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For soap opera fans.

*Advertisement time*

I remember a few years ago everyone was all hyped up about The Bold and the beautiful. And in case you have been in hiding or hibernation and do not know what it is about, it is a Soap Opera. Since the show was usually in the afternoon and I had tuition then(yes, I did study okay), I could only rely on either my maid to tell me what happened, or know nothing about it at all.

I wish www.soaps.com had been ready back then, as it would have made a whole lot of people's lives more 'complete'. For really impatient people like me who don't mind knowing beforehand what happens, there is a Spoiler site. There is also a list of the complete Soap Opera listings on abc, NBS and CBS (doesnt' really apply to us though, but you can check out your astro guide).

Overall I feel that soap opera fans should try out the site as it would be of use and be very informative to them as daily, there are updates (so it doesn't matter if you missed a show or two), latest news and news room.


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