Sunday, September 26, 2010

I like nice surprises like this / G6 @ Gardens, MidValley

Let's just say when I went to check if my wages had been banked in I got a nice surprise.


Hang out place last night till the early hours of dawn was @ the pub next to G6 club in MidValley. Boyfriend, ah karen and I were there with some other old friends from college.

ah karen and I

The lights' colours keep changing. I like, so pretty!

Photo credits to ah karen and her Blackberry!! *HUGS*

Since it was Ladies Night, ladies who go there get two coupons each for 2 free drinks from their limited menu. The drinks on offering yesterday was Belinni champagne (recommended! Fruity with strong alcohol taste!), Tea Lady (a bit sweet for my liking, but not too bad) and Gimlet (didn't try this, no one ordered this one).
The coupons can only be redeemed between 10pm - 12 am though.

The view from the balcony at G6 is nice, and the landscaping is lovely! Lots of plants and water features everywhere, so romantic.

That's all I want to blog about now, the boyfriend is actually on his way over to watch badminton matches on TV accompany me while I finish up my work. Yes, work work work. I've been working through this whole weekend (WHAT WEEKEND?! KNNCCB), and not spent enough time with him. Furthermore he is going outstation starting tomorrow for a whole week =(((((

Have a good week ahead yah. I will try to find the time to blog about my homemade 'bento box' lunches below RM 5 next.

ah ling

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