Monday, April 30, 2007

At my usual hang out spot again.

So what's new?

Ever since I met the penguinboyfriend I have been forced to converted to hang out at Coffeebean instead of at Starbucks (okay, i hardly ever went to Starbucks in the first place anyway, and all I ever drank there was there Green Tea Frapuccino).

So here I am again. At Coffeebean.jeez, have spent so much money and time here than any other hang out placein fact we are such regular customers that the staff here are prolly wondering why we are so free and do not need to work.

And today as usual we had problems conecting to the Internet. Again. *sigh*


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Credit card search engine.


We live in a world of plastic. The next time you are anywhere near or are in a place that screams "Retail! Spend spend spend!!", check out how the people in the horrendously long queue at the cashier are whipping out their credit cards faster than the words "Sale" and "Discounts" can attract bargain-hungry shopperholics in all shapes and sizes.

To prove my point that we are indeed surrounded by credit cards, let me ask you how many times you have been approached by sales people trying to sell their particular brand of credit card from XXX Bank to you. But despite the overwhelming choices (and the choices are growing even as I speak!), how the heck would you know which one would better suit your lifestyle and your manner of spending and yet give you the best of choices?

Rather than approach a credit card salesperson (and be told that "This card is THE ONE for you! THE ONE!") only to find yourself backed up a corner because they can't and won't take "No" for an answer, go find out for yourself at

Credit Card Applications are available online as well as credit cards with low interest rates and great reward systems (such as frequent flyer miles). There are even cards for people with bad credit ratings that offer ways to rebuild their credit history (second chance to make good with the bank). You can't escape the curse of plastic revolution so you might as well go check it out for yourself.


This is really how the heart breaks.

I don't know what to say or do now. All I know is that I really feel like killing someone tearing my heart out and stomping hard on it and then try to pick up the pieces of whatever is left and stuff the back in to the gaping void in my body. Because this is really how the heart breaks.

And I don't really know what to say anymore, because I'm tired of talking, tired of talking, and tired of talking. And when I do talk, nobody really listens to whatever case I have to plead. I'm tired of all there is because this is really how my heart breaks.

-ah ling-

P.S: This post is kinda emo (okay, really emo) but I don't have the energy nor the mood to be my usual ah ling self.

Am feeling much better now after finishing my ranting. Things will turn out to be better, I hope. Or am I being a little too optimistic? *shrugs* Have to find out for myself, I guess.


CRM Software Evolved.


Customer relationship management software generally tends to be confusing and complex to use. If you ask me, the name 'customer relationship management software' is somewhat intimidating too.If I were not as smart as I am, I probably wouldn't even know what it meant.

However,customer relationship managementsoftware is an essential part of ensuring that your business runs smoothly without facing any grievances from the clients.

With, their software, however, does more of the work as it takes only the best parts of customer relationship management and has integrated them into a seamless application which allows the sales team to focus on bringing in more sales instead of scratching their heads figuring out how to utilize the softwaremanaging a customer relationship management software.

In fact, AIMpromote stands strongly behind their software by insisting that you sign up for a free full-featured 14 day trial to see how they can give your organization that competitive advantage over the next.


Introducing the new pet.

Remember in THIS POST I said that there was a new pet?

Finally, I'm showing you all the pictures!! only two pictures lah.Kecoh.

I was really startled to see a small pair of eyes staring at me. When I looked closer, I saw a BAT.


No, not this guy.

Mr. Bat sleeping

And another of Mr. Bat sleeping. It's unofficial name which I bestowed upon it is 'Mickey'. Please don't ask me why, I wouldn't be able to answer you.

With both its wings extended, the length of 'Mickey' is around 1 foot. And it's only a BABY. The penguinboyfriend's father went bat hunting and apparently they found 'Mickey' clinging to its mother. Imagine how huge the mama bat must have been! *shudders*

The penguinboyfriend's dad did ask me if I'd like to take it home, but I declined. I don't think my parents would take too kindly to the fact that their daughter has a bat for a pet (Hey! It rhymes!).

ah ling

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Friday, April 27, 2007


It is actually the norm to hear of drug addicts having relapses, or to hear that a person has been 'clean' for a long period of time, in fact for even as long as a few years, only then to hear that the person is back to giving in to his/her drug addiction.

What ever happened to the promise of
relapse prevention and eternal cleanliness from the dreaded and terrible arm of drugs? Actually provides a toll-free line for a referral service designed not only to help drug addicts, but also alcoholics, chronic relapse victims and their families seek effective drug rehab treatment of the best at no cost.

International callers who need to seek help (if not for themselves than for a loved one) can reach them at 001*281-377-4290 or by their local number at 001*269-963-2827. Don't forget to tell them that ah ling recommended their services hor.


What a stressful stressful day,

All in the span of 1 hour shite really can happen

It started like this.

The penguinboyfriend and I were supposed to go for 'pan mee' but since the coffeeshop was closed, we headed towards the nearest Celcom outlet to pay our phone bills.Then small fart (brother no.2) called and asked us to pick him up from school.
Okay, no problem there.

The thing was, once there we agreed to send two of small fart's friends back home and it was raining heavily. As in storming.

So off we went, and on the way to the first friend's house, the roads were flooded. Shite okay. After going through the flooded tunnel, the penguinboyfriend's car started revving. The accelerator pedal got stuck, and there was a burning smell. Do you know how freaked out we all were? And it didn't help that someone was saying stuff like "The car is going to explode!"

Whenever the engine was turned on after that the darn car idled at 6,000 rpm! Scary sial!!

*sigh* there was like no freakin' way to drive the car all the way to One Utama (nearest and most trusted mechanic) without killing the car any further so I called AAM (lifesaver!!). To cut a long story short, the car got towed to Eneos, with the penguinboyfriend and I sitting in the front seat, and small fart and his other friend sitting in the car, and the car got fixed, and we had breakfast at 5 something in the evening.

What an ordeal, man. We were all damn stressed out. Apparently water got into the carburator(?) thus all the mad revving action.

Yam back home now with the penguinboyfriend and feeling much better now.

Have a great weekend, and mind the flooded roads! (if not give me a call and i'll give you the tow truck's number. Quite cheap and great service.)

ah ling

P.S: If your name is 'Jun' and you stay in BU 11, I'm never giving you a lift back home again.Ever.

This is how the heart Breaks!


Transcribe voicemails into e-mails.

*Sponsored post*

Don't worry about my previous post where I was cursing like a fishmonger. I've cooled down sufficiently enough to review an independant support site of Vonage. Was just reading about the innovative "Vonage Text" service which has just been launched (approximately two days ago). The option of being able to allow consumers the convenience of reading their voicemails (!!!) at anytime and anywhere as Vonage Text automatically transcribes voicemails to text so that they can be read right from e-mail. Wow. Imagine having someone moan into your voicemail. This service should be fun. If you're very 'tulan' (pissed off) with a particular someone and the person leaves you a voicemail, you wouldn't even have to hear the person's voice in case it pisses you off any further. Just transcribe it using this service and read it. Heh.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fuck you.

Yam damn fucking pissed off right now, and I have every right to be. Don't blame me for
things which I didn't do.

Fuck okay. This always happens.

As what I said in my previous post....

...I really am in Coffeebean, and the connection to Airzed today is..*pulls face*

Shite, it really made me wanna throw my notebook against the slate wall and bang my head repeatedly on the aluminium table. But of course, I didn't, if not I wouldn't be blogging about this right now.

Tetek Leong told us something very funny that day. Right before the penguinboyfriend and I went back to Malacca, we were all talking.PenguinBoyfriend was saying that he wanted to take me to a place in Malacca where they serve good 'roti John' (roti as in bread, but in this context roti as in roti canai, a Malaysian specialty). Jamie and I were saying that in Kay Elle, roti John is easily available and Tetek Leong said that the last time he tried ordering roti John, the waiter asked him this "Siapa John?" (Who is John?).

-___-""" But we found it pretty funny. Heh.

ah ling

P.S: Yam still here at Coffeebean, and FYI, am NOT connected to Airzed. Luckily One Utama's wifi is an open connection so am bumming off it. It was realy sucky just now either, but now it's much better.


Eclipse broadband makes online surfing a breeze.

Eclipse offer broadband for the Home and Business user.
We are looking for a bit of buzz around these areas please include one of the links outlined in the opportunity are included.
No blog post that used no-follow in the opportunity link or nofollow robots meta tag in the page will be accepted for this opportunity.


If I had another option rather than *looks around quickly* Streamyx I would go for it. You should know by now by reading my blog that I always bitch about how bad the connection is most of the time. Why can't we have
Eclipse Internet here or something? With options like leased lines for the
business owner or wireless broadband for the home owner, surfing the Internet should be a pretty good experience (no cursing the connection and banging your head on the wall). Especially for business broadband, in places like Coffeebean (where I am now), the connection is really unstable. *sigh*


Bad dreams.

Had another bad dream yesterday, can you guess that most of my nightmaresbad dreams involve the penguinboyfriend's ex-girlfriend?

God, that bitchgirl disrupting my nice slumber! And to think that I don't even know her and have not even met her!! *mumbles curses*

This time I dreamt that we were at some kind of lecture (some course?) and that we were seated at a rectangular table to take notes.

See diagram below:

ME |


And for some reason or another, the penguinboyfriend and I sat so far apart.

Fine, no problem there.

Suddenly, I looked back to see the ex-girlfriend there =.="""

*super pissed okay*

Seating position after:

ME |

Penguin Ex-GF

After that, the lecture just went downhill for me. I couldn't pay any attention at all. The worse part was that the minute the lecture ended, the penguinboyfriend LEFT with her, totally ignoring me. *lagi tulan*

KNNCCB! double eew tee eff?!?!

No more nightmares involving her anymore please.

ah ling


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

*Sponsored post*

I freakin HATE it when I sign up for something online (communities,contests, blablabla) and get my poor e-mail inbox chock full of spam., promises NO SPAM (how true is that? Read on to find out for yourselves).

For free membership at, members are able to enter online contests via the WhoGetsTM website. There is no need to buy anything, or even complete offers to participate in the hundreds of contests. In fact, if you do not feel like taking part in the contests, there is this option of buying the prizes with the 'Buy It Now' option.


Details of in the press release below:

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 24, 2007 -- Arcavate Corporation, a leader in web 2.0 innovation and fun, announces the beta launch of its newest site, WhoGets combines all the excitement of winning great prizes with the viral interactive power of a voting community.

In a game show format, offers members the chance to win a huge array of prizes in its online contests. They simply enter the contests for the products that interest them. The contestant has the opportunity to tell the community members why they should vote for him. whogets members decide who wins each contest. The contestant with the most votes wins the prize. There are no offers to complete, and whogets will not solicite its members for any other offers. There's no fee for membership or for joining the contests. If a member would rather skip the contest and buy one of the prizes outright, he can take advantage of the Buy It Now feature.

There isn't any other site like We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun
"There isn't any other site like We are excited to see where the community takes it. It should be fun," Russ Snapper said.

WhoGets is just one more way Arcavate delivers on its simple philosophy -- offer friendly, fun, innovative sites that create value for their visitors.


Something which the penguinboyfriend and I have been doing alot lately.

I'm talking about grocery shopping-lah, you perverts XD

So the other day we went to Tesco (actually, we were supposed to go to Tesco just now but there was a meeting).

And almost EVERYTHING was on sale. S.A.L.E.

Look! It's the 'PROMOSI'(promotion) signs! They were everywhere!!!

Lately, the penguinboyfriend and I have been doing something a lot.

Even the ice-cream was on promotion =.=""

I was so happy that there was finally pistachio ice-cream! Surprisingly, for King's brand ice-cream, it's not bad at all.(Jamie introduced me to it) Weird considering that when I was much younger, I absolutely HATED pistachio ice-cream.

Here's a picture of the penguinboyfriend being all shocked that the ice-cream is on sale:

But there's one thing that had absolutely no price tag and I couldn't even get the barcode scanner machine thingy to scan the information because the machine didn't even bother with my antics.

It's myself-lah. I'm not for sale wat...

ah ling

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Event management made easy with


I like event management. The planning that goes into it, the running around, the great feeling that one gets when the event is pulled off smoothly. But if I could rely on a program to help me in the preparations that would be even better (less headache, you see).

With a god sent program like where it assists in special event planning, this will really help to make life a little easier for all the event planners out there.

What more with great
features like creating registration forms effortlessly and also creatively, taking care of the payments of the participants of the event, customizing and personalizing badges or identification tags for the event and even down to generating reports about the data accumulated, it really is a must have for event management companies, and just about any other company who does carry out events.

Oh, and FYI, this event registration software is now also able to intergrate with, so you do not neglect your Customer Relationship Management at the same time.

More details from their press release:

Collaboration aids event professionals in achieving greater success with marketing and event follow-up.

RegOnline, a leading provider of online registration and event management services, has recently completed integration of its services with Salesforce, the award-winning CRM product. This integration addresses the growing needs of the event planning business, as more event professionals capitalize on automation of their processes with computer software.

The integration of CRM tools into registration software will help to improve the efficiency of a process that already boasts impressive numbers. Integration with SalesForce allows users to share leads and customers between services, greatly increasing the efficiency of marketing efforts across events and channels.

Many of RegOnline's clients are already taking advantage of the new integration and with the addition of RegOnline to the AppExchange network, it is expected that SalesForce clients with event management needs will begin looking at online registration software as a complementary system to their lead-generation efforts.


Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" - Couture for a cause.

Would you believe that you can actually get an Anya Hindmarch bag for less than
RM 100? Here's what you have to do to get one. Go to the Anya Hindmarch store in KLCC, tell them you want to book the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" tote (it's on the counter, btw, so you can have a good look at it), write your name and telephone number and the number of bags you want to book! So simple!

And they are only bringing in a limited number into Malaysia (around 2000 pieces?) in July, or so Richard the nice SA working there today told me. I'm pretty sure there's an Anya Hindmarch store in U Parkson One Utama, but since I was unsure if they would take orders there I booked two bags in KLCC already since I dragged the penguin boyfriend's ass there anyway!

What it looks like :

The US edition. But it looks exactly like the one I saw earlier, so probably this will be the one being brought in.

More about it HERE at to find out about the craze surrounding these canvas tote bags.

Quickly! Go go go since the waiting list is being filled up really fast!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Securely Zip your private & confidential data.


Ever wished at some point of your life that you could easily and effortlessly ZIP away all the private and confidential data you have, maybe data pertaining to your financial status, or even files which are of absolute importance because they concern work and if anything happens to them, you are so screwed. Data, which are kept where only you can access to them, when you need them. For me, I would like to keep my e-mail messages and also nude pictures, hahah, I'm JOKING certain information private. But what about medical records? Financial information? Tax records?

At, you are able to keep the above mentioned types of information secure. On top of that, feel safe and secure in the fact that your passwords, bank statements and other information which are stored on your computer can be kept only privy to yourself. With SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP, even e-mails and e-mail attachments are kept confidential. This is essential, especially if you are sharing those messages which contain sensitive information.

To give it a try, visit Securezip to download a free copy of your own software. It's just for a limited time, and it's not a trial copy. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP would be great to use, especially on shared computers. Note to self: must inform penguinboyfriend about this.


ah ling gone wild.

Nothing new about that eh.

Just the other day at Toys R'Us in One Utama, the penguinboyfriend and I were walking past the stuffed toys section when I saw something and backtracked.

I saw Spongebob!! The yellow sponge with boxy pants!! I was so thrilled that I said this out (a bit too loudly) to the penguinboyfriend:

"Ooh! Look! Spongebob! Can I rape him?!?"

If it had just been only the both of us there, it would have been fine, but there was another couple there. The penguinboyfriend just ignored me and walked off =(

Sometimes, he will tell me that he's ignoring me =) But still sad also-lah, being ignored =( But also cannot blame him cos' he only ignores me when I say or do nonsense =)

One picture of me for you to stare at before I go to bed :

ah ling

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Today, I bought garlic.

That pretty much sums up what the penguinboyfriend and I bought at the 'pasar malam' (night market) a while ago in SS2. I nearly got poked in the eye by some lady's umbrella (it was raining), and just for the record, I was wearing a white top. Which brings me back to wonder why the heck it really does rain when I choose to wear white most of the time.

Oh, forgot to mention that I bought mangoes too, but I bet that most of you guys don't really give a flying __(censored: insert the choice of your desired expletives here)___ about what I bought at the 'pasar malam' but hah! suck it in!! XD

ah ling

P.S: coming up soon will be the post about what new creature the penguinboyfriend's father is currently keeping.

Eczema sufferers take notice.

*Sponsored post*

The poor penguinboyfriend suffers tremendously whenever he sweats, since he gets an outbreak of rashes which itch like MAD. Unfortunately, after much consultation with skin specialists, their diagnosis is NOT eczema, or else I'd gladly fork over money for Champori anti-eczema cream to help lessen his suffering. In fact, the 100% all natural herbal therapy contains no steroids and is safe and guaranteed for all ages. Psoriasis sufferers can also use it for their condition.For more information and testimonials,check out There's even a money back guarantee.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Guess where I am.

Hint : I'm in a place where the number of dogs keep changing, as do the dogs themselves.

Okay, i'm actually back in Malacca. The penguinboyfriend is happily watching Heroes, while I'm blogging. Of all the things that the penguinboyfriend's father rears, guess what I saw in a cage this time?

Sorry to keep you in suspense, but you will just have to wait till I get back to Kay Elle, then I can show you the pictures which I took.

Enjoy your weekend (or at least what's left of it hor).

ah ling

P.S. Chicken ball rice is still as cheap as ever!!! *burp*

Saturday, April 21, 2007

PayPerPost's new acquisition.


As I have said before and many times, PayPerPost's concept of blogging to reach a wide scope of audiences for advertisers is something really new and unique. There are also many other activities for us Posties, activities which are beneficial, by the way, and which helps us to improve our blogs and way of blogging.

This opportunity which I am writing about right now is also concerning an announcement which is very interesting and also quite unexpected (for me, anyway). Guess what PayPerPost is up to right now and are going to announce? Well.... *drum roll* apparently next week they will announce that PayPerPost has acquired a new company.

God knows which company, but I figure that as long as it was their decision, it will not be something bad. For all I know, it could be a company producing mattresses! salted fish! mashed potatoes! office furniture! and yet, I still believe that PayPerPost would have entirely good reasons for spending good money (Nobody wastes money on acquiring companies, man).

As a Postie, I would say that I find this move interesting, but I am not too concerned about the impending decision by PayPerPost as long as it does not require us to fight for more opportunities or have the number of suitable opprtunities being decreased. I would really cry then. I am a little bit apprehensive but am looking forward to see which company it is next week when the news is announced. Fellow Posties, look out for it!


sorry for the lack of updates.

this is because yesterday the penguinboyfriend and I went up to Genting again. The thing I can't get over is the fact that even I, a person who can freeze her ass off just by coming out of the shower into a room where the fan is turned on, did not find the place there to be cold anymore. Sure, it was as misty as hell it could be on the way up, but bluff wan, not cold also.

Anyway, I learnt how to play 'tai sai' (big small) at the casino, but the lesson was a bit expensive hor. The penguinboyfriend kept going to the table where it was a particular female croupier (she looks a little younger than me), so I was joking that it was such a good excuse for him to keep looking at her.Haha. By the way, he didn't deny it *Gggggrrr* Okay, maybe he did, after a while though.
(I <3 you darling!)

And that concluded why I didn't update yesterday, cos' by the time we got back and sent Small Fart to tuition and back (went for coffee while waiting) we were dead tired, so we slept early.

Have a nice weekend yah.

ah ling

Drug addiction treatment.

*Sponsored post*

I think it is high time I really really try to cut down on my addiction (figure it out for yourself what it may be, and NO, it is not drugs or alcohol). The causes of drug addiction and/or alcoholism can be read about HERE to understand a little bit more about why it happens to real people; people whom you care about.

There are also many articles on drug rehab, articles which cover addiction treatment programs, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and many more, all the articles which are truly interesting and offer a different perspective on the issue of addiction.

4rehabilitation.comalso offers hotline for those who are serious and truly wish to seek help in curing their addictions. The telephone numbers (not toll-free I think) as given on the website are
1-877-84-SOBER and 1-269-963-2815.

If you do know anyone with drug or alcohol addiction problems, do read through the website or subtly have the person check it out. Do whatever you can before it is too late.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The only thing missing is the old man snoring.

Sorry, in case you can't follow my random trail of thought, I was talking about the topic above in relation to "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring"...blablabla.

It's storming, in fact. What an absolutely fanstastic time to cuddle up in bed with your other half to sleep. Sex is optional. Muahahahaha. Evil ah ling *reaches up and polishes fake halo*

Maybe I should sleep early. Maybe I will. Or maybe I won't. Bah. Decisions. *runs away and hides*

ah ling

North Cyprus properties.


The word 'Mediterranean conjures up images of scenic beauty, rustic charm and also the promise of hidden cultural delights which are yet to be discovered. To indulge fully in this idyllic region of North Cyprus, it would be best to do so by owning a piece of

North Cyprus Property. Before you brush that idea away, it would be best that you are well aware of the properties' exceptional value for money as apartments only cost from £30,000 and even owning a villa with a pool is not beyond reach as they can be bought for less than


The wedding : Part 2 with photos

Remember my post about The Wedding? Or rather Danny & Poonam's wedding?

Well, I finally got all the pictures a week or so ago.(But I'm not showing you all, obviously. Siao ar? Too much photos okay!)

All the next few pictures are really special to me anyway as they were taken by ah ling (that's me! XD) using Ah Drew's Canon 300D. My first time playing with a DSLR, and it really 'poisoned' me. Now I'd just DIE for a DSLR. *coughcoughsponsorsanybody?cough*

The bride's HUGE ASS bouquet of roses on the bridal chamber.

The ballroom

Cake. One of the yummiest cake EVER. And it's all HOMEMADE.So pretty kan?


And more cake

Nice or not? You better say they're nice, or else..I'd...I'd....haiya. If you don't say that they're nice what can I do ar?

And because I'm nice, and you're even nicer for reading my blog, here are a few more pictures. Not taken by me of course, i think the next few were taken by Ah Drew.

Me and the penguinboyfriend's attention being captivated by god-knows-what.

Adam, me, and the penguinboyfriend caught drinking.Heh.

This time only Adam and I. Confirmed it's Ah Drew who took the picture.

The penguinboyfriend and I caught 'chimping'. In case you don't know what's that, it's a term used when a person keeps looking back at the last photo he/she took which is shown on the camera's display screen. (Thanks Jay.)

And one more of the penguinboyfriend and I which you have all seen before.

ah ling

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Review of

*Sponsored post*

As such, without much cash in my bank account, if I were to purchase a house right now I would definitely need to search around for home loans. And this site has darned lot of information regarding houses. With articles ranging from 7 common mistakes to avoid when selling your home to 11 features of our ideal retirement house, I would say that has all the information any house owner or potential house buyer could do with.


Project postponed.

I'm so sad. The upcoming project has been postponed AGAIN.

Bloody hell *throws tantrum cries stamps foot*

And I wanted to travel here and there (all expenses paid summore).

*huge sigh*

But really, on the bright side all I can say now is that things really happen for a reason, eh. Because of this now the penguinboyfriend can really concentrate on his stuff, and not have to juggle work on both sides.

But we were all looking forward to this.


Publish your works with


If you ever wanted to see your name (or chosen name to be) published on the cover of the book, then get going to achieve that by writing a book first of all. Next, you choose your publisher. If you need help along the way, then rest assured that you will be guided by author advocates who definately are serious about writing and publishing and are there to help you achieve your dream of seeing your very own name in print. Not only that, but Author House also offers discounts on colour publishing and also carries out book marketing. On top of that, they have a huge selection of books at their online bookstore where you can find books by
Sadie Smith and many other authors.


I miss my hamsters =(

Actually I miss having hamsters around. Seriously. They're so small, you can just torture them any way you like. You can pull their ears, keep them cupped in your palm, let them run forever (let them run on the back of your hands continuously) and so on.Just joking-lah. I hope I don't end up in hamster hell next time being tortured by them.

Hamster in cage trying to make its Great Escape

It won't succeed.At least I don't think so.

But anyway , here's another picture for you to marvel at all its hamster goodness (I laughed when I typed that, makes it sound as if the hamster contains much nutrition when ingested).

Once again, pictures stolen taken from HERE.

ah ling

Meet that special Person dot com

*Sponsored post*

If I were to part ways with the penguinboyfriend (highly unlikely, but just IF), I would expand my social circle by meeting new people. I found a new place where that could just happen, and it is at - webcams, chat, personals, blogs, forums and more. There are live broadcasts there, and the actors are all real people, so there's no bullsh*t about hiring models to 'lure' people. Maybe I'll try making my own live web show. We'll see.


Random funny facts.

Are they all true?

1)Your nose smells best when you are about 10 years old.
Darn, I missed it!! Now onli you tell me.Haiya.

2)The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer.
Smoking is bad for health, kids.

3)In ancient Egypt, priests plucked every hair from their bodies.
Ouch, I totally feel their pain.

4)Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
Note to self : Must try this!

5)A single individual, Dr. Lieven P. Van Neste, owns over 200,000 domain names!
Is this real? KNN,if he has I'm cursing him to the ground wei.

6)Male and female rats may have sex twenty times a day.
I wanna be a rat!

Enough for now, go impress chicks with these if you wish.

*Disclaimer : I DO NOT guarantee successes, and in the case of any incidents involving force, I can not be held responsible.

New cars = happiness.


Did I mention that mum FINALLY got her new car? The emphasis on the word 'finally' is because even though we 'jumped queue' and were supposed to get it two months ago, only just did the car arrive. It's the new Toyota Camry but unlike the picture in the link (go see for yourself) it's black, or rather Mica Black to be more precise.

It is a real pity that unlike the United States, buying a car is Malaysia is relatively expensive =( and that we are seriously lacking in choices to choose from. I suppose we will never get to see a Pontiac Firebird or even a
Dodge Charger on Malaysian roads for us to oogle at. But you can still check out (and drool over) the thousands of cars and vehicles at
this site for their
Used Car Classifieds which have great eye candy and even greater prices. I'm so jealous of all the choices and the prices they are available at, really.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Phantom of The Opera for me.

People whom I tell that I turned down my mum's offer to go to Singapore just to watch Phantom of the Opera and also go shopping think that I'm crazy.

I'm not-lah. I'm just lazy.

ah ling

People HAVE been calling me crazy AND stupid. Even the penguinboyfriend feels the same way, I think, it's just that he probably won't dare to say anything because he values his life.Heh. *Clever penguin pats head*

I think I must have been crazy to say no to all that shopping either. Too bad.

ah ling is pregnant.

No -lah, bluffed you onli.

But if I were pregnant, do you think I'd look like this?

I think I'd be so depressed wei(if I were pregnant now).

But I'm not. *smirk*

So here's a picture of me looking back at ya:

Oh, and by the way, if you thought that I you can see my mantiespanties and that the penguinboyfriend took a "peek-a-boo" shot of me, well, you're wrong. It's the fraying edges of my skirt. Pervs.

Guess who was in the house?


And more Candy:

I really love this pix. *waiting for the penguinboyfriend to 'float'*

Today I am very happy, cos' today Candy understands the word 'stay'.

For a while, anyway.

After a while, she starts rolling over and pawing me for a tummy rub.

"Sien(bored) already, no one is scratching my stomach also.."

I told the penguinboyfriend that the title of this next picture should be 'Two Bitches on the Floor'.

And to end this photo-heavy (by my standards anyway) entry, here's one of me being random and emo with the piano bench:

Thank you penguinboyfriend for helping me today. *muax*

ah ling

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