Saturday, May 27, 2006

yippee kai yay!

I'm going back to Malacca, I'm going back to Malacca!!!

HURRAH!! *throws confetti and bra*


I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kitty cats are patriotic/ Joyce is legal.

They can fulfil their patriotic duty of re-populating their species whenever and wherever they want to. DAMN!! (<--I'm sooooo JEALOUS!!!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joyce!! You're officially LEGAL!! *HWUGS*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The penguin'sboyfriend's perangai sudah berubah/ my new look

Did I mention that the penguin's boyfriend's 'perangai' sudah berubah? No, he is not becoming any less loving (maybe not as many loving SMS-es as before and phonecalls, but housecalls banyak-lah) or becoming abusive. He is......

*drum roll please*

...becoming like me!! *WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! evil laugh cough cough laugh hacking cough*

Sorri-ar, i'm still having my flu.

SO this is what I got him to do. I got him to pretend to be a tortoise:


and in case you still wanna see what my new hair looks like :

My long hair is GONE!!! And the stylist really layered my hair this time...Does it look okay?

Monday, May 22, 2006

yada yada.

Saw 'my' Dude Team carrying the bags of ice in the Spirit of KL Race? Pity that they didn't get 1st place or else they would have taken me out for dinner ^_^ it's just too bad.....yeah, damnit, months and months of preparations crammed into a (slightly less than) one hour TV show. And next will be the Spirit of Malacca. And then Spirit of Penang And then Spirit of ....................(fill in blank as you please).......*sweats*

Anyway, waiting for the penguin boyfriend to finish his 'watering-cum-cooling' session (also known as bathing) in my bathroom so we can watch 'xiao hai pu pen' or 'I not stupid too'.

We met his cousin Sara(h)? today for the first time. Yay, expanding my social circle of 'kwai loh' friends. hahah, i can hear him sneezing which means he should be out soon, so i better finish this post now. Have a great week ahead.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

makes me fat/my toenails look tempting.

Incessant(and ridiculous) cravings for Indomee goreng at times like this make me fat.

Suddenly i have this urge to just chew on my big left toenail. Eeeeeww.

P.S : a B.B.Q at 7 am on a Saturday morning using a comp's CPU casing as the grill? Why not? *big grin* Count me in, ah ying. I'll make sure the penguin boyfriend has a nice lil' brown paper bag to wear on his head. *evil evil laugh*

P.P.S : I got a free loaf of bread that day. hehehe. Kay, enuff of randomnism for the morning.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I see what you're saying but I cannot understand your stand.

Please ignore the topic of today's post. I am just being contemplative. (And NO, i do not happen to be talking about my relationship with the penguin boyfriend.)
I love you, darlingpenguinboyfriend.


Topic aside, i went shopping again yesterday(it's alreadi 12 something am mar). So on Monday i bought 1 pair of shoes and yesterday i bought another 4 pairs of shoes and one handbag.

But yeah, i am nice (don't puke!), so out of the 5 pairs of shoes 2 are for me, 1 pair for the mother, and 2 pairs for future M.I.L. Handbag is for Jamie, because i can't bear to give up my small little Dorothy Perkin bag. (OI Sis, your new PINK bag costs more than the DP bag okay!!)

Shop Shop Shop. Damn, the alreadi depleted bank account is rapidly diminishing.


Just finished Brokeback Mountain. Damnit, gay porno with a storyline. Nah, just kidding. Dunno why, but i really felt for the sheep. Especially the ones which got dragged along. Overall it was okay-lah, had to watch the whole movie alone, cos tried watching it with the penguin boyfriend earlier, and when it just started he was already yawning.

P.S : Just went for a Balinese massage on Monday and throughly enjoyed it. Guess the only time the penguin boyfriend has no qualms about me being half-naked with strangers is when I go for my massages huh. And maybe around doctors too. Yeah, doctors. *contemplative* That didn't sound politically correct. Bah.

Monday, May 15, 2006

life is life and people will be people.

Donny's blog post made me cry. I guess we never really treasure people until they're gone.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

new links!!

Just did something I should have done a long while ago..

(And i don't mean that i PRAYED!!)


TWO new links.




Lovely. Don't take ah ling's word(s) at face value.Click and check them out for yourselves.

the penguin boyfriend says he's "harvesting". =.=''''

yeah, apparently he's helping my future father-in-law on the farm, and they're meant to be "harvesting". I wish i knew what needs to be harvested, but im guessing it's most prolly the kelapa sawit (oil palm fruit).

I CUT MY HAIR!!! *applause please * *standing ovations welcome too* *throws confetti blows own trumpet clashes cymbals *

And if i want to headbang now i can get my fringe in my eyes thus giving me the punk chick look heheheh . All the more reason to headbang.(I just realised: there is no need for me to wear shades when clubbing anymore, my hair can hide my eyes just as well, heheh.)

And i really need to bitch. Those of you thinking of getting the nokia 6280, please DON'T. Really, it's not the 'green-eyed' monster in me ( jealousy-lah, in case you didn't get what i meant) , but if you're unlucky (like me) the phone's software would most prolly be effed up. If you already have that phone and are facing the same problem like me, then god bless you. But if you have that phone and it's working fine, please let me know so i can 'switch' phones with you hor. I'll even throw in a free dinner!!!!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pussies caught in compromising positions.

Because I am ah ling, and this is my blog, I shall now proceed to focus on the aforementioned topic.

This pussy was caught unaware:
(it was only a metre away from me)

Pussy goes back to foraging for food.

Next pussy(was caught in 'action' at the canteen of UTAR in Setapak). Actually half its body was in the tub, but at that very moment my phone 'hanged'):


Also found beneath the noticeboards there:

Anybody wanna join the Basket Club?


- Ipoh during the weekend was PACKED!! So many out of state cars. Having meals was a total hassle too. SO much food we wanted to eat was SOLD OUT. Bloodi...

- I feel so touched. I am actually missed..especially since it's the penguin's boyfriend's mum who told me this..^_^ *happi happi*

- Have a good week ahead!!

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!