Monday, February 27, 2006

turntable junky in da house..

bad bad headache on. But somehow i'm addicted to Yoji Biomehanika's Turntable Junky. Giving myself more headache onli lar. But I so feel like clubbing suddenly. Really miss the days of clubbing with Jackie n gang. Everyone really danced pure nonsense on the dancefloor. Even more so with Ah Drew along. *sighs*

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wombat's day out.

I took the wombat out today.took it to the meeting @ The Star. All the way in the car to Carnaval in Damansara Jaya later for dinner(left it in the car, cos i was afraid i'd leave it behind, and if i were to do that i would cry) and took it down with me to Coffeebean in OU. Yeah. I even made the cashier say 'hi' to Tommy 1. I even got the Outlet Manager to say hi to it okay. The penguin boyfriend was so embaressed, he actually blushed. All together now.. "AWWwwwwwwww...."


My first week of work is going okay, i guess. Not too bad. Some ppl there are really 'siao-siao' also, so i'm kept entertained. =) Will be going to Cherating on the 15th-18th March to help out as a senior BRAT. Yeah. And Tiesto will be spinning on the 18th @ Sepang. Still deciding whether to go or not. RM 65 presale. Hmm...Anyone else planning to go? Let me know kay?


Also as promised : photos of my V.O.W (Very Own Wombat) named Tommy 1.

See his 'momo' sticking out of the slit in the can)

Tommy 1

Tommy 1

Tommy 1


Thanks Ying, for the blue top. *hugs*

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just feeling sad now. Don't mind me.Have a great weekend people.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Yes. I am his too.

Hickeys. Read this post here and you'll know what I mean.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

i've got my V.O.W.


the penguin boyfriend got me my Very Own Wombat(V.O.W)!!! *claps hands in glee big-ass grin throws confetti trumpets sounding in background* And it's even smaller than Jamie's Timmy 1 & Timmy 2!!! It came in a tin!! damn cute sial!! it's momo was sticking out of the tin.woo-hoo!!woo-hoo!! pictures when i have time to take 'em. (He says it is my birthday, Valentines day, anniversary and Christmas gift =.=""""""""""""""""""""")
Nownow. Even though i have my Very Own Wombat (V.O.W), my quest to kidnap Timmy 1 / Timmy 2 / Timmy 1 & Timmy 2 is still on! All so i can complete my V.O.W family!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *insert evil laugh here* Too bad they're all stuffed so they can't mate and reproduce!


Luckily there's no classes on at college, else i might just end up getting bird flu. Niki Bo Bunny! Your house is under quarantine!! Luckily you are a bunny and not a chicken/duck/sparrow/crow/bird. Or else you would be handed down a 'death sentence'. Sad wei.


Dear Sal, if you are reading this please let me know where your new blog is, tried mailing you but yet to receive an answer. Thanks..


Yeah hor, anyone wanna buy original GAP singlets? Cos one of my colleagues is selling them @ RM13 each. I bought 3!! Sizes = xs , s, m, l although if you are UK size 8 like me M is fine. 3 colours: black/white/grey. Let me know kay? The cutting is nice...=)


Happi V.O.W day people!! I'm off to dry my hair and sleep. Tomorrow I have to go to some uni in shah alam for R.A.G.E. byebye!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

just a short one.

short what?

short post-lah. Jeez...=.=''''

anyway, yet another new blog for you to visit HERE and it's also on my sidebar. Donny's blog. The best part is that there are always photos accompanying the entries. Yeah. Photos. I like. I like photos. (okay shut up ah ling.)


btw, went back to Summit again and got more stuff. Running out of beads ( and ran out of ideas edi). wanna post up my 'creations' but my camera fugging sucks lar. Wonder how I can 'pau' the penguin boyfriend's camera? Hhmmm...

Joyce and I also went shopping at Summit. Things are so friggin' cheap there u know? Don't know-leh? Now you know.

Let's see, for 1 half-jacket ( the cropped type), 2 bags, and 3 spaghetti straps (same design different colours) my total damage was......................................................................................................................................................................

RM 77.50.

No shite.

Rm 77.50

And I've seen some of the bags there on sale @ Cat's Whiskers. The tops look like they're from Cat's whiskers too. So yeah. Rm 10 per bag and Rm 10 per top. the jacket was rm 27.50(after bargaining). FUCKING CHEAP RITE!!! And i didn't even have to use the penguin boyfriend's VISA card.

no more Mastercard edi lar, he took back the HSBC card and got me the AEON one. hahah!! the card is still a virgin! Keep it that way, he says. And i say no, not fair, the card is still a virgin and i'm not. *innocent look* time to 'rape' the card soon eh? =.='''

Monday, February 20, 2006


whoever said gamers can't be romantic? CLICK HERE

The penguin the boyfriend whoever proposes to me had better put some thought and effort into their actions.Heh.


Today (Feb 19th) marks the 1st year that I've known the penguin the boyfriend.

Have a good week ahead.

Friday, February 17, 2006

i thought i saw..

..someone whom i thought i would never see again.Omg.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My V day the mamak way.

No shite.The penguin boyfriend and I had dinner @ Williams and Esther was helping him out okay. But there was no Timmy in sight.

We didn't celebrate V day but we had the whole weekend to ourselves. Better hor?
(This may sound really unusual, but i really really really have to blog about this because miracles onli happen once in a blue moon. Anyway, the penguin boyfriend made me breakfast!! *tingtingtingting bells ringing birds singing confetti being thrown jackpot!! applause applause standing ovation* Now how often does something like that happen rite?

Our presents to each other? Hmmm.. neither of us received each other's gift yet lar. The gift - exchange should be done by next week.


Talk about time spent in Malacca.

THe puppies were SO DAMN CUTE!! and silly me didnt take any pictures at all. Their eyes are light green. And they're so damn smart. And i even flapped their ears!!
Tracy has a new puppy too, it looks like my Candy.It even acts like Candy.Heh. And i added the words 'toggy woggy' to its name, so its now Niki Toggy Woggy.
Just like how Karen's housemate's bunny is now Niki Bo Bunny. lalalalalala...


Yam looking forward to redeeming my Carnaval Brazillian Buffet voucher soon.yay!!


On Feb 19th I will have known the penguin boyfriend for a whole year. Things happen for a reason. If Jamie , JasonTetek Leong and Karen had not followed me to the MAS fair I would never have known him. So when something bad happens, take things as they are. (hey, lots of shit happened on the 19th Feb last year, so yeah, things seemed pretty bad at that time).Sometimes things happen for the better.

"And everybody's on the table, table, table...."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

give me strength.

God give me strength to continue staying in this house.

Mood - fucking pissed off and getting more pissed off by the days.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

ah ling, ah ling. tsktsktsk.

ah ling 'sau han'(itchy hands) today so she went all the way to Summit USJ and spent like RM40 there where she should have been studying for her finals tomorrow.Tsktsktsk. Now ah ling is going to be distracted again. Aih. *shakes head*

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i'm sleepy.

somehow i still find myself lethargic and fatigued even after all the hours i spend sleeping. Bah. One more paper to go!! Then i won't be seeing most of the classmates of the next 3 months or so. I'll prolly end up forgetting their names again, LOL. I forget their names after 2 weeks of hols, so the odds of it happening after 3 months are like 26469201995281400 to 1.


Dunno if you people have noticed but there's a new link to a blog which i've just added? Check it out HERE .


El penguin boyfriendo is backo. and we are off to Malacca this weekend. His mum kept asking me when i'm coming down okay =.='''''' but it's all cool. I can't wait to see his 3 new puppies!!! And i've got a few names for them...not the usual, conventional names for dogs okay, but they sound cute enough!!!

Time to resume '''''studying'''''. Or at least trying to study. *sigh* luckily i don't have any memory wire and that i ran out of earring hooks if not i wouldn't even think of studying *double sigh*

Sunday, February 05, 2006

ooh.I've been tagged/ Life's simple pleasures

See, when Ah Ling is supposed to be studying she kaypohs blog-hops.

And so i've been tagged by Feez.

Name five of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used.

1) Cuddling with the penguin boyfriend

2) Sex

3) Desserts (chocolate, ice-cream. etc.etc.)

4) Sleeping

5) Being loved.

And i tag you, you, you, you and you.

I am going to give you bad word-of-mouth publicity.

wondering who?

It's not a person. Or anything living. It's about a restaurant wchih is located in Damansara Jaya actually.

Magic Wok restaurant.

We went there for our reunion with ppl like Joyce and Jon and Drew.

Well, we opted for the Silver menu which was like Rm 398++. And it was stated very clearly there that the fish was supposed to be FUCKING STEAMED(of course there was no "fucking" in the menu lar, you get what i mean). Check out the menu :

see the word "Steamed".

and they gave us FRIED fish instead. And not one of the staff came to tell us that the menu was changed. When we demanded to know why the fish was fried and not steamed ( and onli when we demanded to know) did this chinese woman come over and say " oh, the menu was printed wrongly, it's supposed to be fried". Bullshit man. Do i look like i was born yesterday ar cheebye?! summore all the posters and menus hung outside the restaurant stated that the fish is "steamed" and not fried. And the fried fish sucked too. It was so not fresh at all.Tiu.

Conclusion: The Magic Wok's Chinese new year dinner SUCKED.

but i am truly grateful that Joyce bothered to go to all the trouble to organise it though. This entry is just to inform you guys about the Magic Wok's sucky food on that day. And the service wasn't too good either. Our food didnt really follow the menu as it was supposed to be ( eg. prawns came first before the chicken...)

But it's over. Just that i'm not going back there anytime soon.(Or prolly not even at all.)

this just sounds wrong...=.="""

remember a while ago i wrote about headlines or captions which just sound wrong?

well, here are the pictures. Please take all these with an pervertedopen mind and i sincerely apologize if you are in any way affiliated with the person in the picture:

OMG okay!!The tongue-in-cheek caption read "Round and juicy":
(photo and caption taken from the Star)

And no way in this lifetime will i ever qualify for the loan offered:
(Headlines from the Sun)

(lan in cantonese means 'cock/penis/dingalingadingdong/bobobun(according to my dad)/kukuciau)

I showed the parents the pictures and my mum said that she will never qualify for the loan either. =.=""""""""


Bonus pictures of the day:

Jason Tetek Leong stoned @ Jamie's house:

The wombat i never fail to molest whenever i go over to Jamie's house.Damn cute okay!! ( I named him Timmy 1!!Cos there's another stuffed wombat there which i called Timmy 2):

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

everything i will never have.

Damn boh song you know?

I managed to deduce (correctly) that the penguin's boyfriend's ex has big boobs and smaller feet (even though the 3 of us have size 7 feet, damnit).


40 year old virgin not me though. For one, I'm not 40 years old. And I'm not a ....(<--fill in the blanks ppl.)

But that show was stupid. I wonder how the censorship board is going to censor the many parts where the viewer gets to see girls' boobs, all the swear words and others?
Interesting to watch him on his quest to get laid though. Just curious.Is it really that difficult for some ppl to get laid?


HapPi Chinese New Year.

There are a few pictures that i've taken recently of stupid captions or headlines in the newspapers, but i'm in no mood to upload anything yet.


When I grow up, i want to be a hamster.

Hamsters have it easy. Eat, sleep, shit, mate, groom themselves, look cute. Repeat.And repeat ( in no particular order).

No nonsense like hosting open houses and giving angpow.

tsktsktsk. ah ling, ah ling.

Or maybe it's just me, i just ain't in the spirit of chinese new year.It's freakin' hot and humid okay, and i sweat easily.

And I miss the penguin boyfriend too.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!