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Millionaire dating.


Do you ever feel envious of all those 'tai-tais' who never have to work a day in their life and their only concern is whether or not their outfits matches their shoes, bags, manicure and pedicure? Well, sometimes I do. But how on earth do I actually find millionaires who are still available and in the dating market? I guess if things do not work out with the penguin boyfriend, I could always go to a site for Millionaire Dating. Easy, just create my profile, and voila! I'm all ready to prowl around looking for my next victim boyfriend. But of course, keep in mind that i said that i'll only go for that option if things do not work out. But for all you single people out there, it's worth a shot.


I agree with you. I set up a profile on millionairematch.com because I want to meet a millionaire who can change my life. Life is too short, why don't we spend more time on enjoying it? Heehee

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