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Is the gomen telling us that fair and clean elections are not possible then?

Malaysian police raid SAPP HQ because the signboards had the word 'bersih' and was yellow WTF.

A friend of the boyfriend got stopped by police for driving a yellow Limited Edition Kelisa. (True story)

Police taking particulars of people wearing yellow clothes.

A friend's registration ceremony at the temple postponed to next weekend because of this.

We (friend whose wedding was postponed included) don't blame BERSIH 2.0. We blame the ruling powers that are. A democratic country this is supposed to be, and a democratic country it is NOT.


IF, at all, the elections are fair and clean, wtf are you getting your panties knotted in a bunch for?

For those who walked today (and knew they are most probably going to be arrested), we salute you. It takes a lot of courage. Good on you. The pictures in Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Free Malaysia Today show Malaysians in an act of solidarity fuck, I'm not going to use the 1Malaysia word here and that is really touching.

On the other hand, I digress. Today, the Federal Highway was super empty. I could have gotten down and rolled around and I would have been fine.

March on BERSIH!! (Click here to find out what the bloody fuss is over a word which means 'clean' in Bahasa Malaysia and the colour YELLOW.

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