Friday, June 29, 2007

Anyone up for

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But of course, I have always believed that if you do not go looking for love, love comes knocking on your door(based on my own personal experiences). But if you are a non-believer of what I just wrote above, or if you wish to dispute my claims, by all means go ahead. Don't expect cupid to just 'tembak'(shoot) wildly with his arrows and that you will be the next lucky one in line for love. Instead, give cupid a break and give your fate a helping hand by trying out

Let me see, for me, my own online relationships never really lasted to really constitute as a 'real relationship'. I mean I never did get around to prolonging the online relationship (but I did chat everyday, I mean, yeah, using the Internet for activities like these is addictive!), but looking back, it would have been really interesting to see how things might have turned out.

Anyway, I digress. Back to what I want to say, if you are not looking for love, then look at FriendFinder as a site for meeting new friends. Not only are there 1,824,275 active members(at the time of me browsing through), but there are also blogs
of members there, so who knows? As corny as it sounds, you may actually find your kindred spirit/soul mate there. You tell me, how much more easier can it get to find a new friend?

I like the fact that there are chat rooms there, which makes life a whole lot easier than finding out someone's email address and then adding that person on an IM service. Go try it out, and if you do find your soul mate there, please remember to thank ah ling and don't forget to give me a reward okay?


Cruel summer...

If the title sounds familiar, that is because it is the name of a song, to be more specific a song sung by Ace Of Base. And I say that this summer is so because it has been FREEZING. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has been FREEZING. If there were no wind it would be fine, but the wind has been horrifically strong. OMFG okay. And I always thought that since it is summer, we would be able to wear what we normally do back in Malaysia. WRONG. I WAS SO FREAKIN' WRONG. Yes, granted it does get sunny (can actually count on the number of fingers on one hand how many sunny days we've got, pfffttt), but it is so cold.

Enough raving and ranting about the weather, here's a very novel way of keeping the streets clean.

Don't worry mum, I litter everywhere anyway.

ah ling

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Get Smorty.

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Bah. I know the title sounds corny and all, but please do continue reading on. Anyway, I did stumble onto something interesting, where you can sell your soulblog and get paid for it. Yes, it is another option for bloggers to get paid for blogging. Advertisers 'hire' bloggers to write opinion posts through Smorty. For me, of course I am all out for it, I mean being paid for something I started many years ago as a hobby? Why not? I never thought I would actually be able to earn cash(in greenbacks too!) for doing what I can do everyday, and at my own leisure too. Hey, if I want to blog I blog, and when I do blog, I get paid to blog. Great incentive man!

I like it because me blog got approved really quickly, and on top of that suitable campaigns are emailed to you, which means that off even if you do not log in, you do not have to fret since you still get a chance to blog for cash.

Bloggers, you guys have nothing to lose. Go check it out for yourselves if you do not believe me.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mixing business with pleasure.


When I say mix business with pleasure, I sure as heck am NOT talking about sleeping with your boss (okay, what you deem as mixing business with pleasure anyway). What I mean is that should you always try to take time off to enjoy yourself even though you're at a hotel for work. People heading for the
Microsoft MGX meeting take heed! Especially since International Plaza Resort & Spa is offering a Microsoft MGX Special Rate of $119 a night(even though it's not expensive, I think you businessmen get to claim travel expenses from the company, right?) It's situated within walking distance to the convention centre (so you don't sweat it out walking to and from the resort) and it is also within walking distance away from restaurants and other attractions. On top of that, should you suddenly feel the urge to bring out the inner child in you, take the complimentary transportation provided to the major theme parks nearby like Universal Studios and Seaworld Orlando. And should you just feel like relaxing and soaking up the sun, you could always opt to lounge beside the waterfall at their lavish lagoon pool and check out hot babes in bikinis sip on cocktails.
If you do go there do take advantage of the free wifi service and use it to come by ah ling's blog and say hi yah?

*The proceeds from this post is going to Habitat for Humanity*


from my collection of random pictures...

let me share them with you.

I <333 this flavour of crisps. I could go on all day eating them, man. The only place i know which sells this flavour back in Malaysia is Marks & Spencers.

This guy was offering free hugs. I really wish I could get a hug now.

an aluminium toilet bowl.They have them in the toilet in Leadmill, but I took this picture in York. =.="""

wild cherries. Yes, we ate them and we're still alive -__-"" . They taste sour though.

A huge-ass tv in the middle of the high street. Along with it came an ice ball sculpture. This picture was taken earlier this month.

And one of my wombat Tommy 1 humpinghugging my beer bottle:

ah ling

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Burn notice.

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You see, sometimes, one of the hardest things to do in the world is to just blend into the crowd, especially if you do not want to be seen or recognized. The next most difficult thing to do is to blend in to the crowd if you are spying on following someone who knows who you are and what you look like.

Gosh, I think I would fail miserably if I were to be forced to spy on someone right now, especially since I have had no prior training to succeed in this trade. However, give me some time and some training beforehand and I think I would be able to come out with various methods and techniques to avoid being detected.

Sure, having and being able to use an "Invisibility cloak" is all fine and dandy, but does it really exist? The answer to that question is an inevitable "NO", unfortunately or else you would get to spy on people bathing, and vice versa, lol. So how would I keep an eye on the person I am supposed to be following all the time, especially since that wouldn't be possible, realistically speaking, since I'm human and I will still need to go to the toilet, get sidetracked by something else, yadayada? Plant a GPS tracking device on the person-loh. Then you would be able to know and monitor his/her movements.

On top of that, I would have to be a master of disguises (which does NOT constitute only the wearing of dark glasses). It would mean that I would always have to have another identity ready on hand at all times, ready to fit into wherever without attracting unwanted attention, which would most definately guarantee the success of my missions.

But of course, to be a top-notch spy and still be able to survive dangerous missions, I would have to be trained in weaponry to fend for myself should the need arise. Yeah, it ain't easy being a spy.

So watch how a real spy survives using his skills and wits in USA Network's Burn Notice. Go check it out and see for yourself.


Hyper + high.

I haven't gotten that high and hyper in a long time. Nor have I drunk vodka in a long time. Not that it's a bad thing, bitches. I'm just deprived *ehem* and also there are certain things I would prefer to forget about (or just wish never happened in the first place). Anyhow, for now I'm sticking with my principle which happens to be "No regrets".

ah ling

p.s: And if you think you can figure out what I'm talking about, well, you're wrong. Since I'm talking about a whole bunch of things in general, and nothing specific.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The mystery of the missing debit cards... longer remains a mystery. The sohai bank sent my cards BACK TO MALAYSIA. WTF would I need my debit cards back in Malaysia for? to go shopping there in pounds issit!!?!

Damn cipet lah. Now have to wait for them to cancel my cards and issue me with new ones. Tiu.

This is me:

a quite tulan ah ling.

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No appropriate title that I can think of right now.

Yup, so I am back from Norwich in one piece as Donny said so. Hahahah. It was fun. And rainy =( , that was pretty much the not so fun factor in the whole of my trip.

I never really got to sit in a Proton Gen 2 in Malaysia (except the few occasions Siew Li's BB sent me to my car in college) and I got to sit in one for 3 days or so. Ironic isn't it?

Anyway, I gotta thank Jay for bringing me around and feeding me well (being a 'sugar daddy', he says =.="") for the few days I was there. They have shopping centres there, btw, not like here.

ah ling

P.S: Summer my freakin' arse. It's been raining non-stop.

P.P.S: I know people are wondering, and some really 'kaypoh' ones have been asking me if anything happened when I was there. Yeah. I got to soak in a bathtub. And NO, there was NO ONE ELSE WITH ME WHEN I DID THAT. Geez. Sopervertedimaginative-lah, you guys. Did I also mention that I went shopping? ^_^

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bet365. Online casino fun.

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I don't know if this post will be approved since I am a Malaysian (but currently staying in Sheffield and this opportunity is only for UK bloggers, but what the heck). To be more precise, even though I am staying here, gambling has always been in my blood. Betting, is nothing out of the ordinary for me. In fact, since going to casinos here gets my hair smelling of stale cigarette smoke, and the casino near my place is so small and cramped, I'd much rather be able to bet in an online casino. (It is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.Yeah.) On top of that, offers a much wider range of interactive games, as well as sports betting on sporting competitions from around the world. No need to limit your gambling fun to just blackjack or poker anymore, just head online and take your pick. They even have a one wallet system where you can manage everything under one account. Convenient.Easy.Fun. Just don't go overboard okay?


Raining. AGAIN.

SHIT F*CK PISS *swears some more*

It has been freaking raining man. What GREAT timing (<--said sarcastically) wei. Just came back from Great Yarmouth and it was raining there as well. *sigh* there goes the photo-taking session.

An on the way back saw some VERY interesting and SUGGESTIVE signs. No pictures, unfortunately, but the names in which order I saw them:

1) Pleasure Beach

2) Steam Museum

3) Blofield


That should explain why I just laughed and laughed. Macam siao char boh (crazy woman) only.

ah ling

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gone travelling, so.....

... greetings from Norwich, Land of Proton. Lol.

ah ling

p.s : Whoever thinks they are going to use this info to blackmail me by telling the penguinboyfriend, well, he knows-lah. More later...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bedding products maketh the room.

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I am currently sleep deprived. In fact, very sleep deprived. When I first got here, I was not sure if I would be able to sleep well, but ever since moving into this room (home for the next 3 months or so to me), I have since been getting good night rests as the bedroom is very cosy. Maybe it's because we got our very own nice blue quilt covers?

But anyhow, there is a huge range of bedding selections at Terry's Fabrics ranging from ready made curtains to cushions and throws. Everything you'll need to beautify your bedroom and make the next person you bring home guest to your bedroom go wide-eyed and green with jealousy.


ah ling kisses a fish.

Yup, it's true.

I was caught in the act of kissing a fish. Not a small one, but relatively big one.

Want to see the picture? Donny took the picture.

Do you really want to see the picture?

Okay-lah, show you all.

ah ling

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dear penguinboyfriend,


I don't know if you'll read this. I'm sorry about what is happening, and I understand that things are not going the way they are supposed to (not talking about our relationship here). I miss you too. A lot. So we've got to get you here ASAP so we can stop missing each other eh?

I love you. Manymany. Forever.


- ling -

P.S : We've got to beat the record. You know what I'm talking about. *muax*

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Celebrity gossip galore.


We love gossip. I do too, of course (don't call me a busybody because I bet you get all hyped up over which celebrity is doing whator whom too okay). Reading about their much envied about lifestyles sometimes gets tedious. Some gossip sites only report so much about a celeb, while others differ in terms of the types of
celeb gossip. So why hop all over the net when you can get all the links and information from one site?

Register for a free account in seconds and you could join in all the fun, since we get to vote and leave comments (try to be nice-lah hor...)! So to get your daily fill of celebrity news, you know where to visit right?


tulan. Damn tulan.

And all you guys closest to me should know why.

How come some people would rather choose ego over starvation??

Fuck man, I am damn fucking pissed off right now (excuse the language, not exactly in the mood for self-censorship right now).

If you see people taking advantage of your other half wouldn't you be too? Too bad I can't say much, after all, I am only ah ling.

Sad kan.

ah ling

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Firefly - Bonnie Bailey

"And fall in love,
Again and again,

Glorious life,
Live in a dream,
Into the light,
Now we are free,
Ride a breeze in the sky"

- Bonnie Bailey: Firefly -

i <3 this song so damn much ; I find it sexy and so soothing. Makes me wanna have sex while listening to this song. Maybe I will.

ah ling

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Sure, it is so easy to covert that new car/truck/SUV your neighbour just bought. But when you feel like buying a bigger and better one, does the mere thought of scraping together the cash to get it give you an instant headache especially when you
think of all the refinancing it is going to take?

At RateGenius, it is so much more easier to refinance whichever vehicle you choose. You get to save money by finding a lender which will provide you with the rate, term and even the amount that fits your lifestyle (so you don't have to scrimp on taking your other half to nice dinners!) by even enjoying up to 60 days till the first payment. Here's more good news : they do not charge for their auto refinance service. With over 36,000 loans(and counting), you can't go wrong.

Time to seriously reconsider getting that sports car, eh?


when you're in a place with nice scenery.... camwhore. Kau kau. To the maximum.

In all these pics we were trying very hard not to laugh. =.="""

Camwhoring is fun!!!! Wheeee!!!

ah ling

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spy gadgets?

*sponsored post*

Gosh darn, when I was much younger I always wanted to be a spy! And I did *Sweat* okay, actually it was something more of being a Private Investigator sort of thing (please, darling friends, don't ask, I want to put it behind me, and NO, I am not talking about spying on my other half either). But anyway, starting from the 28th of June, Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice will show us his skills. Ultimately (and very sad but true), those are skills that I will never possess.

But anyhow, here's a video of me embarrassing myself telling you about how to make a hollow book and why you should sacrifice those textbooks.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

In a bit of a dilema..

To go or not to go?


Got the penguin'sboyfriend's blessing, but still....


ah ling

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clubbing @ Leadmill

Remember that day I wrote that I was supposed to go clubbing?

Well I did.

For the first time ever, I WALKED to a club and back, carrying an UMBRELLA. How damn sad is that?

Beer here is so cheap compared to drinking in clubs back in Malaysia. One bottle of Carlsberg (slightly smaller than normal bottles in Malaysia) was only 60p. Times that by the exchange rate of 6.8 and you get a beer for only RM4.08. WTF?!?!?!

There are even boxes inside the club for you to slot the bottles in after you've finished, but there were bottles EVERYWHERE, kinda like at raves I've been to where instead of knocking into handsome guys, you have to be careful not to kick or trip on bottles and fall flat on your face or on even more bottles.

They played Fredde Le Grande's Put Your Hands Up for Detroit! But it wasn't even the full version -___-" Nice to know that the last time i heard it being spun was in Maison by Joey G on his Twisted Friday's set, and that I heard it again here. Music is THE universal language, baybeh!!


ah ling

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7 Million buckaroos.

*Sponsored post*

To be a pioneer in an industry, and maintain the integrity of the company as well as strengthening and keeping up the company's reputation is not something easily achievable by many, in fact it is a feat well worth of mention. In case you just stumbled on my blog(welcome!!), and are not aware of this, well, is a place where bloggers (like little ole' me!) get paid in different amounts depending on the reviews or advertisements we post on our blogs according to the specified requirements which are stated by the advertisers. See, good money for a fun job and blog ethics are taken into consideration as well.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about actually. This opportunity which I have taken (and this is why I am blogging about it now) is actually part of PayPerPost's Lucky 7s promotion. They managed to raise another USD 7 Million buckaroos. Nice. Wow, that IS a lot of cash. *whistles and then turns green with envy*

They could throw lots of champagne parties complete with girls, girls and more girls. Just kidding, okay? With that amount of money I hope we bloggers get more cool opportunities sponsored by PayPerPost about the sponsors (to thank them). And also why not sponsor some trips as prizes?
But of course it cannot always be all about us bloggers (yeah right!). So invest in some other companies online, and watch the PayPerPost portfolio grow. Yeah. Sounds good eh?

Ultimately it is completely up to them, but here's a huge shoutout to Ted & gang from ah ling; Congratulations guys!!!

Here's the press release in case you want to find out more in detail about this:

The PayPerPost Revolution Accelerates, Sponsored
Blogging Marketplace Secures $7 Million Series B

Draper Fisher Jurvetson leads round and joins Board of Directors

ORLANDO, FL – (June 12, 2007) – PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers and other consumer content creators, today announced it has completed a $7 million second round investment led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, an investor in the company's Series A and one of the world’s leading high-technology venture capital firms. The financing brings the total amount of capital raised by PayPerPost to over $10 million, giving the company considerable resources for further development as the industry’s leading Consumer Generated Advertising marketplace. Additional participants in the round include existing investors Inflexion Partners and Village Ventures as well as new investor DFJ Gotham. With this investment, DFJ Managing Director Josh Stein also joins PayPerPost’s Board of Directors.

“PayPerPost created this exciting new advertising space and has established itself as the industry leader,” said Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. “Although we’ve only used a portion of our first round capital, this added support from investors unlocks significant growth potential. Our content creator and advertiser ROI metrics clearly demonstrate the upside for PayPerPost’s model. We intend to use this capital to build the infrastructure, visibility and professional expertise necessary to reach and retain a greater network of advertisers and content creators than ever before.”

Since its founding in June of 2006, PayPerPost has signed more than 6,500 advertisers to its groundbreaking service, which has enabled Consumer Content Creators to be compensated for their efforts discussing specific companies, products or services via blogs, videos or other media. The content creators are required to disclose relationships with advertisers on their blog, providing transparency for the end reader. Over 125,000 Internet postings, most in the form of blogs, have already earned money for their creators through PayPerPost’s innovative marketplace. PayPerPost recently released PayPerPost Direct, a disruptive new service that allows advertisers to contract and negotiate directly with individual bloggers they identify through a safe, managed system.

“PayPerPost has laid a strong foundation for the future,” noted Tim Draper, founder and managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. “It continues to attract a critical mass of participants from both the advertising and blogging communities. Analogous to Overture’s sponsored search model, we believe PayPerPost’s business model holds disruptive potential and will enable the company to thrive in the evolving paid-content arena.”

To mark the $7 million dollar funding, PayPerPost has launched a new website detailing the company’s service offering at Bloggers and advertisers can easily sign up at the site and begin leveraging the self service marketplace.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

York,York (Not New York-lah!) Part 2

Continued from HERE.

Inside here:

was a huge ass park and also what was the ruins of what was once a fortress:

When I was taking this picture,

my friends took candid shots of me taking that photo:


Here's an arch, to see exactly how huge it is, we put ah Karen next to it for comparison:

Camwhoring at the ruins:

Bonus! Included in the picture below is a half-naked 'kwai lo'!!!

in the park, there's a river:

where there were.............

more ducks!!!!!!!!!!

but i didn't take pictures of them again-lah. Bore you guys to death with my duck fetish only.

see the ferris wheel?

picture of the river from the bridge:

before leaving the park i saw shadows which i thought were quite pretty, but just as i snapped the picture below, it got a bit cloudy =.=""""

so you can't really see the cross-shaped shadows. *grrrr*

Look! Holly berries!!

We all "syiok sendiri" only. bah.

Luckily the weather was alot better on that day compared to these few days (it's been pouring non-stop).
If not this people would already get soaked.

The great wall of York. Scary for me to walk on, because most parts of the wall do not, yes, do NOT have grills at the side, which made things even worse for me since I'm damn terrified of heights. Luckily my friends understood and made me walk inside.

So scared I could have pissed in my pants okay.

view while walking on the great wall of York:

And I turned behind to get this picture:

Finally! Huge-ass ferris wheel!!

Okay, that's about it. Visited the National Railway Museum but didn't get any pictures inside because trains don't really interest me.

So here's a picture of a squashed squirrel.

ah ling

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!