Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Furkids Boarding in Selangor - boarding for your furkids (in other terms, your dogs aka babies). No caging! :D

It's been a right hassle even thinking or planning a vacation, especially when it is to a place where our Furkid (dog) is not allowed. There are only so many options for dogs to travel with us. Not only that, but price is also another factor. Regardless, the number one priority when choosing a suitable boarding place for a (wo)man's best friend is the cleanliness, comfort and the way pets are treated when boarding (don't want them to feel neglected, no? Enough fresh water, food, get their walks, ventilated sleeping place, etc. etc.) Christmas & New Year promotions (No increase in prices during weekends & public holidays for now apparently) Hmmmm.... A maximum of 2 dogs at any one time only? HMMMMMMmmmmmm...... Absolutely no caging & tying policy? *throws confetti!* Fantastic! :D Go HERE TO to check it out. Hopefully there will still be space!! xoxo, ah ling p.s: furkid owners know that their furkids rule their lives. Pretty much -__-"

I'm still alive!

Im still alive!!

Yes, for those who have been still reading this blog thank you very much!! *muaxx*


And looks like I didnt forget my password either, heheh.. So what's been up with you? My life thus far: I am signing my life awaygetting married. Yup. In 1 month and 6 days to be more precise. Nervous I am. Guess it is normal huh? xoxo, ah ling

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trying out SK-II's Pitera Miracle Water

For Christmas this year, the company has decided to allow us to buy anything (except for groceries, vouchers) up to a value of RM350 as a gift for ourselves (we are allowed to top up additional costs).

And so I got myself some products from:

I had to top up about RM650 more! -__-

So far, so good, have not had any breakouts *knock wood*

To my observation, the Miracle Water seems to be helping me balance my skin and reduce the amount of blackheads & whiteheads. Why do I say so? Well, yesterday I went for my facial (not SK-II facial, you can get an SK II facial done at the counter in MidValley's Metrojaya/Jusco i think. I believe it costs RM135 per facial), and my beautician didn't really extract many blackheads/whiteheads, which is a really good sign!

Let's see if the same happens again in a month's time and we'll know if it's really me having wistful thinking or not. Anyway the cleanser is out of stock currently in Malaysia and Singapore as well. Hmmmm.

Okay, just a quick post to share. And no, I'm not getting paid to blog about this.

ah ling

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Visiting Copenhagen - land of the Nordic (and good genes)

*All photos were taken using a Blackberry*

I wanted to cry when my camera died-ed.

To update really quickly, I left my previous company, October 31st was my last day at work. Joined a new company on November 1st, and on November 2nd, I went for a work trip to Copenhagen, Denmark as the new company's HQ is there.

Anyway, i brought my Nikon DSLR, and guess what, on the day I wanted to use it, the lens just died-ed. Yes, that's right. Camera unusable *sigh* So i was left with my Blackberry, and as we know, Blackberry cameras leave much to be desired.

Copenhagen is a pretty interesting and nice country, reminds me a bit of Amsterdam (water canals and architecture), but I feel the people are nicer here. Had not many problems communicating with the locals, and they are generally quite helpful.

The company booked me into the Copenhagen Plaza hotel, a 4-star hotel there which has much history (google it! apparently many celebrities have stayed there. In fact, in the lobby, there is a list of celebrities who have stayed there). There is also the Library Bar (not to be confused with Library bars in Malaysia), with loads of books which can be read during the day even, and it is done up with heavy wood paneling.

Generally the cost of living there is freaking expensive! Example : 15-minute taxi ride to work from the hotel cost approximately 270 Danish Kroner (about RM 160) wtf. Travel tip: Taxi fare is payable by credit card there! Joy!

Luckily all expenses are borne by the company (and charged to our corporate credit card), if not i'd be bankrupt in no time.

Some memorable moments in Copenhagen:

1. Visiting the Little Mermaid statue:

Yes, my Danish colleagues warned me that she would be really little, and they were not joking. Dunno why but I thought she would be bigger. Felt a little bit cheated, sort of like when u chat with someone online and he/she sends you a picture which shows a good-looking person, but when you meet the person in real life, they turn out to be NOTHING like the picture. Yep. That feeling (not that I have ever had this experience). Apparently last year the statue was away in the Shanghai exhibition, and the statue has been defaced (head gone missing etc) before. Makes you wonder what notice/board they put up on the rock when the statue was away. 'Gone to China BRB' or 'Out of Office'? Hmmmm...

Got lost walking in the park on the hunt for the Little Mermaid. Travel tip: Do NOT ever ask tourists for help. Ever.

On the way back at the Osterport train station there was a flasher next to me and I didnt realise wtf. Fucker I hope your prostate gives you problems since you like having it out in the cold. I would have pointed to his 'wedding tackle', laughed and said "so small!" had I realised.

2. Taxi ride to Radisson SAS Scandic Hotel

Went with my two colleagues from China there for dinner at the Blue Elephant, a Thai fine dining place. One of my colleagues who has been to Denmark many times before asked the taxi driver if he knew which Radisson Hotel it was as there are two in Copenhagen. She told him it was the one with the casino. And he was like yes, there is only one casino in COpenhagen. Later she asked him whether it was safe to walk back to our hotel after dinner as we initially wanted to walk back. He paused, then said yes, Copenhagen is very safe, even if you walk back at 2-3 am.

We realised during dinner later that the taxi driver probably thought we 3 Chinese people must have wanted to visit the casino, and also thought we could win money and walk back later. (which explains why he said it was safe to walk back at 2-3 am when my colleague asked whether it was safe to walk back AFTER DINNER).

We did not visit the casino though. And we didnt walk back either (too damn cold).

3. Candy shopping:

None of it are for me btw. I just got myself 2 chocolate bars.

A few other memorable occasions there like visiting the Department Head's absolutely fucking huge and awesome house for a welcome dinner, getting separated with absolutely no contact whatsoever with my colleagues in Fields department store, dinner with colleagues and so on.

Too tired to continue, need to sleep now to offset my jetlag.

Thanks for reading, apologies for not updating as often as I would've liked.

ah ling

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boss, I have principles too, you know?

It's not only you in the whole wide world who have principles and abide by them. So do I, boss. So do I.

As the mysterious, flickering flame of the candle as it consumes its wick, thus the candle burns while shortening simultaneously. (ah ling's metaphor for certain circumstances)

Let's put it mildly ; I for one have never been the person who 'lets the candle burn into nothingness'. 'Nuff said.

There's this huge seed of anger in me right now and if I don't get rid of it soon, it will soon 'explode'. And I really don't want that happening because it will take me 3 months to escape el shitholdo.

*a very cranky ah ling*

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Check out the pavement art

Pavement art!

These works of art are cool!

Check them out:

Can you tell the hose and water are just part of the drawing?

The lines give the drawing away...(Girl is a real live human btw)

Apparently the steps are real, the water not.

Read more and see more piccas >a href=""> HERE. Simply amazing.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

I is Japanese Pornstar.

Good bye long boring black hair!!

Me with the boyfriend just before I is cut my long hair @ WIP Bangsar.

Now, I is have a short hair. I is also change my hair colour to brown. I is also using green contact lenses so I is look more fair. My eyes is also look scaryfierce.

A friend say I is remind her of Japanese pornstar look wtf *face palm*

I is put pictures up later.

many love,

ah ling

(today I is in 'cina beng'/Chau Lala Mui mode, so I is write bad 'england')

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Is the gomen telling us that fair and clean elections are not possible then?

Malaysian police raid SAPP HQ because the signboards had the word 'bersih' and was yellow WTF.

A friend of the boyfriend got stopped by police for driving a yellow Limited Edition Kelisa. (True story)

Police taking particulars of people wearing yellow clothes.

A friend's registration ceremony at the temple postponed to next weekend because of this.

We (friend whose wedding was postponed included) don't blame BERSIH 2.0. We blame the ruling powers that are. A democratic country this is supposed to be, and a democratic country it is NOT.


IF, at all, the elections are fair and clean, wtf are you getting your panties knotted in a bunch for?

For those who walked today (and knew they are most probably going to be arrested), we salute you. It takes a lot of courage. Good on you. The pictures in Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Free Malaysia Today show Malaysians in an act of solidarity fuck, I'm not going to use the 1Malaysia word here and that is really touching.

On the other hand, I digress. Today, the Federal Highway was super empty. I could have gotten down and rolled around and I would have been fine.

March on BERSIH!! (Click here to find out what the bloody fuss is over a word which means 'clean' in Bahasa Malaysia and the colour YELLOW.

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!