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...all I want to do is just scream non-stop till either my lungs or my ear-drums burst.


I'm quite tu-lan (pissed off), but what can i do about it?

*Sigh again*


Good news.I got the black shoes today. Was walking around with the penguin boyfriend in One Utama (where else-lah) and upon walking into a shop he pointed out the shoe before i even got a chance to open my mouth. Yes, so after he vetoed tens of dozens of pairs of black shoes with descriptions like "it doesn't match your dress" , "too old" , "too ugly" , "too casual" to just giving me the 20-cent look or just shuddering, I finally got the shoes!!! *ting ting ting clashing cymbals banging on drums throws confetti and also bra*

Went a bit over-the-budget given but I don't care!! I like!! And I made the penguin boyfriend keep them in his car so I don't give in to the temptation to wear them before this weekend.


Have a good week ahead, people. And if i'm feeling a bit down it's because there has been too much bad news lately, and it's not even past the 15 first days of the new year. so much for 'Happy' in the new year eh?

-ah ling-

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