Thursday, June 29, 2006

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

I believe that this is so totally true.Enuff' said.


And yeah, I am so touched by the penguin boyfriend.(wait, it just sounds wrong.) No lah, you know what i mean by touched. I mean that even though there is so much shite happening rite now he still wants to get me my Coach bag. But to be honest, i don't really want it from him anymore. I mean, the money should be spent in wiser ways rite? Don't you just wish that branded bags would just fall down from the sky?


Boo. The weekend is almost here. And next week it's makan at Bangkok Jazz with Karine and her bf and our other friends.Can't wait. I.Can't.Wait.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

sachkmeoffhardar. (suck me off harder) / pictures

Drew and I came up with that 'Russianised' version of 'suck me off harder' when we were talking about crap online. So what's new ? *sigh*


Remember my ' Chee Cheong Fun genitalia post ? Here it is :

I swear it happened to be like that and we didn't arrange the thing on purpose!!!


And in reference to my
Jogoya post ,

here are a few pictures i managed to snap before Karen called and my battery died on me.

The interior as seen from where i was sitting:

Random strangers' butts The ice-cream freezer:

The cookie counter :

The coconut (it was a free-flow of Thai coconuts. We saw one man balancing 5 on a plate while carrying another 2 more in his hand).


huge ass oysters!! I must have eaten around 10 of them! Raw!! cooked! baked with cheese!!

(blogger is PMS-ing!!! uploading the pictures was easy just now, now it's a bitch!!)
wanted to take pictures of escargots too, but you know how snails look like eh.Not very photogenic.


Btw, the tv is here. And yesterday the parents went to buy a new sound system to go with it, but the picture was taken before we got the sound system anyway. Oh and dad fixed a portable DVD player to the treadmill and got 'wireless' Astro (don't ask me how it works, i really have no idea), so now i can watch Spongebob Squarepants if i want to when i jog!^_^

Have a good week ahead people..

Friday, June 23, 2006

i lost it.

I lost the penguinboyfriend's phone lar. Shite okay. Had to accompany him to make a police report today, cos the line belongs to the company.
Thank god there was no home-made porn or obscene pictures of me important stuff inside.But damn sad, we dun have the same phone anymore. But anyway, i felt bad. And also as a way of saying thanks to him for paying my obscenely high expensive phone bills and my petrol, i got him a Motorola Razr V3i.

okay, just a short post to let you all know that if you wanna contact the penguin boyfriend, don't call his 019-217**** number anymore. Call the 019-657**** number yah.


'Dumb' and 'Stupid's' bachelor party is tomorrow. Damn.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


SO much happened the last week, and i mean SO So much.


Went to Jogoya in Starhill Gallery for be-earlied Father's Day. Let's just say that even though the buffet is RM88++ (comes up to around Rm 101 per person) it's so freaking worth it. Oysters are DAMN BLOODY HUGE (yes, even bigger than the ones I just had in S. Hotel's buffet the week before) and don't even get me started on the rest of the food! Baked oysters with cheese, dim sum, tempura, indian cuisine, western cuisine, chinese food (you can actually pick whichever whole fish you want, and they will steam it/ cook it for you),prawns, escargot!lots of escargot, soup,teppanyaki, the fried rice(with dragonfruit in it, tastes good wei), and desserts!! the rows of miniature cakes, and puddings, and cookies. The ice-cream was Movenpick ice-cream, well worth the money spent.
their system for ordering food goes like this : every table is allocated 3 clips with your table number on it. If you see a dish you like, you don't have to wait for it, just clip the clip onto the picture provided and they will send the food to you! Lovely!

Pictures coming up soon, but not many pictures though, my phone ran out of strength battery.


This girl Karin(Charin?) has got the nicest crib ever. The minute you walk in, it's like being in a cosy little hotel room. Really really makes you feel like having sex sleeping. *jealous*

I want to stay in a place like this next time.. (Penguins please take note!!^_^)

I really should post about the bounty my parents got me from thailand and the bounty my mum got me from Italy. But lazy lar. Hahaha. see how first.

Boring week coming up, tralalalala. Tralalala.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chee cheong fun genitalia.

this post is supposed to come with pictures, but i'm just too lazy. Besides, im waiting for the penguinboyfriend to help me set my wifi settings on the laptop again. *sigh* what are penguinsboyfriends for eh?( besides pampering me, driving me around, 'eating steamboat'/'eating garlic', mobile ATM....etc.etc)

so yeah. Bear with this post for a while ( or a long, long, long time more. See-lah my mood how first.)

Chee cheong fun genitalia. It's possible, kids. Adios pod people.

*dissapears into a cloud of bougainvillea petals and dog fur*

Thursday, June 08, 2006

He's 15.

The small fart's birthday is today.

Happi Birthday Small Fart! Thankx for watching The Omen before I did . Many Happi Returns!!


Just a short note to say that I got a corset top from Ms. Ho from UK. Nice-leh!! Although I wish i had bigger boobs to fill up the top it is a bit loose for me. But nyehnyeh, it's so pretty!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

gee, i'm not dead yet.

But it seems that my nokia 6280 is.


Haven't been blogging since i left for Malacca. lazy-lah. What hapened during the trip:

reaching Malacca at 11 pm on saturday nite and going clubbing with Jackie n Minn Yi and Kelvin Gan n Rachael n the penguinboyfriend @ Pure Bar at 12 am and trying to get back to Bukit Beruang amidst the flood waters.

feeding Casper the pointer , Rocky (the new boxer dog) and Jack the (not so small)pointer puppy.

Using a broom to smack the mangoes down from the penguinboyfriend's house and having passerbys think i'm trying to STEAL those mangoes =.='''

Buying smoked salmon, mussels and prawns and cooking seafood spaghetti in cream for his family.

went to the optician to get a pair of sunglasses and wanted a Jill Stuart pair with crystal flowers on the side, but decided that pair was too oversized, so am currently undecided on DIOR? Oakleys? Jill Stuart?


my shopping acquired for the last week or so:

2 pairs of skirts from Union Bay
1 pair of shoes from Vincci ( thepenguinboyfriend's mum sponsored for me!!!)
1 dress from Forever21 (the penguinboyfriend boughtit for me!!! actually
it was bribery ; new dress or else i'm not going for CJ and Laura's wedding. Click on the link to see
their website just for their wedding. Laura drives a Honda S2000 back in the States!
1 handbag from Jim Thomson (gift from the parents whom just came back from Thailand)
1 scarf ( gift from parents again)
1 OP top (from Jamie from Singapore!!!!)
XIXILI lingerie (from thepenguin boyfriend also)
more lingerie (from myself, muahahaha)
new dog collar and pliers(from the penguinboyfriend's dad!)


onward to see what the new week will bring. hey ho.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!