Friday, August 31, 2007

3D hand-drawn artists impressions.

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We were talking about what courses we should have pursued our field of study in, and I admitted that I should perhaps have gone into graphic design. The problem is, I had given some earnest thought to it before, but I know that I would not have been able to cope as I am not good in the creativity department. Anyhow, that has long since passed, and since I strongly believe that I should have no regrets (I can't afford to! I spent four years studying business!!), I will say that in the future, should I require the need of such materials, I can always count on others to help me out. Like in today's presentation. Thank god for a friend who helped us out by providing us with our professional looking advertising and promotional materials. But I digress.

The point here is that I am sure many business owners will be more than willing to pay for an individually produced hand-drawn 3D artist's impression of your building like your school, hotel or hospital. Not only is it cool, but it is also functional. Why? This is because a beautifully drawn building benefits your company's image as the artists can and will bring out the best characteristics of the premises.

Imagine if you were thinking of using a normal picture of your future building project in your advertising and promotional materials. Now compare that picture which is nothing out of the ordinary side by side with a 3D 3D artwork and floorplans instead. Of course my eye would be drawn to the artists impression instead, since for me it would be more eye-catching and would have made a much deeper impact on me.

Anyway all artists on the site have been commissioned to conduct a full physical and photographic survey from which a rough is first produced in line with your perspective. Before final completion, a full proof is submitted for the client's approval, either in colour or monochrome. The ownership of the work is then passed to the client for any future uses which means that you do not have to pay to use it again in the future. Thinking of doing something different? Then it is worth checking it out.


Photos of Candy, oh Candy.

I didn't realize that I had these pictures in my thumbdrive since it is not even my thumbdrive, if you get what I mean.

Enjoy. Pictures were taken at the K9 day held at Central Park in front of One Utama a while before I left.

An overly hornyfriendly Candy reaching out to smell the husky.

Talk about fashion show disasters!! This super cute golden retriever was parading a spiderman costume when the trousers fell off!! OMFGWTFBBQ!! So funny okay!!! It got even funnier when the owner started trying to help the dog wear the trousers again but the dog kept walking.

A penguin and a dog.

I look so wtf here.Meh.

As you can tell, I fucking miss my Candy.

Sayang(Love) your pets, kay. They love us unconditionally. Okay, well, maybe only on the conditions that you feed them and play with them. And love them back.

ah ling

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Happi 50th Birthday Malaysia.

I remember back when we were staying in Kepong, my mum would wake us up early in the morning so that we could watch the National Day Parade on television. Yeah What poignant memories. Even though I'm not there now (darn! of all the 'Merdekas' or Independence Days not to be around), well, Happi 50th Birthday Malaysia.

ah ling

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Short term rentals in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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I'm going away on holiday after the exams, but I am yet undecided where else to go. This is because due to the exchange rate, our money is considerably smaller than other currencies, and accommodation overseas is normally expensive. However, I was reading about
short term rentals in Vilnius, Lithuania, and it sounds a lot more attractive than putting up in a hotel there.
Why? Well, for me, firstly I would rather have the option of being able to cook as
and when I like, and I feel that being in an apartment brings about that cosy feeling of a home, rather than being in a hotel. If you are unsure about visiting Vilnius in Lithuania, you can always read up about it in the Frequently Asked Questions section, where you can get information not only about the place, but also about short term rentals. If you are still unsure about what the country looks like, well, there is an extensive photo gallery. Below is just a teensy-weensy bit of what to expect:

One of the beautiful streets in Lithuania:


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Number plate 'yang tidak senonoh'.

Saw this earlier and snapped a picture of it while walking in Norfolk Park to reach the Sheffield Fayre.I don't ever think the government back in Malaysia would EVER EVER approve of having a personalized vehicle number plate like the one below though:


On another hand, took like a few hundred pictures of the event happening today at the park. Had loads of fun watching the 'sadistic history' displays with lots of gunpowder action. There was even a real functioning tank there okay! A few pictures of me soaking up the sun have been put up on my friendster account. Mainly took pictures of the actors and actresses who were dressed up in olden day era costumes. I saw knights wearing REAL CHAINMAIL OKAY. How cool is that? Also there were many dogs there. Molested Played with a black labrador since I miss my Candy so much. The lab's owner described his dog as a 'daft' dog. How come every labrador owner which I talk to over here describe their labs as 'daft'? =.="""" But of course they mean it lovingly. Heh.

The weather was lovely yesterday.

Sorry to leave you with a picture of a kite flying in the sky. It's just that I have yet to sort through all the pictures. Hooray for 2 Gig memory cards!! ^_^

ah ling

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

uVme ; games which pay off.

You can register on the site and view the videos, see how the system works and invite your friends to do the same.
the system is launching in late September / early October , and a large instant bonus when they introduce a business builder. The commission is paid on multiple levels (like MLM's such as Avon or Herbalife)

There will be tournaments where each player pays a small fee and the winner takes all.

*Sponsored post*

How much more creative can creative be? How many sites do you know of which will actually allow you to pay to play skill games by pitting out against real life players, where the winner will get the money and choose to either use it to further play other people or cash out? Well, actually this site's system is actually based on the concept of direct marketing plus social networking. Members can be players and earn cold hard cash by simply playing and winning games against other members OR pay to be a business builder (call it a capital investment) and be paid a commission for every player they introduce. There is also a large instant bonus if.......Okay, I am not going to give away too much. You can always read
Andy Baileys blog (Andy Bailey being the owner of this domain) to learn about this. What I think is great about the site is that there are ample opportunities made ready for users to network. How? Well, a blog platform is provided in the site, as well as a uni-messenger interface which allows members to challenge non-members to a game. Get your move on quick since registration is free till the launch anytime in between early September till early October.


Introducing monkey girl..

Playing around with my new baby, and ah karen was my test subject.Heh. So nice of her hor? Yeah, I think so too...*sayang ah karen*

Anyway, that girl is like a freakin' monkey okay! =.=""

Don't believe me? Don't just take my word for it. Look below:

Lansi hor. This 'cha bor' can pose summore....-__-

And ah Don, since you said that I hardly post any pictures here, here's one for you:

My lovely skull ashtray. Say it's cool. You know it is. Heh xD

ah ling

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RegOnline for easy event planning.

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You see, it is very difficult to get me all excited (actually to motivate me to drag my lazy arse) to attend events unless they are of interest to me or they seem interesting enough. Alright. For example, if there are two words which would seriously interest me, they would be seriously fun (and NOT 'FREE FOOD', thank you very much).

So how does one figure out a way to get the intended audience all hyped up enough to attend a specific event? Simple, just use an event planning tool. In fact, there is even the option now which makes it possible for event planners to create great-looking, attractive websites specially for their events using pre-selected themes.

Talk about great marketing opportunities. I mean I would never have thought about coming out with something like that. And even if I had, I wouldn't have known where to start. As I said, if it were just any boring website, it would not catch my eye, let alone my interest in attending that particular event. I find the transition from the informational page to the 'REGISTER NOW' button pretty smooth. Not only is the transition smooth, it is also great as one does not have to search around looking for the link to click to register. Of course, seeing in in normal print on paper CANNOT compare to seeing the information on an event website like the one below:




...with my new baby has been fun. Yeah! =) And ah Don actually called me up to tell me that he hates me =.=""""" No wonder I smelt something totally green. Seems that it was coming from him. Heheheh..

Anyway running up and down the library's flight of stairs today was SO NOT FUN. This is because I was stupid enough to send my materials from printing down to the other printers when in fact there were so many printers on the floor I was on -___-
Not only that, since I was running up and down most of the time, some mofo stole my pen from my workstation *curses the person to have bad luck for the next 72 generations and also that the person will suffer from a severe case of ingrown pubic hair*

Bah. Anyway yam back home right now, and it is so freakin' hot today! Wth, the weather is sick again. Hopefully it keeps up for the next few days though. Having Mr. Sun around is so much better than it being rainy all the while. Going to Embrace again tomorrow night. Any one wanna tag along?

ah ling

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Mint credit cards.

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Back in Malaysia, the usage of plastic is not as rampant as it is over here. Do you know that even in fast food restaurants here I can use my debit card? But I digress. Credit cards are all the rage here. Seriously. But how does anyone choose? There are a whole lot of options and it is pretty easy to
apply for a credit card. Anyway, I realised that there is a card called the Mint credit card, and it has a low interest rate. Not only that, it has pretty good introductory offers like 0% on purchases and 0% on balance transfers. On top of that, there are a whole host of benefits and features like a free additional card for a friend or partner, online fraud protection and also offers on wine, travel and leisure services. So, if you need to apply for an additional card, Mint is worth checking out.


The reasons why I have to eat grass.


Okay, may be I won't go for the grass yet. ah Karen joked that I should catch em' pigeons and cook/roast/broil/fry them =.=""" But of course I didn't so I bought chicken wings and fries.Meh.

You know, I just did a post about my shoe fetishstory. And well, I added another pair to it earlier on. And also a few accessories to my growing accessory collection as well.

Anyway, here are TWO more reasons why I am going to have to eat grass soon.

REASON NUMBER ONE (as mentioned here on my wordpress blog :

The results of Marc Jacobs + Pan Am's Collaboration effort in WHITE:

I like the tag!! It was purposely made to look like those baggage tags you get when travelling:

Please ignore my fat arms. They are horrible to look at, I know.

And for the second reason:



Hello baby....!!

Nikon D40.

Really really wanted a DSLR, but I couldn't justify paying an extra RM 700++ for the Canon 400D, so I got the Nikon instead. should be good enough for a noob like me, I think.

ah ling

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interracial dating site.

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Have you ever wondered how your average Joe friend managed to snag such a hot bootylicious babe? Or how that Plain Jane managed to date that hunk of a guy? The answer my friend, is that love is truly blind. Seriously. But in case you are going to debate me on that answer above, and ask why you haven't found that perfect/imperfect other half yet, well, don't rush Cupid.

So anyway, I'm plugging a dating site which is unique because it caters for
interracial singles. I think it is a good thing that there are dating sites catered towards people who do not mind dating others with different skin colors of beliefs. You'd be surprised that some people still consider it taboo, but hey *shrugs*, to each their own.

At, joining is free and you can instantly search from thousands of other singles who are there for interracial dating. You can even see who's online, conduct a quick search and even get tips on writing a headline which will help you attract potential suitors. So help Cupid to help yourself all you can..=)


ah ling's shoe fetish story.

When I first packed to come here, I thought that only 3 pairs would be more than sufficient.

Sorry darling readers, you'll have to cran your neck sideways.

One pair for sports/running/walking/running away from perverts and/or serial killers activities, one pair of slippers, one pair of high heels.

And now, less than 3 months later, my shoe fetishstory has extended to this:

See my newest pair of Nikes? *squeal* Sad to say I will most probably have to send some pairs back because I will NOT carry around 9 pairs of footwear with me (9 pairs because I will be wearing one, lol).

ah ling

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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Starcraft. Okay, which teen does not know what starcraft stands for? Hours and hours of gaming, neglecting your partner gaming, and more gaming? And also of 'owning' and kills? Sad to say I only managed to try it ONCE, and maybe because I was a 'noob' (newbie) my arse got 'owned' (lost) really badly.

Anyway here's a link for all you Starcraft fans. Check out where you can read about various strategies on how to win, game information and so on. If you want to find out about the upcoming Starcraft 2. Maybe I should start visiting the site more often eh?


I came, I saw, I bought.

Sorry for neglecting to mention that i went to Liverpool again with Gina (my house mate) to shop. Actually it was super rushed (think Amazing Race!!), with our rushing here and there and waiting for the bus, etc.etc. to rush back so that Gina could catch the bus back and so that I could go to Embrace catch the train.

Let me just say that I have never spent so much money in such a short time of shopping and that my only regret now is that I didn't use my dad's money credit card to buy my Nike shoes.

ah ling

P.S: Thanks for accompanying me to Embrace. You know who you are.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

updated links.

If you were to scroll all the way down the page and look at the links, well, some have been edited, some removed and I added my new blog's link there as well. Okay, suddenly I feel like eating pork mee =(

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HELLO HOT ITALIAN MEN! you can probably tell I will be going to Rome later next month with ah Joyce. Heh.

I can't wait. Hello hot italian men, indeed.

ah ling

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shopping day.

Went shopping again today. Let's see what was my overall haul?

1) Two halters from H&M
2) Skirt from Primark
3) Shoes from Primark
4) Kylie Sunglasses case from H&M (macam ah Joyce's)
5) Bag from Dorothy Perkins
6) Men's Tie

Oh, and two boxes of tiramisu as well...going to Liverpool tomorrow again, then to Embrace AGAIN. My poor feet are gonna hurt so much. Blek.

ah ling

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Booty luv


The slack part is that I will be going to Liverpool on the very same day itself, but I think I should be able to make it cos' my train should reach back Sheffield by 10? OMFG...HOWHOWHOW?!

ah ling

P.S : going to Embrace tonight as well for the Oriental party. See all you sexy people there and don't forget to say hi! =)

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

ah ling has a surprise.

Yes, I do.

When I started this blog, well, not many people knew about its existence. I can safely say that less than 5 people read this blog, and also then,anticipating the numbers on the blogpatrol counter go up was even worse than watching a snail crawl the length of my arm. Suffice to say, the number of readers here has since increased (thank you all you beautiful people!), and because of that, I have had to practice self-censorship due to personal reasons.

So, I would like to say that...

I have started a new blog here. Some of the posts will be made private, some not. But for sure I will still be as random as I will be. Will definitely still be selling my soul blogging here, so don't go away yah? Just check back on my new bloggie to see if I update. Here's to
things to come.

ah ling

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Run, Fat Boy, Run.

*sponsored post*

I remember watching Shaun of the Dead and loving the movie so much, especially with the incorporation of British humour. Well, there is a new movie coming out and it's called Run, Fat Boy Run and it stars the same lead actors as in the former movie. In fact, you can go here to watch thevRun Fat Boy Run teaser starring Simon Pegg, or you can see the embedded video clip of the trailer for the United Kingdom release below. I like his 'exercise routines', especially when he was exercising with his 'dumb bells'. So darned funny! It's got a few hundred thousand views already, so don't be left out! I can't wait to catch it.Yeah.


the Man-bag.

the days are getting shorter....NOOOOOOO..(--> mock horror scream).


I can hear shouts and screams from my housemate's room as if someone is getting raped, murdered and then torn into a thousand tiny pieces because they are watching football. *sweat*

anyway I have yet to decide if I want to go to Liverpool again this weekend. I most probably will. However, should I stay there for a night? Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

Ah Don, if you are reading this, well, just want to tell you that kind-hearted me actually went to buy your man-bag this afternoon even though it was raining. I'm so nice..*runs for life*


ah ling

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

*sponsored post*

As I have said many times before in my blog (and also in real life), I really really dread the hassle and stress of searching for a prospective employer after graduating too bad being a professional bummer is not an option. So with so many thousands of options out there, how do you search for 'THE JOB' of your life?
Well, you could always try out the search engine for jobs in Britain. In fact, makes job hunting a lot easier and less stressful. With the launch of their innovative, easy to use search engine, job seekers now can search for jobs in their specified field. On top of that, this also means that there very targeted job seeker traffic can now be delivered to recruitment agencies as well as corporate HR departments. For more information about the newly-launched innovative search engine, check out the press release below.

Press Release: today announced the launch of their innovative search engine for jobs. Their system allows job-boards, recruitment agencies and corporate HR departments to easily deliver very targeted jobseeker traffic to their websites.

The system requires no administration from the recruiter’s because the jobs are indexed from their current location on the internet, simply makes it possible for jobseekers to find the jobs more quickly and easily.

Recruiters have the option to pay per click or pay per application. In each case they can guarantee that they are only paying for results delivered. This removes the risk element usually associated with recruitment advertising where recruiters have to pay for the advertising whether applications are delivered or not.

Pay per click and pay per application are revolutionising recruitment advertising in the same way that they have revolutionised many other types of online advertising through Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other major online advertising media.’s fanatical account management team will do all of the technical work for the recruiter and absolutely no technical expertise are required to use the system. Comprehensive statistical reports are frequently emailed to the recruiter so that they can easily monitor the success of their campaigns.

Emailed Job alerts and RSS feeds allow Jobseekers to monitor a large number of recruitment websites for all new jobs that match their criteria. This system also offers recruiters an additional advertising opportunity. is a new product by have more than 10 years experience in online recruitment. The group has job boards in UK, Ireland, China, The Middle East, The Caribbean and India.


What a wet summer's day.

You should probably know by now that with the title of the blog post being the one above, that I want to bitch about the weather.

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to blog about today. I just realised that in one of my pen drives, I found a whole lot of old pictures (old being 2 years ago, heh), and so I want to post some of them up.

Guess who this guy is? (for those of you who already know please zip it!=) )

ah ling is a certified cam whore.

ah ling is still a certified cam whore.

Sorry about the lack of x-rated photos, or photos of other humans or things than me. Heh.

ah ling

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clearing 2007.

*sponsored post*

It's freezing outside, and my hands are still a little numb, but that is totally beside the point. The point is, we just walked past campus, and I was wondering how my life would be like if I had applied to study at another university like the University of Bedfordshire.

Anyway, I don't have to wonder anymore. See, I just have to do some Clearing. Are you confused yet? Well, don't be. The University of Bedfordshire - Clearing 2007 event is taking place now from this Thursday (16 August) till the 21st of September. It is a system used by more than 30,000 people to find the most suitable courses for them at university, and at the same time used by those who have already applied for a course but did not achieve the grades required to enter their first or next choice institutions of study.

So, yeah, Clearing 2007 only happens for a short period of time. Unless you want to be faced with regret until Clearing happens again next year, my suggestion is that you better act quickly.


The last time..

..I watched a movie in a cinema overseas was when I was much younger and I watched it in the United States. Forgot what movie it was called edi, all i know is that we wanted to watch Independence Day (Starring Will Smith) but we were too young to be allowed in. Damn. It was a Whoopi Goldberg movie. And basketball players. Something like that.

Fast-forward to more than a decade later shite, that sentence makes me sound old, wtf and yeah, I'm watching a movie tonight. A new experience. Heh. Did I mention
that last night/early morning we ended up at the park, lying on the grass while freezing our asses off looking at the meteor shower? =)

ah ling

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

There's always 2 sides to a story..

just like a person with 2 personalities and also being 25% unpredictable but that's another story.

Where there's good, there's evil too.

Just wanted to post this picture of 'yong tau foo' sauce up. Heh.

And I do not know that point of writing this aimless time-wasting post, but I just felt like updating my darling bloggie, and at the same time try to figure my life out. Sorry for wasting a few minutes of your life reading this.

ah ling

P.S: Liverpool was....erm...Liverpool. Managed to visit 2 football stadiums. *proud of self* Thanks to our kind hosts for putting up with us hosting us and taking us around =)

P.P.S: For those who just attended their convocations, sorry I couldn't make it. Congratulations and happi joining the rat race!

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Girls who nabbed a snatch thief.

Have you read about the gutsy girls who nabbed the snatch thief> who snatched a handphone belonging to one of them. I think those girls kick ass!

Now if only other victims of snatch thefts were able to use stilleto heels to nail the people who had snatched their items to the wall by their balls catch the culprits involve in their case, then the world would be a much better place.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Co-op Travel.

*sponsored post*

It is no wonder that every time I go to the High Street, there will always be loads of people at the various travel agencies there checking out the special deals for travel. But most of the holidays have to be booked in advance in order to enjoy special deals. Why not save the trouble of going out and comparing prices by booking online with Co-op Travel? There's a 5 percent online booking discount, holiday reviews for you to read about as online destination guides. Most importantly, the prices are cheap and the service is great! Gotta make the best of summer while the sun shines..



I will be fine, I think.

But my happiness has been taken away from me.

-ah ling-


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The blog for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

*sponsored post*

You see, it is not easy at all to blog about certain serious issues like entrepreneurship. If you were to ask me to do that, well, I probably could but I would most probably make it so darn boring for you to read that I would be willing to bet ten buckaroos that by the time you read my title you would be already in the land of dreams (and if you don't understand, well, in short, what I mean is that you will probably have fallen asleep before getting to the point of my blog post). But I digress.

At, however, well, shall I just say that I reviewed his site and I find it interesting? The only blah factor about the site which I think should not even be a blah factor is that I find it difficult to remember the spelling of his unique name. But there is always the 'bookmark' option right?

Anyway at his site, he talks about entrepreneurship as well as emphasis on principles such as mentorship, ownership and attitude. In fact, there was an article there about the elevator pitch which I bet many of you have not heard about (if you don't know what it is about, well, it is about getting your business pitch across as quickly and effectively as possible in the same time that it takes and elevator to reach the top floor from the bottom). I have seen it in a video during tutorial class (yes, I do go for class), and if I am not mistaken, you only have about 25 seconds for an average elevator pitch unless you are at the ground floor of a 250 storey high building.

Chris Bloczynski dot Com is not only for business owners. It is in fact targeted towards bloggers as well, but I think that the target market is indeed quite wide because if you look at it, there are many lessons there which can be learnt as well, regardless if you are an ordinary average joe. So go check it out, because he actually has a competition as well.


Monday, August 06, 2007


I don't know what to say.

All I know is that things are worse than they ever were before.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beyonce parody.

Not as hot as Beyonce, but still quite funny. Enjoy..

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My ball-balancing act.

Yeah. Ball-balancing act.

EXCLUSIVELY @ Donny's blog.

ah ling

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North Cyprus properties.

*sponsored post*

I want to go for a holiday!! I want to go for a holiday! Anyone kind enough to be my sugar daddy take me for a nice, relaxing romantic holiday to North Cyprus, a place which is actually referred to the 'last jewel in the Mediterranean'? *ah ling sulks at being ignored*

Fine. Then I will just have to sell my ass for the next 20 years work hard and save up myself to visit there in order to have one heck of a vacation there on my own and hopefully meet some cute, hunky, well-buffed guys there. Hey, with miles and miles of quiet, unsullied beaches as well as the crystal clear blue waters, I can bet you that I will never wish to leave that place. Look at it this way; if it is good enough for the turtles to come nest, then it should be good enough for me. What I mean is that the turtles have been around for ages.

I digress. The point is that I would be willing to kill(<--it is a figure of speech, ladies and gentlemen) as well as willingly give up my left arm and left leg to visit there. If I could own a piece of North Cyprus Property, well, I can say quite happily that I would love to own a piece of heaven on this earth. Not only will I have an easy time communicating with the locals (English is widely spoken) as they are reputed to be quite friendly, but the cost of living in Kyrenia (the most popular location for property development) is probably the lowest in the region.

To find out more about investing there, you may check out for more information about housing ownership campaigns like camp 1, completed properties, land guarantees as well as information about the developer itself (very important!!).


Saturday, August 04, 2007

2 new editions to the 'family'...

My 'family' is growing!!

And with that said lets see what the new additions are...

Here's a clue:

I got this in lilac for the penguinboyfriend's mother last time...

And I also got my summer bag. Finally.

ah ling

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Stressed out finding stocking stuffers.

Holiday seasons are always fun, especially when receiving is involved. However, have you forgotten that most of us GIVE more than receive ever since we grew up? (If you haven't grown up, then please ignore the sentence above, thank you very much.) So stressful, all the more since money is involved right? To be more precise, your money.

There is an effective way to lessen the stress, and it is by using coupons when shopping. This is especially helpful, since I would love to be able to afford the most amazing gifts ever from my parents, like loads of apparel as well as accessories from DKNY, as well as a whole heap of doggie toys from PetsMART for my darling labrador Candy.

In case you have conveniently forgotten about the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, well, start planning now to avoid the stress which typically increases faster than ladies' eyes widen when they see the 'SALE' sign as it would make for memorable gifts.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Pepsi cola

Have you watch commercial ads of pepsi or coca cola? Well, i'm sure you do unless you don't watch tv at all.

*Well, there is always youtube, you can search from there.*

If you notice, in the commercial, you'll see a guy drink a pepsi or coke and it will be a party haven with lots of chicks in bikini or some sexy outfits. Hell, you could get britney spears to seduce or think you are sexy for drinking a pepsi.

So here i am, on my living room, drinking pepsi, where are the babes?

Maybe its because i got my pepsi mixed with ice. Otherwise i'll have girls swarming over me like madness.

The weekend are here guys. Enjoy it ya!

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Top-up / Pictures of the match

..was successful. Control over weak mind NOT to got shopping was unsuccessful =(

Crazy. Madness. Siao.Gila. Weak. Bah.

But you all already knew that right?

Really really wanted to post some pictures up, but because of a really really unexpected crisis, all I want to do now is just cry and curl up to sleep but I can't because I stupidly washed my hair as my mind was somewhere else. Bah.

So I know that I said that I would post a picture of a Malaysian dish which I ate recently, but I am too lazy to search for it right now, so here's a few piccas of the before, after and during the Man U vs. Intermilan pre-season friendly match. Man U lost, btw.

The tickets, muahahaha.


Mascot on the field. Awaiting the moment when we would actually catch a life-changing glimpse of the players.

Here's a short video clip to let you guys know how it felt like to be there before the match. Watch my friend ignore me =(

Watch the players coming out to the field. I think you can hear ah karen and I scream and scream and scream. Gosh, I didn't know we screamed so much. In fact, I didn't know that we actually possessed the capability to scream that much. Girls. Heh.

Also we saw something we NEVER expected to see. Shall I just say that 'it' consisted of something really white and two balls?

All photos and videos courtesy of ah karen.

ah ling

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

online dating tips.

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Looking at the way things are going now in relationships (existent or non-existent, I am not sure) of most of the people here, I would say that we should all start doing something, which is also known as online dating. Okay, maybe not. If you are already in an existing relationship, well, work things out *sigh*, which in theory, is so much easier said than done.

But I digress. If you are looking for a new mate/partner/ *ehem* buddy online and are not sure how to approach the person, well you are in luck. Why? Because there is a site which actually contains Online Dating Tips *throws confetti*

The site is not only all about online dating tips, but it will also guide you through every and all the aspects of dating online, from the general DOs and also the important DON'Ts of online relationships (hey, make or break yah?). On top of that, there are also guides to using the various dating services available online, as well as reviews.

Looking through their dating services guide was an eye-opening decision. From articles with titles like 'Choosing the right dating service' to 'Make a lasting impression', the articles also show ways of ensuring that if your 'popularity' increases if you do join an online dating service. There is also an FAQ section to help you understand online dating better.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The murderer in Flat 13.

Darling people, I am off to watch the match in a while, but before I leave, I would like you all to waste 8 seconds of your life watch this video of a deranged murderer in my flat. Listen to what he says when he is done.

ah ling

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Now Hiring Canada.

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I refuse to join the working world! I refuse to join the rat race!! I dread looking for a job when I am done with studying. But does it make any difference? I have no choice right? *sigh* What if I apply for a job which states that it requires candidates to contribute towards their advertising and promotions, but turns out otherwise? What if my future employers say that I have to deal with certain issues or problems which are outside of my stated job scope? The more I think about the more dread fills me. As a matter of fact, I have to say that I am probably more nervous thinking about this issue than other things like getting married and giving birth.

If only there was something like Now Hiring Canada, an employment service in Canada which came up with the utterly unique approach of putting custom made 'Now Hiring Go To' signs in business owners' windows. So what? Well, the signs direct prospective candidates to their website where the employer's information is published there. This enables the candidate(s) to learn all that they require about the available position.

There are also a lot of categories of jobs which are available on the website as well as a place to post your resume, so that employers seek you out (instead of you finding them). Nice.


I got something cut...

I got my fringe cut!!

wahahahah..I figured that either my fringe or my original hair colour goes. After weighing the pros and cons (cheh! takde pun, tapi mahu lansi sikit), I decided to do the chopchopsnipsnip whatever you may call it either that or get killed by the father-in-law- when I get back.
thanks ah karen for helping me cut my fringe.

and I went shopping again today. I only meant to pop into the Vodaphone outlet to top-up my mobile but I got pulled into the various stores at the High Street. *sigh*
Maybe next time I should do what my house mate suggested i do; just go out with 5 pounds for the top-up and leave the cards at home. Maybe I will do that.

Will be going to watch Manchester United play Intermilan at Old Trafford tomorrow. Even though it's just a friendly match, and I am in no way a fan of the Red Devils, I
have to say that I am utterly excited at the thought of being able to watch a real live football match. I.Can't.Wait.

Also, finally had a Malaysian dish. It was so akin to an orgasm, words fail to describe it. I can only think of one phrase; so worth waiting for. Guess what I ate? My darlings here with me who ate the same thing and who are reading this post please do NOT say what it is. A picture of it in the next non-sponsored post.

ah ling

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A nice bed maketh the ambiance.

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Luckily for us, they provided all us student tenants with lovely bedspreads in blue colour. Along with it came white sheets and a matching blue pillowcase. Without those items of bedding, I think our rooms wouldn't look so cosy or feel so homely. Anyhow, I found other really nice duvet covers and bedding items online, and I think that they would look really fabulous in my room, or anyone's room really. Which got me thinking that I should maybe get a cushion cover to match my bedspread? Hhhmmm...


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!