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What's Beautiful To You?

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Beauty, as with many other things, is something very subjective. To Peter Belisi, he finds that there is more to beauty than measuring it against glitz and glamour, as the most beautiful people he has seen are not models or even red-carpet celebrities, but are people who help make the place we live in better; everyday people who are indeed beautiful just by being a good person, be it a mother, brother or even wife. He finds it ironic that this type of campaign was launched by a fashion company, but stresses that this campaign was launched to see if others agree and see if people would expand their point of view.
The Belisi brand, a name synonymous with luxury and also makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes, has earned a loyal following for high-end quality ties, and recently scarves and handbags!(Surprise, surprise!)
It is no surprise then that the company diversified their product offerings, as Peter Belise believes that then done the right way, a well-heeled wardrobe along with the right accesories present a very elegant and polished picture to the world.
Rest assured that by owning any item from the Belisi brand, you are not merely in possession of a tie, or a scarf.Instead, you are now the proud owner of something truly exquisite, created with the most skilled craftsmanship, as each dramatic detail represents the Belisi brand's unwavering quest to fashion products of true prestige and value.

Doesn't he look stylish?

So, in order to answer as Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?" , just log in to the link provided and by putting your answer there, you could win a $100 Belisi Gift card.


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