Thursday, April 28, 2005


...piss me off, bitch.

Monday, April 25, 2005

i wish i could fly away.

yeah. to a place where everyone has no issues with each other.

damn confused now. Involuntarily i keep asking myself the question i initially had ( and still have) when all this started.

as i said before, i don't think i will give it my 100%. Can't blame me for being jaded before.The scar is still there. Give me a little more time to think things over lar.

music : Ryan Cabrera - 40 Kinds of Sadness
mood : You think leh?

Thursday, April 21, 2005


just got my pen drive back from Karen earlier, and was looking at all the pix in there again.

was thinking back to the 19th of February ( yeah, the day of the MAS fair. that fateful day.GO figure why it was fateful.Heh.)

Anyway, here are the pictures we took on that day ( sorry people, extremely delayed hor.What to do...?=P)

Image hosted by

Karen, Ah Ling, Pei Yi, Ah Ying , Mr. W.K

Image hosted by

and here's a photo of me camera-whoring ( okay lar, sounds demeaning ar? Call it posing then. )

Image hosted by

Happi happi joy joy, exams are finally over. Now to await the results.

music : Paul Anka - Put your head on my shoulder
mood : still stoning due to lack of sleep

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

it swallows.

what does?

Blogger lar. What did you think i was talking about ? o.O

it ate my whole damn post yesterday.fuck.

anyway, here's just a brief overview of what i wrote :

1) maybe, just MAYBE starring in something minor.Keep guessing about what it is about okay? If i get the part i will elaborate. ( for those who alreadi know, keep it quiet first yah? =) ) i really hope i do, cos' i need the $$$.

2) Jason's party on Saturday - met my dearest sister Ah Ying ( she's also my ex-sis-in-law =P) and Ah Drew there, we actually cam-whored in front of a fan for effect. Hey, the pix came out damn nicely okay? too bad all the pix are in Ying's camera and she's in Penang now.keep a look out for them in my Friendster lar..coming soon!!

3) Lang Tengah trip with Mr W.K? Hhhmmm.... should i go or not? (<--i think he paid for me alreadi lar.) darn.

4) Exam tomorrow. argh. Back to the books then.

music : Nelly - And They Say
mood : in the mood for everything else EXCEPT studying.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


yes, my exam is at 9am tomorrow and im supposed to be studying, BUT.

yes, BUT.

of course i got distracted AGAIN.

i finally found out the name of the Simply Red song!!!

it's called 'Sunrise' and i'm so addicted to the song now.

music : Guess-lar....hehehe. Simply Red - Sunrise
mood : kononnya 'exam fever'

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the star of Stacked.

Pamela Anderson has her own friendster account!!

Check it out :

Good luck to all you people sitting for exams tomorrow yah? Bless you...=)

guilt haunts.

yes it does. feeling sort of remorseful (<--u're prolly thinking "why feeling SORT OF remorseful? stupid b#%@h. its either she's feeling sorry or not at all. heheheh.) but anyway, i was really tired( am still am actually). stressed. what else? there's a huge fucking pimple on my right cheek.i hate exams-lar.

anyway please hope that i get the part yah? part of what ar? heheh.take a wild guess. will update on that later IF i get it.( NOT PORN. But i borrowed Joyce's Pornstar tee and the one with 'xiang' or 'heong' on it which is mandarin and cantonese for 'nice-smelling' respectively, and also her green dress + shawl). The green dress can be seen at her friendster account's pix.Just go to my friendster, then look for Joyce's account lar. The FIRST joyce on my list please. Anyway i need it cos Mr W.K's friend is having a wedding dinner on the 7th of May @ Pan Pac in kay elle..(thanks Joyce =) will let u know if i need the 'bondage bag' heheh)

yesterday was Jason's bday BBQ at his house in sunway...ended up cam-whoring in front of the fan ( for the effect, baybeh!!) the pix came out really really nicely, but sorri lar, they are in Ah Ying's camera, and she's prolly in Penang now. Then Andrew stayed over cos he didnt want to go back home...

oh!! Mr W.K and I gave Jason a photoframe ( from Ikea) with Durex inside. damn funny okay. and since Jason was drunk, well, he said lots of funny things..

tralalalalalala. Have a happi week ahead.

OOOoooOOoo!! Someone's OLD...

and i ain't talking about onli myself =P

My dearest brother Rew's to your 20 years of existance and to many many years more.

you're definately worth more than one freakin' Ringgit!!! You're PRICELESS!!!

Image hosted by
damnit, the pix is so small cos' it was taken with my phone.

And to justify your reading my blog, here's a current pix of me in my Friendster :

Image hosted by


and yesterday Mr W.K came over to get his potato salad ( and spoon!) but got more than what he bargained for cos' my mummy interogated him...MUAHAHAHAH... later daddy came home too, so he got it TWICE. Mummy and daddy dearest seems to like him though...that's good news isn't it?

so after exams i will most prolly be going down to Malacca more often now, since his mum wants to see ME. (<---tiao!!) .
Face it ah ling, it's inevitable...

music : Will Young - Light My Fire
mood : i feel like jumping around-lar!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

i never thought i would be facing such a situation in my life.

yeah. kinda depressing, but hopefully some idiot DID mess it up, and i'm okay! =) be optimistic right? cos if i have it, then i have it alreadi...( Btw people, i'm SO NOT PREGNANT, so PLEASE DON't assume that i am hor?)

anyway been meaning to post this up since last week:

the number of times i had fast-food 2 weeks ago :

Monday - Mc D's
Wednesday - Mc D's
Thursday - Burger King
Friday - KFC
Sunday - KFC

and last week :

Tuesday - KFC
Wednesday - Mc D's


Thursday, April 07, 2005

nothing much.

am currently having a super-duper fucking migraine. I can feel my left temple throbbing.

Monday, April 04, 2005

i can't feel my toes.

This is the after effect of standing for a whole day in 3-inch heels. Fucking mistake okay. argh. was working @ shah alam on saturday and sunday..

met some people who looked damn familiar, and we're sure we've met before, but not sure WHEN. the thing is, we seem to have some friends in common, but WHEN and WHERE have we met before? argh. this is such a nagging feeling okay.

anyway bought like 4 nail polishes, 2 lip liners, 3 eye liners(<--from wet n' wild) and 2 lip glosses and something else for Mr W.K on saturday. didnt go shopping today though, didnt do much work either, just catching up with my supervisor whom i haven't seen for nearly a year..

If another guy whom i just met asks me for my phone number i will most prolly go to Lazo Jewellers (<---Cheap mah!!) and get myself a more indiscreet ring so i can tell him that i am MARRIED.

Music : Blackstreet - Booty Call
Mood : can't feel my toes

Friday, April 01, 2005

seeing you everyday..

makes me happi. =)

i'm so touched. Really.

Also the class's trip to Lang Tengah ( the other side of Redang) is scheduled for the 27th-29th April...Grr...

Spent most of today in his office studying and freezing my ass off..(yes. STUDYING.honestly. )

btw, can anyone tell me what happened on this morning Hitz' Morning Crew's show? Why does Hitz fm keep broadcasting an apology? God...o.O

Mood : up to your interpretation
Music: Chingy - One Call Away

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!