Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is more stressful than getting married / Hair Kunst

I told the penguinboyfriend that the preparations to go overseas are more stressful than getting married and he asked me this:

"How do you know?" =.=""""

"%@#%!!!^&$*#!!" *jelingan maut* (<-- me)


*I'm plugging Hair Kunst @ The Curve, and NO, this is NOT a sponsored post*

Anyway I have a new look again (okay, not that new, but whatever) and the penguinboyfriend got his hair cut actually I forced him and even PAID for it but no one has to know at the same place I did my hair.

Hair Kunst @ the Curve rocks big time lampar(balls). For real.

The service is great, the stylists are super friendly, and the effect on my hair is excellent. instead of normal chinese tea, you get to choose from many more beverages.
Even though it took like many hours to get my hair done, and it was finished well after 10 pm, I liked the fact that the stylists there can still smile, and did NOT hurry through the process to shoo the customer(me!) out. Bambang was so nice, when he heard that I am about to leave for overseas, he gave me a little pressie (for luck, he says). So SWEET!! If you go, please check out the interior. I like the black and white flowered wall-paper and the mosaic wall (at the hair-washing area).

To get there, go to the Asian Courtyard (Halo cafe and Sakae Sushi side) at the Curve, take the lift to the second floor. Once you get out of the lift, turn right (the eye lasik centre will be on your left) and Hair Kunst!

They are having a promotion, btw, so doing my hair costs only half of what it would normally.

Thanks, Adam, for recommending that place. Worth every sen of my RM255 (Rm 200 for rebonding and RM 55 for the penguinboyfriend's hair wash+cut+blow dry).

Ah Ying, if you go, use my name hor..and go faster, cos' the promotion is so damn cheap (hair length does not matter) AND they use Schwarzkopf products.


I'm posting a slightly longer than usual blog entry today cos the penguinboyfriend remarked that I hardly blog nowadays.

Anyway, I would like to announce that from today onwards, my Celcom line has been disconnected, and if any one of you would like to contact me/help me reload my phone, well, my 016 number is stil in the picture.

The penguinboyfriend gets 'custody' of both my PDAs (including my new O2 Atom *sob sob*). Why does it seem that I never get to use my new phones for a long time before they fall into the evil clutches of the penguin boyfriend end up in the penguinboyfriend's 'custody'? i am beginning to see a trend here. Hhmmm....


It's good to know that Donny is still alive. Probably he is preoccupied with the new 'toy', heheh.
Better come and see me off and bring me my 'present' hor
Donny, or else I'll.....(I won't snap your cock in half, don't worry, that action is reserved specially for the penguinboyfriend only IF he cheats on me)....... I also don't know what I'll do. Maybe I could get a pet monkey (a male one) and train it to piss on Don's head, what a good idea, don't you think so? XD

Okay, enough of being 'cheong hei' already, especially since my empty luggage bags are crying out to me to fill them *tries to get bags to shut up*. Either they're making too much noise or else I'm becoming more delusional.

ah ling

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I should have poisoned Jon.

Heheh. I know you are probably reading this now and going "WTF, that cibai!", right Jon? ^_^

Too bad!! *sticks out tongue and middle finger at Jon*

Hahah, no hard feelings Jon, great seeing you just now, thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again before I leave yah? If not come see me off at the airport kay?

Since today is already Tuesday, I have approximately 2 days left in Malaysia.

ah ling

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Monday, May 28, 2007

There is a reason for everything,

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I'm broke:

The brown bag of love...

And what was inside it:

Say hi to my new baby Carly....

Prolly I won't have enough time to use it to the maximum as I'll be leaving soon.

Yes, I'm going!!!

*throws confetti and papers lying around*

ah ling

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My convocation the second time around.

It was And tiring. And hot (because of the thick huge-ass robe including the mortar board which made me sweat like hell). Thanks to all those who bothered to take time off to come and bring me gifts.

Loads of photos were taken, but I'm too lazy and tired to post them up now.


Met the gang from Diploma course at the Curve, it was really good to catch up again after like two freakin' years. Time flies. And it is still flying.

Other than that I better get my blogging done with now, so I can sleep soon. The penguinboyfriend and I plan to take Candy to the Dog Olympics thingy at Central Park today, so that she can meet up with other doggies. heheh. Dogs need to socialize too okay? Imagine if you were a dog and were stuck in the same place day in and day out without the freedom to go out to mate.

ah ling

P.S: Congratulations to Donny on being an uncle. Treat him well and don't spoil him too much (literally and mentally). Heh.


See how the penguinboyfriend's dad's old junk got disposed of.

1 car gone, 6 more cars left (including the penguinboyfriend's). When they came to take away the 'old junk' (literally), the penguinboyfriend's mum took pictures...

Byebye, old junk.

ah ling

Thanks to the penguinboyfriend's mum for the pictures which were stolen from her she took.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Get paid more for blogging with PPP.

Gosh, did I ever say that I love blogging? All the more so when I signed up with PayPerPost to take part in the new wave of advertising, specifically called blog advertising. Well, there were many reasons why I sold my soul blog in exchange for cash (American dollars, baybee!) for PayPerPost. First, there are many many different types of opportunities coming from all sorts of advertisers. Second, there is much freedom to choose and then 'talk' about your topic of choice while getting paid for it. Third, the folks at PayPerPost seem to always be coming out with something new.

Yes, something new *drum roll please* . And this time they managed to come out with.......... PayPerPost Direct. *throws confetti and tissue paper* Wondering what is that? Yeah, I did too, for a lttle while anyway.

In a nutshell, PayPerPost Direct ensures that bloggers who accept offers for reviews or blog advertisements from advertisers get more money for their hard work by cutting out the markups or 'commissions' as compared to other competitors. (So that it is less 'sim tiah' or heart breaking when you find out that you are getting more for your work as a smaller percentage of fees is charged.) But of course there has to be a fee (albeit a small one) which PayPerPost charges. Wei, they no need to eat wan ar? (Local slang for nothing is free in this world.) Interesting. I never knew that PayPerPost only charges a 10% fee, half of that which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. But for what it's worth, you WILL get paid. This I can vouch for.

If you want to know more, check out the video here.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is it me or is it the connection again?

It definitely can't be my computer anymore (bought additional RAM yesterday and the penguinboyfriend fixed it for me already, yay!) so it must be the connection to that one particular page. *sigh* at this rate even my (late) tortoises could have crawled all the way up the hill to the park and back down to my house already before making babies a few times and I still wouldn't be able to access to my album, damnit.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I feel like grabbing the penguinboyfriend and just hugging him. His smell is so... comforting.


Friday, May 18, 2007

ah ling advocates staring.

I advocate staring. In other words I encourage the penguinboyfriend to stare at other chicks. Is this bad? NO. Is this wrong? Maybe.

But I'm fine with it. Really.

"Stop reading what I'm writing my dear penguinboyfriend".

Sorry, the penguinboyfriend was looking at whatever I'm typing right now.

That day at the Curve, we were eating at the Japanese restaurant (forgot the name, it's next to Paddington Pancakes if you want to check it out. Green tea is only RM 1.50 a pot!!) and I was staring at people walking by, so I asked the penguinboyfriend to 'kap lui' (check chicks out). I pointed out some aunties and he was like "My God, why aunties? No 'chun' chicks meh?"


It's no isolated incident when I get him to check out chicks. I guess I'm fine with that since there is no fear of him cheating on me (or is there? Darling, if you ever cheat on me I'll come over and snap your cock in two hor, so don't cross the line)<--taken from Borat.

Do you mind your partner checking out members of the opposite sex (or same sex if you're gay/lesbian)? Or do you get pissed? Tell me-lah actually I just want some comments.

ah ling

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Of all the unexpected things to happen.

Yesterday, my father came back from work with quite a pissed off face. Then he called small fart and I up to the room. The penguinboyfriend was there and he was like "uh-oh" and I was like "uh-oh". Okay, so we go up to the room, and my dad was like "Faster-lah! Close the door."

And I was like "uh-fishing-oh", because being ordered to go to the room behind closed doors normally means a scolding is coming my way. So fine. Both of us were like panicking, because we thought that maybe my dad wanted to "tiu" us over the phone bill!! water bill!! Electricity bill!!!

So I closed the door. Then my father went over to the sofa in his room and took a notebook bag and puts it on the bed and he puts down a phone on the bed as well and says this "Choose either one, but each of you can only take one item." =.="""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

To cut a long story short, I now have a new PDA phone, and I'm <3ing it!!!

Will post up a picture of it later so you can see what I got, but I'm using it for my main line now, and my second line has now been relegated to my Motorola Razr.

ah ling

Labels: - Do you feel like seducing a celeb?

*Sponsored post*

Okay, I think that this would interest all of you guys out there who dig hot brunette chicks. Keep reading. What would you say if I told you that the chick in particular which you can seducewin a date with is Mirelly Taylor, a Hollywood celebrity who has acted in movies like Serving Sara, Kiss Me Again and also appeared in television shows like Numb3rs, and Punk'd? Wouldn't you be interested in knowing how to win a date with her?

What exactly is this about? Basically, this
"Seduce A Celeb" competition will run on for the next 14 weeks. People interested in dating seducing a particular celebrity featured on should watch the celebrity's call to action which helps guide the participant in making their video. Be creative, unique, kooky, freaky, hey, the more outlandish and different your video is, the better your chances of winning a date with your chosen celebrity.

Besides checking out the Free videos at, take time off to see the current contestants' video submissions and laugh, cry or just feel like knocking their heads off with whatever you have in hand when you watch their videos. (Think you are much better looking and can do so much better? Put your mouth where the money is and do it!)

It is great that readers are given the opportunity to participate in competitions like this. Especially if one has been lusting a fan of the celebrity for ever so long, here is your chance to quit dreaming about meeting the star in person or to quit stalking them as this is a legitimate opportunity to meet and greet him or her in the flesh. Anyhow, I think it is a really cool contest as imagine telling your friends that you seduceddated a Hollywood babe.Heh. Be prepared to start smirking then.


More pictures of Mickey.

Remember Mickey?

The penguinboyfriend took more pictures of it and wanted me to post them up, so for all of you people who couldn't figure out what Mickey looked like from my shit-ass unclear photos want to see what a Mickey looks like up close and personal here you go:

Check out his cute little eyes:

Mickey sticking his nose out to smell the penguinboyfriend:

Thanks to the penguinboyfriend for the photos.Muax.

ah ling

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Accounting made easy.


I remember being 'forced' to take up Accounting as a subject way back in Form 5 (for the SPM exams) and doing badly (but I didn't fail as predicted by my teacher). And life continued happily until college where Accounting was one of the required subjects =( . I didn't do too badly then but I swore never to have anything more to do with it since I figured out that hey! there are loads of accountants out there to do the dirty work for you so why not pay someone to do so.

Until THIS. Instead of hiring people to do your bookkeeping for a business, why not use bookkeeping services instead of humans? After all humans can fall sick, make mistakes and worst of all, do not do things the way you envisioned best. Especially if you run a small business and do not think that you will be able to afford hiring an accountant,
there is always the option of trying out this service which also caters for bookkeeping for small business owners.

Instead of tearing your hair out figuring how to keep your books up-to-date be smart and go for the easy way out. There are even discounts.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


The internet is back! Praise the Lord!!! *hums*


So it is still Mother's Day, and yeah, with the internet up again I can post pictures of the presents I got for the penguinboyfriend's mum and my own mother.

The ever-familiar brown box of happiness!

My mum's pressie:

The penguinboyfriend's mum's pressie:

So once again, everyone is happy. They loved their presents, which was just great.

Anyway, helped my mum carry stuff to and from her office. And pretty much spent the whole day with my family (which is an occurence so rare these days). That was about it. How did you spend Mother's Day?

ah ling

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am so sad.

Seriously, during times like these, life doesn't seem worth living anymore. It is such a terrible feeling ; the feeling of helplessness, not knowing what is going on anymore, and not being able to do something I like.

Time passes by so slowly now, too slowly for my liking and yet there is nothing much I can do.

I guess I can still keep holding on for a little while more and see if there is really no remedy for this really trying period in my life. I guess I should try to deal
with this the best I can and not give up.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot connect to the Internet in my house anymore.

ah ling

P.S: At Jamie's house now, bumming off her Internet connection.Heh.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Love PPP.

*Sponsored post*

As I have said many many times, without PayPerPost I would never be able to afford the numerous amount of shopping. To be candid, I was kind of sceptical before signing up for this method of word of mouth marketing as I was not sure if this was a scam or those 'get rich quick' schemes *runs for cover*

Anyway, since signing up in January, I have earned...okay-lah, enough to keep me happy shopping and I am earning constantly. And the amazing thing is that I have not really been concentrating on blogging properly. With all the cash earned, I have been buying stuff (heheh, stuff), and my latest purchases have been for Mother's Day (purses for both my mum and the penguinboyfriend's mum). See-lah, no PPP how to afford?

With PayPerPost, blogging is never dull since there are many new happenings and events as well as news, so there is always something new and interesting happening.

This and many more reasons are why I love PayPerPost. Sign up and you won't regret it. For real.


Highlighters are fun when you're bored.

Here's what you can do if you are seriously bored out of your skull and are at a hang-out place.

Take one highlighter (any colour of your choice), a cigarette pack (any brand, preferably a box which is white in colour) or magazines.

Take highlighter, un-cap it, pull plastic off cigarette pack, take highlighter and draw on the pack. Alternatively, take a magazine, look around to make sure no one is looking, then draw whatever you wish. Okay, I am so NOT making sense now, and it does feel weird to have 3 other pair of eyes glaringstaring at me while I'm blogging. Three pairs of eyes because Jamie just arrived, heheh.

ah ling

Fried shrimp are Yum!


Please excuse the expletive(s) =)

Okay, the video was about me actually marinating and coacting the shrimp and then frying them because fried shrimp are yum! Anyway, there are loads more Seafood Recipes out there so try them out and impress your guests when they come over for dinner.

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Sorry Donny,

sorry for hogging your lappy. But you should understand the urgent need for me to hog use it *hopefull puppy dog eyes*

Anyway, I am happily blogging while both the penguinboyfriend and Donny are busy talking about computer stuff. It is so damn hot here, and I am absolutely melting. The penguinboyfriend's car's air-conditioning broke down somemore, can you imagine how suffering it was to sit in the car the whole way from my house to here? (even though it is just a short distance from home to here, it was still so suffering okay. Today it would actually be possible to crack an egg on top of a car's hood and watch the egg cook.) *Sigh*

Yam waiting for Jamie to arrive. Faster-lah ah ying. Hot okay...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coupon codes and great deals.


Mother's Day is coming soon, real soon. And if you didn't realise that or are planning to conveniently forget, let me just remind you that Mother's Day is this weekend.

Have you gotten anything for the special lady in your life yet? If you read my previous post, you would have known that i got my mother a purse. If your mother is into accessories, why not look into eBags deals where you can get great discounts and certain percentages of money off deals on this
coupon site.

Well, this is just a gift idea from me, in case you are totally clueless as to what your mum will like. However, if you do not feel like springing for accessories, and would rather get her something else, do check out this site as there are over 1,000 stores which do offer discount and bargains as well.


It's getting hot in here...

actually, I think that without the existence of a working air-conditioner unit I would just melt to death. Imagine what it must be like to be a dog! Or a cat! or even a hamster =.=""" What I mean is that it must be absolutely hot to be an animal with lots and lots of 'mo mo' (fur).

But I digress. Today, I got 2 more items from......*drum roll please* Coach. more Coach goodness but none are for me, boo hoo =( and they are Mother's Day presents. But due to the fact that i'm currently nowhere near my house and I don't feel like taking picturs now and that my USB cable is not with me therefore no pictures. Maybe tomorrow-lah.

Have you gotten your Mum her present yet?

ah ling - lowest unique bid wins.

*Sponsored post*

I never really understood the concept of auctions with the lowest bid taking home the item being auctioned, so I was reading the way it works and I am less confused now. Stupid me, I used to think that the lowest unique bid would always be one cent (or penny), and how could anybody get the prize if they all bid the same amount. I am not going to discuss this aspect any further, be like me and read the rules of how to play yourself. What I do want to talk about is the prizes that are being offered. There's a BMW 3-series which is just so.. *drools* . Gosh, imagine winning that for free and then driving around in it. So cool. Anyhow, go see for yourself the whole bunch of simply great prizes they have which are up for auction.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Of course I am most def. planning on getting my ass out of here.

But not when THIS IS COMING TO TOWN!!!



So cruel. Furthermore it would be near my house.

*wails again*

Monday, May 07, 2007

Chicken Skin Condom®

Bring a whole new meaning to the words "Play Safe" when you use the all new Chicken Skin Condom® .

I like mine Spicy. Tastes good and it helps me 'heat' things up. Lol.

ah ling will teach you how to get your very own lovely Chicken Skin Condom® .

First, go to where you can buy fried chicken drumsticks. Then, slowly detach the bone from the skin as shown below:

And there you have it! Your very own Chicken Skin Condom® !! Sorry, size not guaranteed!

mine fits my finger!!

if you're not happy with it, you can just eat it.

Like the penguinboyfriend.

ah ling

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The penguinboyfriend is ..*kow tows*

For four years, everytime I wish to enter the library it is a real pain in the asshassle. You have to be properly attired (no shorts, slippers, bring along ID card), or else there is no way to enter the library.

Earlier today, the penguinboyfriend waited for me for nearly 3 hours in the library. The best part is, he was wearing shorts, slippers and is SO NOT a student there (he hasn't been a student for nearly what, 6 to 7 years?)

*Kow tows*



Thursday, May 03, 2007

Active sandals.

*sponsored post*

I remember, back in the days when I had a pair of Reef sandals which I got from Roxy at a steal (if I remember correctly it was only around RM 30 at the time?) The thing is, I really really loved those pair of sandals and would wear them almost everywhere since I got them in black colour (and black pretty much goes with everything!).Until one day, when my mum stepped on my left sandal just as I lifted my leg to walk. *sigh* End of storysandal. I was heartsick for quite a long time after that, and honestly, I still have not quite gotten over the fact that my beloved Reef sandals are gone.

But out with the old, in with the new, right? Nah, I am just trying to pacify myself while sounding all philosophical and optimistic. In fact, what I would say would be that I want them all! Like if you check out
Active Sandals, you can in fact see that there are actually more to life than Reef, and they come in the forms of Birkenstocks (!!), both for men and women, Crocs sandals, Teva sandals, and interestingly enough, a brand I've never heard of (not because it is not popular, probably because Malaysia never stocks the brand. But then again, we can't get many brands here compared to overseas), a brand called Rainbow Sandals.All in all, a pretty good selection of sandals that I wish we had over here *sighs again*.


Okay, now I damn tulan.

Because of the fucking internet connection shit happens.

*damn tulan*

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I know I've been a bit quiet lately but..'s because there are just too much things to handle right now and I have to do them before the DEADline.

But after this crazy week, I will post about my Chicken Skin Condom and also a review about this really great yong tau foo place we chanced upon. (Maybe IF I have the mood and time I'll just blog about it before the end of the week, but I think it's highly unlikely hor.)

ah ling

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!