Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye, blue baby Coach bag.

I sold it. Seriously. Because I figured that since I hardly ever use it, might as well sell it off. Been kind of charitable this year. Both my Coach sling bags as well as another tote are with the mother now.


Of course I did not accept it lar. Anybody interested? Just name your pricelar, and if it's reasonable i'm willing to let it go. Hurhurhur.


Tank yew manymany Adam for the NY tee & tag!! =)Too bad I can't be at your apartment to usher in the new year...The view is spectacular! Seriously! It's amazing how many people staying in places like Mont'Kiara and around KL would KILL for such an unobstructed view of the Menara KL (KL Towers) and the Petronas Twin Towers besides it.


Packing is a total bitch. So is figuring out the bus timetables for National Express UK.


I don't wanna be grown up and travel the world by myself because I'm scared =/

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One of the effects of the high cost of petrol.

Someone sent this to me thru email.

Yes, petrol is expensive, things are expensive (even the cost of dying can bankrupt people nowadays), the crime rate is steadily increasing. Think about what YOU can do to change the circumstances to make things more transparent so we can see where all the money which will no longer be used to subsidise the cost of petrol for the Rakyat
is going to be spent on.

P.S: Govt advises us to change our lifestyles. I've changed my lifestyle. Now, I'm watching more porn and cursing more than ever.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Got my shirtdress, finally! / Confidence is created and nurtured - Thank you darling!/ unwarranted nuclear explosion

Something like
Michael Kors shirtdress
. Mine is without the belt and the two buttons on the chest though. And of course I had to get it in black (not khaki/brown).

Now, yam trying to look for a nice belt to go with it and shoes and a handbag too of course!


Confidence is created, by the way. Thank you so much darling for teaching me to carry myself better and also for all the pointers along the way.

Last week, I went to a cocktail party held in Ampang by a property developer and thanks to a friend for an invite.

Let's see. Normally under other circumstances, I would absolutely have NOT gone. But hey, I did, in the end.

Someone remarked that my RM 20 something dress was really nice and wondered if I had it tailored.

A lawyer tried remarked on my confidence and tried to hit on me.

So it really is true; it's not really about the brand, it's the way you wear it huh.
But I would prolly have to say that thanks to Marc Jacobs and his ingenuity in designing the Louis Vuitton line, accessories do make one hell of a difference to one's outfit.

I want a Chanel next.


I'm really proud of the way things were handled the past few days when we were down in Malacca. Bloody hell, things were damn 7 havoc man.

Luckily it wasn't me in the situation, else I would have exploded so freaking bad, people checking out Google Earth would have called CNN to report a nuclear explosion somewhere in Ujong Pasir in Malacca.

However, the situation did reinforce my principle that respect just has to be EARNED and not given, regardless how many donkey years older you are than me. Fuck your bad temper and your bid to exert that "I am ALWAYS right because I am".

I see now what horrendous circumstances life has been for pigeon, and I really have to say that suddenly, my life just doesn't seem so bad after all.

Enough ranting. I just want to calm down because I am going to try not to let others anger me just because they are twats.

ah ling

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

They got our horoscope predictions right this time/ updates in my life / I could have died.

Believe it or not, the horoscope prediction in a daily for pigeon and I were quite accurate yesterday.

Pigeon's (Aries) : yadayada something about having a romantic evening. *Check!*

Mine (Capricorn) : yadayada something about a friend who normally doesn't ask for favors would ask me for a favor. *Check!!*

Of course most of the time these predictions are not accurate, and anyway, these are all cheap thrills, wouldn't you agree?


I'm free. The taste of freedom never felt this good. Finally I can wake up as late as I want and not have to panic about not getting to work on time.

It didn't feel good to leave the office, btw.

Everyone was being so nice (but then again, they are nice people), it felt kind of sad to say goodbye. I have to say that some of my ex-colleagues thought I was going off to either:

a) further my studies
b) work in another company
c) get married, wtf -___-

Thank you for all the farewell feasts and hugs. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision, but then again, once it has been made there's really no point in wondering, is there? No regrets in this life, I shall have.


Pigeon has been so patient lately, I almost feel sorry for him because I know I can be a very veryveryveryveryextremely trying person to be with at times. I'm sorry, beebee. Truly I am. Thank you for not running me over with my car and then pissing on me putting up with me, yeah? Please understand that it's not easy for me to pack up and leave and be all adventurous and then be all perky and happy. I was. Before we got together. And then what happened? We got together. Not saying that any of this is your fault, it's just that I feel uber-stressed out relocating to a different continent out there in the big, bad world for the next one year or so. There, I've said (typed) it out. Sure, fun to be leaving your homeland. But no fun being stressed =(

Sometimes we all forget that we are just human.


This is turning out to be a super long-ass blog post, but honestly I have this urge to just type away.

I could have very nearly died the other day. No shit. I'm still alive though, so thank you God for not letting this pureinnocentandcute girl die. The fact that it could have been ME didn't really sink in until much later. It's quite sad that such unfortunate circumstances have to happen before we realize that life is actually short, and it should be treasured.


I think that's all for now. Yam pondering over what to wear to a cocktail party later. Sigh. Should be an interesting event. It better be.

P.S: I've made up my mind about something. I hope the boyfriend will understand what and why I'm doing this and that he will find happiness in my decision. *sigh* Do I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A message to Dear...


Here are my thoughts and message I wanted to say about you leaving for U.K.

Hope you love it as much making and composing it for you.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Letters to the boyfriend - Get well soon, beebee.

Dear Bee,

Get well soon.

I love you okay.

"...for without you, nothing holds any meaning."

your other half

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Advertising helps companies compete more effectively.

Read the title of this post. Is it not accurate? I mean hell yeah, there are SOME companies out there who do not advertise through the media, but instead, news of their companies gets spread around through mouth, which also happens to be a really really effective, efficient as well as cheap way of advertising. So there you go, to compete effectively and to differentiate yourself as a GREAT and not just good market player, get people talking about your product(s).

Honestly, it is not as easy as it is made out to be. To get some help, sometimes companies also have to rely on a great Advertising Agency to get news going around.

Year by year the way of getting the message across to consumers are changing with the times. See, now blogs are even use to help companies strengthen their branding efforts. In fact, an advertising agency one should always work with is one which can tailor the right message and the right media mix for their clients' continued successes.

I quickly clicked on Property as I happen to be in this line as well (NO, I am NOT a real estate agent). See, being in the Marketing & Sales team for a developer's company which does not advertise through mainstream media, I do have to agree that it would indeed be more feasible to find out which media will deliver the best results and a healthier bottom line.

Yup, advertising is here to stay, and choosing the right Advertising Agency is very essential!

*This post has been sponsored*


Why does everybody seem to be getting married?

There are websites set up to announce to the whole world about upcoming nuptials. There are websites dedicated to the progress of planning the nuptials. And then there are websites meant to record the events before, during and after the nuptials.


Just joking lar. Hurhurhur.

For those people who happened to feel slighted by whatever they read above, that wasn't ah ling. it was the little green-eyed monster inside ah ling who broke free and captured the keyboard to type the words above. And if you're wondering why ah ling couldn't have just deleted the whole post since she is the owner and moderator of this blog, well, stay out of this.

Do I make you hornydizzy?


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Lake district getaway.

*sponsored post*

I remember staying at a friend's place in Bristol. Since she was out working for the better part of the day for most days, I would normally hang out alone at home, and hang out in one of her house mate's room. See, the guy was studying to be a teacher and one of the subjects he would teach was geography. He came up with an interactive quiz for his students one day, and I took the quiz for fun. Guess what?

I freakin' failed that quiz meant for 13 year olds.

But I digress.
At least I knew about Lake District.

What the quiz (or my friend's house mate) didn't tell me about was that Lake District offers a whole lot of fun things to do and see. Yeah, sure, any smart person should be able to tell from the name 'Lake District' that there are lots of bodies of water there. But what most people probably do not know is that if they are planning for a holiday there, they can also go on a hot air balloon ride! How cool is that? Getting a nice, undisturbed view of the countryside up in the air.

Also golfers need not feel neglected, as there are many picturesque golf courses to tee off from. As corny as it sounds, honestly, England is a land of picturesque places, all the more since I come from a city where concrete and steel are the norm, not the countryside. Anyhow, the rugged beauty of Lake District is indeed a sight to behold, regardless of what activity one indulges in there.

Oh and by the way, if you do intend to make Lake District a 'must-visit' on your travel list, try checking out the Lake District Hotel as the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere there just blends in with the place.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pimp my Apple iTouch.

After sulking over the fact that casings/covers for the Apple iPhone are wayyyyyy cheaper than those available for the iTouch, I still went ahead and bought one for my iTouch.

Why? Simply because:

1) I NEEDED a cover for my iTouch


2) I don't have an iPhone -__-

So I pimped my iTouch. In fact, I got the special 'limited edition' tinted protective film thingy for the screen, so now the screen looks super black.

Yeah. The little joys of life which intrigue us humans and keep us happy.

Oh and by the way, I'll pray and offer a whole roasted pig keep my fingers crossed the boyfriend will take care of it and my PS2 when I leave in approximately a month's time.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Waterworks in my eyes.

Crying never did anyone any good.

All I've got to show are swollen eyes and a tear-stained face.

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!