Sunday, February 27, 2005


I was just flipping through my organizer, writing down some events and stuff when i saw what i had written for the 22nd of March and then i felt so sad.

So i cried.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

freefall into time.

i was just thinking about stuff, and i came to the conclusion that there are so many fakes out there.

the next time someone tells me "you are so lovely" or " i want to take care of you" or "i love you" i'm going to take it that person onli wants to fuckaround with me. Lies, lies , lies. which add up to much damage.

Hartamas Square with Andrew & his other group of friends, went to Dragon Bar for like 5 minutes or so to use their washroom ( hahah! who cares when i can get in for free?!?). there was hardly anyone there though, and even the upper level was closed.

The 10 am appointment was great!! can't wait for end of April to see how things go. I wonder how my 'girls' are faring in the Epson's roadshow? leave it to Jolene ( no, not the one staying in Wangsa Maju) to call me if anything goes wrong. But hey, i got good munny for recommending those girls okay!!

Also called Audrey earlier on. Yay! should be seeing her on the 5th of March. looks like i have another alternative to freezing in the cold.

Suddenly i have a craving for 'char siew pau'. But i drove around the coffeeshops around half an hour ago, and i didnt see any paus in the steamer/warmer. Damn.

Have to finish up the presentation work later at Karen's house.Shite. Am running out of brand names for guy/girl gadgets.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

3 arenas..1 night...

Can't wait for ZOUK OUT!!!

for the uninformed, there will be 3 arenas: Velvet, Ghetto Heaven & the Zouk main arena.

If no one is going to bother booking a room, i won't mind freezing in Genting till the next morning...any ideas on what we could do without booking a room and passing a night there? go to the casino? sit in the canteen for taxi drivers? Go visit Ria apartments? (scrape this idea!!cos the place is haunted lar.)

I need to digress:
i have to say:" pui fuk, pui fuk to you".

on the other hand an sms from someone made my day lar.. seriously. Unexpected sms, but still what the hell, i would never have thought he/she would have messaged me. how interesting.Oh, and i just got an invite to go to RUSH. wth. there's too much work to finish up, and besides, i have an appointment at 10 am tomorrow. sor hai.

Kar yau, choong yau lok kor lei pai ching.

And i do believe that everything has happened for a reason.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


lum lum har, wor toh mng chee chu miah wor teh hor yee toh kum keh si.

Wor yee kah ho kan yew sum thong, pat kor wor lum kor kor sei chai ching tang ching wor.Aih. Ham kar chan.

Har kor lei pai jiau lei toh wor chou 'presentation'. Sei lor.

Wor chung kau pheng, kam mat wor yau fat siew yau choi siong foong.

Lei sei chai, wor thong mai lei leong lien kei, lei chung kam yin thui wor mng ho.

'What comes round goes around, okay?!'

Monday, February 21, 2005

feeling down.

cos' i've been coughing my guts out.

I've been waking up at all hours in the wee hours of the morning, and this is not contributing anything towards making me feel less lethargic.

For this semester, i have a pretty fucked up schedule.Really. 2 out of the 5 days of college involve8 hours, yes, EIGHT bloody hours of lessons. This means i finish at 6 (or was it 6 something?) on wednesdays and at 7 on thursday. Damnit!

On another note, i don't think i'll be going to Bali. Oh, nevermind. Now i can go shopping. I've been eyeing a small lil tote from Nine West.( the bag is pink!!). And i should really go about getting my makeup soon.


And i just keep coughing and coughing.

mood = sick.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

yeah yeah

act all different, secretive, okay whatever, it's your life, you call the shots.

Just remember that i want to slap you so hard you bleed and when u do, your blood obscures your vision, blinding you to all of lust's ways.

okay, to summarize that,


N.B: No need to worry that this post applies to you, dear readers. I doubt the person will ever read this.

Mood : in slapping mode

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Many many people.

yup, all lining up to park their cars for the MAS travel fair. Wonder how Ah Ying spotted her parents in the mass of cars from the train!? Hot damn, she has eagle sharp eyes. *shudders*

I'm so frickin' pissed actually.

Is RM573 ( inclusive of airport taxes, airfare to and fro, accomodation, breakfast, tours, airport transfers) for 4 days n 3 nights @ a 3-star hotel.

kinda cheap rite?

Gggrrr...i dun care, i think im going back early tomorrow to book tickets for this trip.

Friday, February 18, 2005

this was taken

from Zuzka's journal . It's the lyrics to a song that her friend wrote for Zuzka while thinking of Zuzka and her late boyfriend.

Where have you gone
I can't see you anymore
Your laugh is just a memory
Linked with a time when things were ok

And I think that they lied
When they said it gets better with time
Because all I can do
Is sit and think of you

Oh how it hurts
Oh how I cry
Oh how I live the lie
By getting out of bed everyday

I can feel you leaving me
and I'm trying to hold on
By keeping you firmly in my thoughts
where have you gone?

And I don't want to let you down by forgetting
It's so hard to let you go
The fact that you're not with me everyday
Breaks my heart again and again and again and again and again

Oh how it hurts
Oh how I cry
Oh how I live the lie
By getting out of bed everyday

-Aoife McElwain-

Damnit, it's so heart-jerking.

the classic malaysian

is 'Key-poh'.

Guess what Ah Ying, Jason and I did today? we went to the Curve to go see the shop where the woman was murdered. We couldnt go near there though, since there were a whole bunch of policemen and security guards there. The shop next to that shop was closed too.

Tried Winter Warmer's waffles with ice-cream and the coffee mousse cake, then i 'tah-pau-ed' a slice of lavender cheesecake, then onwards to the Norweigian bakery behind TGIF where i bought a loaf of brown bread.

Forgot to mention that earlier on in the day i went back to SMKTTDI ( oh, sekolah ku yang ass!!) to get my 1119 cert, and i noticed that many ppl have not bothered to come back and get their certs. The whole school concept has not changed ; i think it is recess thruout the day....same as when we were back in school..

then went to Atria cos i thought that there would be a Bobbi Brown counter at the Parkson there, but there are no longer any cosmetic counters anymore.

so i found myself in PetsAngel and got Candy a squeaky ball ( she loves toys which squeak!!!)
Bloody hell, it was RM 21.90. It's made of cloth which apparently is used in making kimonos. Gar. Looked for Awana the poodle, and finally had to ask the guy where she was. She actually gave me a shock, cos i thought that it was a toy inside the cat's house/kennel/whatever. Damnit, all those fur can be deceiving.

total damage for today:
Food + drinks(peach tea!!) + cheesecake = RM 16
Bread + coffee= RM 13
Squeaky ball = RM 21.90
Nett total = RM50.90

I'm going to be broke at this rate.

Tomorrow i have to wake up early, the earliest i will have woken up in nearly a month, cos i am leaving for the MAS travel fair at the Mines at 8 am.

oh! oh!! i am also planning to go to ZOUKOUT @ Genting. Anyone else going?!?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

the cam hoe strikes back...

not really. I'll never get to Andrewlius' level.

Last nite's yum cha sessions @ Hartamas Square with the group consisting of ppl whom i have never met before. In that group people with alternative lifestyles...

What the hell, our sexual preferences are our own business. Don't get me wrong yah? I'm on the straight, but bless you, cos' it doesnt matter if you aren't.

Here are my latest photos (just took them just now cos i was in cam whore mode!!) ..

oh, and just now, Candy ran out. Candy = my Labrador Retriever. Everytime it runs out, i have to go bring her back in my car. Just now, passing by the field, i didn't see her anywhere. And the Malay boys on the benches were still calm. when i passed by the 2nd time, i saw some of them standing on the benches and pointing ahead. True enough, Candy ran towards my car when she saw it.

Oh, Candy's cuteness makes up for everything.

In fact, i am going to snap a picture of her.Now.

okay, i took 2 pictures instead :

whatcha looking at, Candy?

I actually wanted to snap some more pictures, but since she follows me around, i couldnt actually get far away enough to snap pictures at different angles, and when i did bend down, she tried to eat the camera, and when that didn't work she decided to jump on me instead.Aih.

Okay, college starts this Monday, yay, its the last semester of my Diploma program(me?).

Have to go get dinner from McD's soon. To think i had McD's chicken burger at 1 something early this morning, and i'll be having it for dinner later. Supersize me, tralallaalala...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

in the beginning,


This marks a new episode/chapter/whateveryoumaycallit in my life.

i've left our ex-journal(, but he lives forever in my heart.

onwards, distant soldiers, for jobs are never complete.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!