't really matter at all.

And feel so lonely.

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Discount codes for free in the UK.

*sponsored post*

And now, I am going to talk about shopping!! Hurray! *throws confetti and other unidentifiable objects*

The UK's Biggest Free Discount Code Website

Why didn't anyone tell me about this site earlier?! If there is anything I love besides free stuff, it is discounts.Discount Codes works just as well too. There is a wide range of discount codes for retailers such as Boots and even John Lewis. Darn. No wonder customers visit this site to check beforehand if there are any discount codes available before shopping. My only regret is that I did not find out about this site earlier. Now I'm just itching to shop. Must. Control. Urges.


Time flies...

especially when you don't want it to.

On another random note, I'll be heading off to Manchester this coming Saturday. Going to pay a visit to the stadium and to the Chinatown there. Any chance of me getting a glimpse of any tall, dark and blonde famous footballers minus their WAGs there, you think?

Nah, I don't think so.

But it would be damn syiok if I could be able to right?


Also my dear penguinboyfriend, my room needs to be messed up, so whentheheckareyoucomingoverheredotcom?

Faster come over here-leh. I miss you like hell. Today is already the 20th of July, 4 days more to my 'record'. What 'record'? Well, you will just have to ask me to find out right? *sigh* And I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all, but suddenly I miss eating at Williams. Wtf.

ah ling

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Clarity Systems - business budgeting software.

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It is kind of ironic that I am writing about business budgeting software now, because I just finished watching a movie (a comedy to be more precise) about the heaps of problems bad budgeting was causing the company. In fact, more shite happened when the budget became tighter and tighter. The company concerned in the movie which I mentioned was into the Human Resource industry, but regardless if your company is in the retail industry or in other industries, it is always wise to invest in a business budgeting software to plan ahead.


Pretty only on the outside.

Saw these flowers nearby our flat, and I just couldn't resist being itchyhanded their beauty.

So I took 3 home and got them to be the subject of a camwhoring session.

And out of the many pictures i took, I only liked this one. And if you asked me why, I honestly can't tell you why.

After editing by Donny:

ah ling

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finding a hot latino is easy.

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Anyone who finds Shakira hot, put your hands up *raises hands*. Anyone who wished that they had a partner as hot as her stop wishing and lusting over her already, and make your dream come true.

Yes, I am going to talk about latina dating, and where you can find thousands of single latina men and women on a site online. You can indulge yourself in this latin dating site where searches for latin babes, chicks, and even latin models in any area can be done for free. In fact, you can even join for free to meet latino/latina singles around your area.

One of the features available is to send a "flirt" to a particular person. How interesting. Who knows, if you do manage to get a partner as smoldering hot as Enrique or Shakira, please introduce him or her to me okay?


i'm not a plastic bag.

okay, i reserved 2 of Anya Hindmarch's lovely creations which were supposed to help save the environment a few months ago. Before it was launched, I got my ass on a Thai Airways plane (with the most fucked up service I have EVER gotten. For them 'farangs' are like God, and if you are anyone else except a 'farang', then you get totally fucked up service. Thai Airways, you really suck. Read me? Your airline service sucksdonkeycockbigtimedotcom.) to British soil, and I entrusted the penguinboyfriend with the task of collecting my bags for me. Enter the launch date, and the mayhem of people queuing up early in the morning and then rushing to get the bag, which was sold out. In fact, I heard that many people who reserved the bags months ago(like me) did not get their orders, but others did.

Anyway, after much calls made to them (thanks Drew and my darling penguinboyfriend), most of the time they didn't bother to pick up the phone (tsktsktsk, bad customer service), the penguinboyfriend sends me a message saying that they told him that......sigh.....nevermind.

Stick around to find out what happened soon.

After typing all the above crap, I find it totally pointless. My conclusion of this whole blog entry is that I think I should really sleep soon.

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a letter to ah ying.

Dear ah ying,

so you finally realized that the world wide web is open to every Tom, Dick and HarryJack? Well, unfortunately, it is. I didn't mean to stumble upon your blog. The ironic thing is, I wasn't even looking for it. I was searching for.....nevermind. If i were to say what I was searching for, other people will stumble upon your secret lil' blog hovering in its safe anonymous existence in cyberspace xD

So you bitch about us in other blogs? Hhmmmm....

Cheers! and hugs from your dear friend who lives in no.95 with the green gate ah ling.


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Fitness Dates - finding love?

*sponsored post*

Gosh, when I went to see this site emphasizing on fitness dates, my mouth was like *drops wide open and drools* . Why? Well, as the name Fitness dating states, the profiles of the people featured there were really *ehem* interesting. Okay, there were some quite sexy buffed up guys there, and I have to admit, if I were not as tired as I am now(forgive me, I have just been out and I am really tired) and if I were single (which I am not), I would be all over the guys' profiles, and I would probably also make friends with them. The chicks there are just as appealing.

Enough about the members only. To hook up with thousands of fit singles instantly, you have to sign up, but hey, what the heck, it's free to join. And with the easy search feature available, give Cupid a hand in helping you choose your potential or future partner. Nothing to lose here, but if you don't see for yourself, you might lose out, so hey, take a chance.


Decisions, decisions.

decisions, decisions. Don't you wish you were a kid again sometimes? Life was so much easier back then. Damn. Please come back, oh carefree days. I promise that I will cherish you now. *sobs*


ah ling

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let beauty shiine through with Emerge Skin.

*sponsored post*

Ever since I stepped foot in this country I realised that my skin has become a heck lot drier and that the *gasp* skin around my feet have started *gasp again* cracking *sobs*. Before this, I have always underestimated the power of moisturizers and also dismissed them as "unnecessary", but now I could just marry the person who invented this product(free products for life, why not?).

But I digress. Back to the topic of skin (since we are on it anyway), it is really difficult to find a line of suitable products for just about any person (guys and girls), since we are blessed with skin as individual as we are. You get oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, skin which sometimes gets oily and then dry...yeah, you get the idea.

It is difficult to find skincare products free from synthetic chemicals as well as free from fragrances and preservatives, but a company called
Emerge Skin Care Inc. asserts that all their products have evolved to meet the needs of people. Besides, I visited their website to busybody see what product offerings they have, and was pleasantly surprised to note that there are many categories of skincare products to choose from. From eye care to exfoliators and also mens skin care (no excuse for men not to take care of their skin now, heheh).

Also hor, if you are sucker for free stuff like me(admit it already!), you will be glad to know that they do give away free samples (woohoo!). The only down side is that of course one person gets one sample. Feel free to check out the site and then feel even more free to max your card out buy their products online without worrying as it is a 100% safe and secure shopping experience.


warped conclusions.

Most people say "No work, no eat, no eat, will die".


Actually hor, mine is more like "no work, no shopping, no shopping, eat more, eat more, get fat, get fat, get depressed, get depressed, go die".

So in conclusion, I must work harder to get more money so that I can go shopping!

(My conclusions are so warped, wouldn't you agree?) xD

a very tired ah ling

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SwitchPlanet.com - entertainment for the cost of postage.


I was blog-hopping a while ago and I stumbled upon this guy's site where he listed down all the titles of movies on DVDs and CDs which he has with him right now. Yes, of course the list was impressive (okay, it was REALLY impressive!), with movies ranging from really old (I am exaggerating here, what I mean is that the movies are from a few years back, but it seems like eons to me) to some of the quite newer onesno thanks to our local DVD suppliers.

But anyway, there is a much better way to get other DVDs, CDs, books or magazines for free. Okay, nothing is free in this world. So the only thing you have to pay for is the shipping costs. What? Did you think that the post offices and shipping services around the world run on charity? Introducing the all new SwitchPlanet.com where "Use more....waste less" is their motto. SwitchPlanet.com is actually a social media trading website where members use Switchbucs (to learn what it is, read more about it here in their FAQ section) to switch their stuff for someone else's. Great way to add to your collection while saving the environment, don't you think so?

In any case, utilize the resources and make more friends at the same time. There are groups and also forums to deal with every aspects of this new unique way of trading and also to put your mind to ease with all your unanswered questions. Did I mention that while switching your stuff you will also be doing charity? Go and see what I mean....


Monday, July 16, 2007

Just a quickie

to say that I have just updated my links(finally!!) and please feel free to go kaypoh busybody 'pat' look see look see. Sorry for the delay in linking all you beautiful people, and thanks for the linky love! =)



Stress kills.

Chau cipet, we all want to die already can? As my friend so succinctly put it "Luckily you are there, because if you were not, you would probably haven't even started working on it".

Tiu. How you know ar?


a barely alive girl.



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With 52 categories of industries (from business travel to leather and shoes) there is sure to be a category which your business falls under. So why not showcase your company's products ad services to the world today?


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I love to camwhore withhard items.

MMmmm.. i just realised how naughty that sounded. Tsktsktsk. If you did too then what were you thinking about anyway?!

Joking onli-lah. Don't be angry yah.

Anyway here's one of me camwhoring with a column at Embrace the other day. Sorry. It was dark, and my phone's camera is shite even with the flash.

ah ling

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Don't ask me to smile!

You know, I will smile when I feel like it. If not, I won't. I do NOT simply smile for just about anyone. Heh. (And yes, Don, I will smile for you since you're one of my close friends.)

Another ah ling smile from the set of 'Chio Tak Jadi' photos.

Screen shot and editing by Donny.

-ah ling-

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Chio tak jadi.

Just one of the many pictures which Don helped me take (screenshots!!) and also edit.

Memang pun very chio tak jadi wei. Failmiserablydotcom I tell you.

ah ling

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things which I miss.

Included among them are



and most of all, this.

An old picture, but it really reflects the cheeky side of the penguinboyfriend.

ah ling

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I did it MyWeigh.

*Sponsored post*

If only I could stop counting calories inaccurately, I would be able to stop tormenting myself mentally, not knowing exactly how much fat and calories I consume daily. But I can't help it. Now, if I had the Nutriscale, it would be a totally different story.

Yeah, it is just one of the many different types of cheap digital pocket scales available from the range of MyWeigh pocket scales which allow for easier carrying around (you can make sure it is discreetly nestled in your pocket or even your bra), and for people like me who hate to do conversions mentally, it weighs in both grams and ounces.

Reliable, economical and with even a lifetime warranty(in the United States), your bathroom scale or pocket scales will definitely not let you down.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Remember when I wished earlier to apply for the tester job? YOU KNOW WHAT. I CAN APPLY FOR THE JOB. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHA.

The application for is HERE. You must be over 18 okay. *rushes off to apply*

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Madness. How was your 070707 day? If so many people got married on that day, imagine how it is going to be like next year on the 8th of August. (080808 if you don't already know what I am going to say)

Maybe I should aim to get married on that day too? *ponders* But then again I could always wait till the 9th September 2009. Or 10th October 2010. How ar, penguin boyfriend? What do you think? Or maybe I should not get married at all and continue practicing domestic partnership. *runs away and hides*

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BBW (Big Beautiful Women) romance.

*sponsored post*

It is really quite refreshing to learn that society has generally become more acceptive of larger-sized individuals, especially since society is still quite superficial in many ways.

So if you would rather find someone who has something a little more in common or are just looking for love, try bbw dating. Not sure where to start? Afraid to try your luck there? Been disappointed many times before? Well, you won't know how things go unless you give it a try. Right? Yes, I know I'm correct, lol. So now, go check out the many bbw personals available there.

Once again, there is a quick search feature, which has advanced features which lets you specify certain requirements you are looking for in your potential partner or new friend like spoken language(to avoid communication breakdown), pets(a must to find out especially if you are allergic to fur!), and even political views. Hmmm, they thought of everything.

A new genre of dating sites is available and so you should go see what it is about. If you do find love there, please remember to thank ah ling, and send her a present hor.


Leeds. Not just about the shopping.

Remember in my earlier post when I said that I would not only talk about the shopping in Leeds but also of the place?

Here we go.

Wait. Before leaving our flat, I looked out the window and saw this:


What, were you expecting naked people?

The place has some seriously amazing architecture.For real.(Okay, maybe for me-lah, but I'm trying not to sound so 'jakun' here!)

Inside one of em' shopping arcades.This one is one of the more posh ones around. Think branded and expensive. Even if I were to sell my ass for the next ten years I think I would still only be able to window shop. Maybe if the penguinboyfriend sold his ass for the next decade too.....? Hhhmmm...Heh.

There was a shop seling masks.

Kinky dress-up, anyone?

Entrance to the Leeds City Market:

Apparently the market is the second-largest in the whole of Europe. I was more in awe of the fact that I saw.............................................................................................................................................................................
Too bad I couldn't get to molestplay with them or flap their ears. Damn.

Most of the time however, we were all attracted to signs like these:

Ish ish ish. One of the contributing factors to my having to eat grass and drink rain water for the next week.

Nah, this is for you guys to ogle at:

Also we noticed some very weird things there.


And also:

Aqua Couture. WTF?!?!? =.=""""

Photo credits go to ah Karen. Thanks babe.

ah ling

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Gothic dating for you?

*Sponsored post*

Ever since I got myassself here, I noticed that people here are generally less conservative in their dressing, and that the individual styles of dressing really reflect their individualism. For instance, it was a bit of a culture shock for me to see people dressing in a gothic way. What is that, you may ask. Well, the many people I have observed dressing that way generally have dark or red hair, have heavily-lined eyes, and are dressed in black.

Unfortunately for me, I think my observations as a whole are not too accurate. Why? Because at this site where it is for gothic dating, I realized that not all the pictures in the profiles there fit in what I observed, and that I should not have generalized the people who dress that way.

There are many features available for people seeking for partners there. Just like any good matchmaking website should, the website has a quick search feature which makes it a lot easier to narrow down what one is looking for in his/her partner.

You can even specify the distance or vicinity which the person stays,see who is online and it is free to join *mental note to self = must keep the penguinboyfriend away*.
Who knows? Maybe he will suddenly feel like dating a goth chick. *gulp*


Sunday, July 08, 2007

I wish I could apply for..

..THIS JOB. Sounds like fun. Especially when the job description includes the words "tester" and "Durex". Meep.

And here's one of all them shopping bags yesterday + my toes.

ah ling

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cookie dough indulgence.

I got this to indulge myself that day (and it's worth every bit of RM28. Okay-lah, don't convert, so it was 4 pounds but I indulged myself for 5 days in a row, so I close one eye -.= ).

What the heck is this? Doesn't look very appealing eh?

Go on, try to guess it. Here's a hint:

To see if you guessed it correctly, scroll down.

Ta daaa!!!

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream. The absolute sex.

ah ling

p.s: Shopping post cum travel post on Leeds coming up. Waiting for pictures from friends' cameras.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

retail therapy.

Works everytime even though I'm not emo anymore.

Went to Meadowhall(a 5 minutes train ride away). It is a shopping centre. Yes, it is huge, but unfortunately there was a flood that day and it affected most of the tenants on the lower ground floor, so even the food court and most of the shops on that floor were not open.

But La Senza was. Went in once, and came out with a HUGE bag of goodies. No, I'm not posting the pictures of what I bought here, but I am very pleased with my buys. Went in there later, before going back and came out with another bag again. Lol. I must have looked as if I have been deprived of lingerie shopping. Got a jacket too, and a belt from Marks & Spencers (for the penguinboyfriend). Actually I got him the exact same one from the High Street here, but the size was too big and they were out of stocks, so I got one in his size at Meadowhall and got a refund for the former one today. The exchange and refund policy here rocks..

Going to Leeds tomorrow. For more shopping again...*sigh* I have to control myself. Control. CONTROL....

ah ling

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The unedited-edited version of ah ling being emo. Part 2.

Remember my earlier post on Part 1? Here's Part 2 in the collection of 3 photos.

Unedited version of emo.

The edited version of emo.

Editing by Donny.

ah ling

p.s: Andrew edited the pictures
and uploaded them onto Friendster with some really =.="" titles. Go check them out in my profile (provided you are in my friends list anyway).

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Smoking not allowed.


Way before the 1st of July, there were already ample notices around to warninform the public about the smoking ban on the 1st of July.

Taken on the 23rd June @ Starbucks in Borders during my trip down to Norwich.

Damn. I still see people smoking in the streets. To be more precise, they look very fidgety and guilty, stubbing out their cigarette butts with an air of disconnection with the very thing they are stubbing out / stepping on. It's funny, really. After putting it out, they walk away hurriedly. Hmmmm...

And this one is for Donny.

I think you agree with the graffiti writer, eh Don?

Heard that cigarettes are up by 60 sen in Malaysia. Time to really cut down..

ah ling

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Everything is going to be alright.Or is it?


Monday, July 02, 2007

The unedited-edited version of ah ling being emo. Part 1.

I took the photos when I was feeling particularly emo and down the other day.



Editing by Donny.

ah ling

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I've been so good it HURT.

I've been so, so good.

So good it HURT.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

And so....

I went shopping.

Sorry, lazy to post individual pictures, so here's a combined one of most of my lootshopping so far.

Very messy, I know.
I just threw most of the stuff on the bed.

a girl can NEVER have too many shoes.

Please note that I actually bought more stuff, but I didn't take photos. Lazy lar.

Broke liao. =(

But happy!!

And also here's a random picture of ah Karen and I yesterday. So happened we wore the outfits below. So 'ngam'(coincidental).

ah ling

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!