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Beach biking in style.


Ever rented a beach cruiser bike to go cycling while on a beach vacation and wished that the bike provided which you just had to use was a lot cooler and in a color you actually liked instead of an old rickety beach bike with only half-functional brakes?

Well, I would actually pawn my right arm and leg to actually own this baby as I wouldn’t mind cruising along the sand on it *hint hint* and the main reason is because it’s pink and sleek (how much more glam do you want me to be?). I’m sure little bro wouldn’t mind getting the REBEL chopper beach cruiser as it certainly fits into his current state of rebellion; to be different in style and also in heart and soul.

Check it out below:

Gosh, I feel really out of date now as I never knew that there are actually so many different types and styles of bikes (from Classic Beach Cruisers to Kids Cruisers. I really feel cheated now after all those years putting up with the mediocre rented beach bikes (think dirty and more often than not, cracked seats, rusty parts, half-deflated tyres and so on) during vacation.

The good thing about the beach bicycles featured on the site is that they are direct from the factory which requires easy assembly, which means that the prices are actually very reasonable, and they do have specials from time to time.

Color wise, the range of 36 colors which you actually get to pick from to decide the combination for your frame, rims, fenders and seat is wide enough even for the fussiest person around. However, I say ‘Let there be more pink!’ but that’s only because pink is my favourite color.


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