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Hyped up about HP.

- an advertisement -

Don’t you wish you could get a free new digital camera and photo printer? Wouldn’t it be even better if they were from HP?

Your wish just came true, darlings people.(Even though Christmas is just over.)

HP is giving away not one, but ten new 6 megapixels of fun digital cameras and photo printers. Sounds good? The catch here is that you have to “work” for it. Yes, “work”. Didn’t your mama ever tell you there’s no such thing as a free digital camera and a free photo printer lunch? But don’t start worrying and crying just yet. This “work” is actually fun-lah.

Here’s the deal; all you darlings out there aspiring for one of the HP digital cams and photo printer (can take pictures then print instantly okay! there’s no more need to send your pixs to the shop anymore!) just need to tell Ted why you needwant a new HP digital camera and photo printer just like how Tamale(this chick) did and you could be next.
Apparently Ted likes creative ideas; the crazier your idea the better! Ted will then pick 5 of his favourite video posts and each of the five Posties who created them will win! Darn easy rite?

The rules are that you must not use any copyrighted material (help prevent piracy please!), your video at least 30 seconds in length and that it has to be uploaded to YouTube and posted on your blog.Simple enough?However, if taking this video opportunity, the text opportunity is out of the question, and vice versa. Hey, life has got to be as fair as possible.

I wish I could actually enter this, but I am currently clueless as to how to plead my case of why i want a digital camera and photo printer, BUT I can think of quite a few people who would actually jump at the chance of winning all this cool stuff, so if you’re actually reading this right now I suggest you get cracking ASAP!

Oh and by the way, this post was brought to you by HP.


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!