Thursday, June 30, 2005

belated photos ( Lang Tengah trip)..

ah ling the tourist.heh.
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the chalet
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inside our room:
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outside the room:
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appreciate the following group pictures! ( he brought the tripod all the way from Kay Elle.heh.)
haha, belum ready lagi lar..
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one and one makes two...( not three lar. apa fikir?!)

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pole-dancing with Rachael ( Kelvin Gan's gf)

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ah ling on the rocks.Literally.(Geddit?)
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The sea cucumber episode (poor sea cucumber)

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i do it in style...yes lar.=P
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he looks so tortured. ^_^
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feat. Kelvin Gan.
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The unidentified sea creature episode

we initiall thought it was one of those long sea horses which harness itself to the seabed. Kantoi man. It turned out to be a twig.BLoody...

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taken at 6.40am. Yes. 6.40 AM. onli to find that the sunrise was hidden from our view by the mountains.bah.
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Just before leaving :
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macam we tengah tango kan?
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candid shot of me @ the airport :
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Just lovely..Look at that water.
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I love you sweetheart..muaks. ( I was actualy on the phone with my aunt at that time. Could hear her talking as i was taking this pix.tralalala.)
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

insomniac i am.

as the above states, i've been having trouble sleeping for the past 3 days. This is bad, considering that before all this shit happened, i'd be able to sleep effortlessly at any time of the day at all.

So what did Ah Ling do early this morning?

She got Shun and Feez ( thankx yah! ^_^) to help push her car away from the house so that there would be no danger of the 'rents hearing the car engine. Heading down roads as empty as her heart, she headed towards USJ and let herself into her '2nd home' but found the master bed room door bolted.

In the end i had to call him up ( he silenced my calls a few times before answering). i left my 2nd home at 5.30am, but by that time everything was alright. I'm sleepy now though =S


in case u've been isolated or are just not into shopping, well, the MNG sale is now on. So is Nine West ( everything there is 30% off).

My latest purchases :

1) MNG handbag ( blue)
2) Nine West handbag (pink)

so now i am broke again, but what the hell.Yay!


yesterday's job @ Templer Perangsang Golf & country club was a'ight. During the 8 hours of work all I and another girl ( MAS stewardess!! ) did was to drink, eat ( all paid for!), take a ride on the golf buggy and talk to Datuk Datuks.


i don't like going to the Coffee Bean @ One Utama anymore. Unless of course Abby ( Abbie?) or another of Darling's friend is working. Besides them the other staff there look and act as if they are wearing thongs which are too freakin' tight for them and cuts off their blood circulation or they are just PMS-ing ( they are fucking guys wei) or they just have ground coffee beans stuck up their asses.

Ordered Tropical passion tea, and it managed to get ruined. What the...!? Effed up,kan?


going to sleep now..*yawn*

P/S: in lieu of the current hot weather, i will shave hamsters for free!! Anyone interested?? * innocent innocent look*

Sunday, June 19, 2005


experiencing the same euphoria felt when getting high.

wait...i am high.

oooh.Feeling buzzy.

i'll be pissing tea.

yes, pissing tea.

This is what i get for sharing 6 pots of tea and finishing it all with two other people within 2 hours or so.

it was fun though. Teapot teapot!! heheh, teapot cafe lar, located in SS2.

damn paiseh i tell you. Why leh?

We ( Jamie, Jason and I ) ordered THREE tea sets ( one set comprises one pot of tea, 4 small sandwiches , 2 scones and a slice of cake ). y we realised that a family of 5 people two tables away were sharing ONE tea set. Heh.

I think the tea also had something to do with our conversation. Or rather our minds have all been corrupted, therefore every single conversation has sexual connotations. ( Eg : a cat is able to give blowjobs.What the..!?!? )

And you know it is too much when the scones seem to be masquerading as testicles and the upright piece of cake is likened to the erect male member.

But what the heck. We had fun! And isn't that the main point? Teapot! Teapot! Excuse my silliness. Andrew we missed you lar. Why didn't you come back today ? =(

Saturday, June 18, 2005

sweating here.

yes, i am.

fuck, it's damn hot here. (we're staying in a tropical country mah)

went shopping on the very day my shopping ban ended ( tuesday)

Why didn't anyone tell me that all the boardshorts in OP were going for 50% off?!!?!? *WAILS*

anyway managed to get ONE pair, cos it was like the onli design there i felt was worth buying. Got a top from Spade too. ( yes sweetheart, it was black ...again.)
But only cos' it wasn't available in any other colours.

the pictures from Lang Tengah are still not here yet since my pendrive is not with me.


just got back not too long ago from 'paktorlogy' (dating) class with Mr W.K..

anyway what's it with people and their total disregard for others privacy!?!

Fuck it lar.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

of aching thighs and chlorinated water.

Went swimming for the first time in 5? 6? years.. yeah, i guess floating around in the sea doesn't really count as swimming hor..

So anyway, managed a measly 10 laps. Damn, i'd better get my stamina up again.

Followed the rents' to sign the S&P agreement for the new condo in Mont Kiara, the place is going to be so freakin' cool. Oh , if you just HAVE to know the name of the place, well, i think it's Hijauan Kiara? or something like that. Each unit is supposed to have its own private lift lobby.But it's so expensive lar.

So damn tired now. Like 60% of the Bobbi Brown make-up i ordered is here. What a random statement. I want to go shopping. I'm talking nonsense. My shopping ban is supposed to end only on the 14th of June, which should be on Tuesday but i'm definately going on Monday. Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

just a little something..

before i head off to class.

1) here are some of the pictures from the Lang Tengah trip that i had in my camera..there should be more on the way soon yah..

on the way there..somewhere in Terengganu.
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Mr W.K and I woke up at 6.15 to catch the bloody sunrise, which could only be seen from the OTHER SIDE of the island.Heh.

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*Drum roll please*

Guess what?

It's time pictures !!

i look as if i'm touching my boob with the flower. =.='''''
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stoner sial.
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the gun is such a phallic symbol, don't you think? Looks like a part of a certain male anatomy eh?
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Don't mess with the cam hoe.Heh.
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I <3>
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me and my darling brother who was my photographer... *hugs*
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gotta run for class!! ^_^

Sunday, June 05, 2005

so painful lar.

My stomach cramps will be the death of me. KNN chau cincau. Damn pain lar.

Will be at Darling's friend's surprise birthday party later tonight...What i can expect will be served :

1) Booze.
2) Ciggies.
3) Cake.

Yum!! *evil look*

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

the shopping ban has begun.

I'm hoping that by the time it's supposed to be over, the Nine West Sale would have begun. Yeah, I keep passing by, but there's no 'SALE' sign in the window. Damnit. Noticed that my 'baby' is not there anymore, which is a good thing, cos i wouldn't want to see it on discount..

Am currently torn between getting a Coach wristlet and another Nine West bags though..Found another nice wristlet in Aldo ( it's at the new phrase of One Utama) and it's around RM 170+. The Coach one should be around RM 200 + ( I like the Khaki coloured one!!) Why a wristlet? Cos' it's actually more practical to bring to wedding dinners. Heh. Why wedding dinners hor? Actually i can also bring it along while clubbing. And also while shopping.

Nonsense. I just like it. But there should be more wedding dinners for me to attend in the near future. Yeah lar, this is what happens when your partner is 7 years your senior, hence most of his friends getting married. AND since most of the wedding dinners will be in Kay Elle, that's pretty cool cos I get to wear all the black coloured clothes i want!!

Okay, can only decide when the shopping ban is over on the 14th of June. Damn.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!