Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How was your Valentine's Day?

Received a very interesting present from the partner. Not 'naughty' interesting, just 'interesting' interesting.

He's taking me to Bali again *super excited* and most prolly we can go to the rock bar in Ayana *even more excited* =) Oh, and I got a 3-D pop-up card. Handmade. So creative and lovely! Me likey!! Thank you baby muaxxxxxxxxxx


On another note, should be having a 'tissue box' party a.k.a celebrating the arrival of a new car. No more local, have chosen a brand which has gone global (or rather, Japanese to be more exact).

Test-drove it the other day and with 5 buffaloes in it me included, the pickup was still quite impressive. Then hopped over to the *cough*Proton*cough* showroom as a friend wanted to test drive the Proton Inspira. Wow. You'll never believe it.

They refused to let him test drive it because "Sorry bang,minyak sudah nak habis" (Sorry bro, the petrol is almost finished)*Smacks forehead with palm*

Profound words of wisdom which conveyed the utmost impression that (obviously) that particular salesman couldn't be arsed at all to take the car out and pump petrol so that my mate could try it out. Ok,Proton @ Glenmarie. You can keep your car WTF and shove it up your you-know-where sideways.

Maybe we were being biased because of all our personal experiences with Proton, but if you have a chance, go check the car out. Our grouses are that the passengers at the back does not have enough leg-room, the fittings inside the car look so cheapo and the boot is not big enough. But don't take my word for it and don't agree with me, just go to any Proton showroom. Smart guys get the Inspira, smarter guys get the Lancer.

Oh, and girls, when visiting car show rooms in Malaysia please make sure you wear jeans/trousers or at least black undies unless you don't mind flashing others. Found out that the floors of many showrooms are too polished and clean, hence the floor acting as a mirror which gives others a lovely upskirt look WTF.

P.S: Thank you BB for helping me pay half of the car *kisses*

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