Sunday, June 29, 2008

The blind bunny.

With all the *coughcoughbullshitcough* allegations flying around the political scene lately, well, I find it amusingsuch a coincidence that I received this in my email. Enjoy!


The Blind Bunny.

One morning a blind bunny was hopping down the bunny trail and tripped over
a large snake and fell, kerplop right on his twitchy little nose.

'Oh please excuse me,' said the bunny. 'I didn't mean to trip over you, but
I'm blind and can't see.'

'That's perfectly all right,' replied the snake. 'To be sure, it was my
fault. I didn't mean to trip you, but I'm blind too, and I didn't see you
coming. By the way what kind of animal are you?'

'Well, I really don't know,' said the bunny. 'I'm blind, and I've never seen
myself. Maybe you could examine me and find out.'

So the snake felt the bunny all over, and he said, 'Well, you're soft, and
cuddly, and you have long silky ears, and a little fluffy tail and a dear
twitch little nose. You must be a bunny rabbit.'

The bunny said, 'I can't thank you enough. But, by the way, what kind of
animal are you?'

The snake replied that he didn't know either, and the bunny agreed to
examine him, and when the bunny was finished the snake asked, 'Well, what
kind of animal am I?'

The bunny had felt the snake all over, and he replied, 'You're cold, you're
slippery, and you haven't any balls............You must be a politician!'

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Men in uniform are hot hunky men!

And no, I do not have a clothing fetish, okay? *whistles innocently left eyebrow twitching*

I just think that our Malaysian police force could do with some very extreme changes to their police uniforms.Especially since the weather in Malaysia is hell-scorchingly hot all year round, I feel that it would be more conducive to change the police attire.

Seriously, there are many many different options should they wish to re-invent their uniform.
From polo shirts (which will look really good on some, but not so for some others, however they are really practical given the weather) to hats and head gear and even to the watches which could consist of just Luminox watches.

Yeah, the possibilities are endless, and so are the choices. Time for a uniform change?


Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's a real blessing being together with you.

Lots of love,

your other half

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My personalized bag by Anya Hindmarch - Be a Bag!

Remember this picture below?

My baby Candy with glasses : Photo taken by my brother, glasses photoshopped on by Ole.

Yeah! Now it's no longer just a picture for me.

After 4 months (a a little bit more!) of waiting, the parents went downtown to KLCC to pick it up for me.

Helloooo black-n-white striped Anya Hindmarch paper bag!!

I like the blue dust bag! See, it even has 'Be A Bag' printed on it.

And finally.....


Nice hor? I lurve manymany also! =)

Yup, that's my latest addition to my collection of 'babies'. Must. Stop.

ah ling

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Balls! Hot hunky men!! Champions of Europe!!

*sponsored post*

You know how wonderful in this age of tragedy, sadness and violence and rising fuel prices when practically the whole world is united because of balls! Hot hunky athletic men! and the quest to watch who will be the next Champions of Europe. Yeah, if you're confused or in denial or somehow have been hiding underneath your bed surrounded by cobwebs for the past year or so, I am talking about the Euro 2008 football tournament.

Seems that everyone is taking 'advantage' of the Euro 2008 tournament. From mobile service providers to bet365 casino. And why wouldn't us consumers be happy? This just means that there are better deals and promotions for us.

For people who share the love of online casino entertainment, you will be glad to know that bet365 casino has come up with a fantastic competition schedule for players especially for this festival of footie madness. In fact, there are a whole lot of games on offer during the course of the Euro 2008 which include Blackjack Bonanza and a special Roulette Spinner Winner promotion. Have no fear if you have no idea how Roulette is played but you would like to give it a try; go read the Roulette Strategy Guide available.

So much fun comes with the Euro 2008 (and I am not just talking about fun for all the football fans out there). With all this on offer at the casino and with the best odds guaranteed on all Euro 2008 games, the football field is not just the best place to be this month.

Below is the Press Release on bet365. Happy Reading.

Press Release:

The bet365 Casino - Champions of Europe

bet365 are bringing the excitement of the Euro 2008 Football Championships to the casino tables with the announcement of their Champions of Europe casino promotion. To mark this fantastic festival of football, the Casino at bet365 has a competition schedule that knocks the socks off the its rivals. Every day that a game is played in Euro 2008 there will be a great promotion running in the casino. Promotions begin with the start of the tournament on June 7th to the end of the tournament on June 29th.

Over the course of the tournament £45,000 will be given away and players that play in at least five of the tournaments between 7th June and 25th June will qualify for the bet365 Champions of Europe Final on 29th June, in which they can play for a share of a fantastic £15,000 in prize

Games on offer over the course of Euro 2008 include Blackjack Bonanza, Reel Races and a special roulette Spinner Winner promotion. There are also double comp points windfalls going on as well as live games giveaways and a video poker challenge.

Tom Galanis, the Casino Marketing Manager at bet365, can't wait for the promotion to start: "This is the biggest football tournament this year and we've managed to make it even more exciting for our customers with this promotion. bet365 are reknowned for the extra value we give our customers and football is one of our biggest markets so this promotion fits perfectly for us. The prizes on offer at the Champions of Europe promotion are incredible and I for one will be watching both competitions hot up during Euro 2008."

Towards the end of the tournament, the semi-final shoot-out offers bet365 casino players a share of £4,000 with 100 great cash prizes to give away and paves the way for the fantastic Champions of Europe Final. Based on bet365's Royalty Scheme status customers can play for one of two massive prize funds, with over £15,000 at stake.

With all this on offer at the casino and with the best odds guaranteed on all Euro2008 games, bet365 is surely the place to be this June.

The Casino at bet365 - heart pounding fun awaits!

About bet365

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bet365 takes responsible gambling very seriously and customers are provided with a range of options to assist them to gamble responsibly.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ah ling punya store / ah ling's store

Hello, time for some shameless self-promotion.

Been wanting to do this for some time, and finally I've done it!! (Stop thinking about x-rated stuff please)..Lol.

Yam selling some of my stuff in a vain attempt to clear my storeroom before I trip over something in the middle of the night while rushing to get to the toilet and break my left toes or something.

Click HERE to visit or copy and paste this url "" into your internet search bar. Questions/comments or even marriage proposals are VERY welcome.


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Anya Hindmarch - Be A Bag


A post about Anya Hindmarch's Be A Bag coming SOON.



Vulnerable and emo at the worse times.

Please explain why I feel vulnerable and down at the worse times.

I feel so caged up, causing me to be agitated and moody over nothing or trivial things.

I can't do this any longer. Just help me get this over and done with.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I own Donny' ass on Facebook / ah ling needs men

Mari, ber-Facebook.

You can buy people there man. *evil laugh*

I now own Donny's ass, bitches. Nyehnyehnyeh.


I agree we have an extremely dysfunctional relationship. Told el boyfriendo that the other day and he told me "It took you so long to realize that?!" -____-"""

Anyway, ah ling needs men.

Cheh, you think it's so easy for me to advertise meh? Especially since the boyfriend is next to me

Actually this was what was going on in our heads:

Okay, too much random blogging makes me feel like an idiot I'm wasting my time.

ah ling

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Monday, June 09, 2008

A few more reason why I <333 my other half.

- He takes me out for brunches/lunches/dinners (no breakfast, both of us just can't seem to wake up before 12pm)

- He is more than happy to take me along on outings with friends

- He puts up with my random rubbish/tantrums and tries to cheer me up

And as of today........ *drum roll throws confetti in air*

He was kind enough to agree to pay for part of whatever bag I'm getting next *rubs hands*. I was practically shouting "Deal!!" and "I'll take it!!!" in Seoul Garden Korean BBQ restaurant earlier today when he told me "It's either that or nothing. Take it or leave it".


Lubchu darling, and it's not only because of all this reasons. Sometimes one just cannot explain the way things are.

the delusional hammie

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bite my ass please.

Somebody please bite my ass and tuck me into bed because I can't seem to sleep and I NEED TO SLEEP. Goddammit. *grumbles*


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dating Challenge: Crossing the 'Friend Zone'

this article
on Yahoo! and clicked on it to read. I felt somehow compelled to read it because the boyfriend and I were friends first (for nearly 3 years!) before the circumstances changed. Can't say whether or not the boyfriend faced all the 'challenges' written in the article and whether he applied any of the 'rules' in our relationship since I never expected things to turn out like this. In fact, if I had bet good money on whether our friendship would have become a relationship, I would have lost. Badly.

I am really curious to find out what the boyfriend thinks of the article and actually I hope he'll blog about how he turned our friendship into romance. *nudgenudge*.

Yes, please write about this cos' I wanna read about your experience. Arigato gozaimase!! xD

ah ling

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!