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Hard to find movies.


I love the movie "A Home at the end of the World". Was introduced to it by Ah Drew a few months ago and I still can't get over the movie. Was so moved by the movie that immediately after watching it on my computer I searched for more information about it online. Sad to say, however, even though I want to watch it again(and again!) I don't have the disc anymore, since I think Aziem took it with him to the US. I checked out http://www.buymovies.com, however, and they HAVE IT!(it's even on discount.Cool.).

I sincerely doubt the local vcd 'pasar malam' seller would have it. Okay, i'm going to check if they have other hard to find movies that I have not been able to find at many vcd sellers' places.

*goes to check*

Okay, excellent.They even have "The Butterfly Effect" and *gulp* adult films. And, they are discounted too. They even let you email them with questions about any movies you wish to ask. You can even search for music, posters and books.I'd give this site two thumbs up! All in all, a highly recommended site.


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