Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House, then a car? We work hard to lease stuff from the bank.

Last year with the grace of God (and the boyfriend), we managed to get a house. (Technically it's not ours yet, but the legal loanshark'sbank's)

This year, we have decided to get me a new car!! *throws confetti hamsters and mandarin oranges* Here's where the problem lies:

1. Not really sure which model to get
2. Up the budget by an additional 10k to get my dream sports car?!?
3. Don't wanna pay monthly installments =(
6. NEED MORE ....(you get the idea)

Damnit, it's like we're leasing all the stuff we yearn to own from the bank, and working hard to lease even more stuff from the bank.

Depressing wei.

ah ling

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Turning 18, for the 8th year in a row.

My boss asked me yesterday, 'How old are you tomorrow?'

I answered '18 years old!' and the whole office heard our exchange wtf.

The BB surprised me with my fav chocolate cake (with pretty pink flowers n icing), and a mug with a piece of paper inside wtf. Actually he meant it as a 'treasure hunt' with the piece of paper having my first clue written on it. but I FOUND my present BEFORE i even knew there was going to be a treasure hunt hurhurhur damnit I'm good

Thank you BB. Damnit, you really are romantic enough but your lying is kinda sucky, hahah@ *kisses*

Actually a few days ago he already stressed, and kept stressing that I should not expect any surprise, and I said it was perfectly fine. After all he did get me 4 different Thomas Sabo charm bracelets, each with their own charms, and that should have been enough presents to last me till next birthday.

Snippets of that conversation:

Him: I'm sorry there will be no surprise present or cake. I'm too busy.
Me: It's okay! But there are the perfect partners who fly back overseas from their job, plan and throw a surprise party, give birth to kittens, dress up as a flying ninja and pick their nose all at the same time. You can't even give birth to kittens!
Him: (censored: something about mating with kittens) I can pick my nose!
Me: ....*gives up hope dies*

Me: BB i want a Chanel bag please! I said please!
Him: *pointing to crotch* Please cut it off so I can be a prostitute! (meaning 'I have to whore myself to buy you one')
Me: -____-"

I love you BB, let's enjoy our Vietnam trip!

ah ling


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