Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting to know ah ling a little better

I felt like blogging, so here i am blogging. Realised i miss the days of when i would draw crap or what situation i was in using the Paint programme and just put those illustrations up.

Well, here's my latest effort:

Observe the illustration above ( and stop laughing please!!).

I tried to draw the pix the best i could, but obviously, i have failed. Miserably.

But anyway, yeah, its supposed to be me. Myself. ah ling.

If you would care to note, please notice that there is supposed to be a scar above my belly button. It's there in real life. The result of piercing my stomach 3 times. the first 2 times using the gun, the last time using the needle. My body has rejected the piercings all 3 times, which sucks. Especially since I still have many pieces of body jewellery, and a really nice one from my mum.

I also used strnds of red/brown for my hair. Yes, i did highlight my hair red, and the brown streaks from the past few years still remain, so...

Oh and by the way, I really do have that 'Bitch' shirt.

Monday, March 27, 2006

update update.

First things first.

Happi Belated Birthday post, Donny. The penguin boyfriend and I still owe you your present.


Our anniversary, was, well, our anniversary. I 'pau-ed' (ok-lah, he gave it to me) the penguin's boyfriend's PDA. The clues he gave me to try and guess what the other part of the gift went like this :

i) It's not fried chicken (=.='''')
ii) It's not made of metal
iii) It's not made of wood
iv) It flew in from far far away


tetek-lah. How the hell was I supposed to know what it was???????!??!?

Anyway, you've gotta be close to me to find out hor...

I think he likes the Guess watch I gave him..He'd better okay. That watch is the equivalent of the price of 2 of my "babies" (Nine West bag-lah) which is not on sale / one Coach wristlet. Go figure.

And I went to the Education UK fair at the KL Convention Centre. But since I was there around 10 something and the fair onli started at 1 pm, i ended up shopping. Here's my list of my newly acquired goods:

1) Guess pouch in bronze!! ( I also 'pau-ed' my mum's, which is red)
2) Mambo board shorts!!
3) 3 Mambo tops ( 1 for the penguinboyfriend, one for Shun's bday, one for somebody else's belated bday present)

Money disappears so fast *sob*


Have a good week ahead people.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random post. Again.

Don't you wish you were a hamster living in kuaci-kuaci land?


Came in from lunch today to see Rashid Salleh sitting in that biatch's place. Heh. I thought he was some student. Heh. He's my distant cousin okay. Just like how the chief minister of Sarawak is my distant uncle. Relatives. We're related to everyone somehow or another.


Got the penguin's boyfriend's anniversary present. The onli thing blue about the present will be the ribbon around it. I could have got myself a Coach wristlet with the money okay. It wouldn't be very nice of me if i were to sell the present away and use the money to go shopping hor? *ponders*

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

busy week behind. Boring week ahead.

1) Cherating was HOT. as in hot and humid. And i ate so much local delicacies there ( think keropok lekor , otak-otak , sata, yes, sata, not satay) made of fish that i should find gills sprouting soon.

2) Tiesto rave was....hot. yeah. Damn stuffy inside okay. Now i know why people wear bikini tops to raves.Even though i was wearing my corset top (no bra, muahahahah!) i was sweating like hell. Imagine how the penguin boyfriend must have felt. Met Mei Ching, Donny, DJ Fono(of Zouk) and Arif's bro there. Looking for a friend of mine, but couldnt find him, so in the end it was like "ah, fuck it." And so the rave went on. Got interviewed by Channel V. Damn, i must have looked so blur. Pictures to come soon.

3) Thanks to all those friends of mine who helped get my bro and his friend in. Btw, my bro is not even 15 years old yet.

4) Got the penguin's boyfriend's anniversary present. He asked me to give it away though. stupid penguin. (<-- said in a loving way)

5) Happi Birthday Eric. Many happi returns.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

don't cha wish...

by tonight, another one of the penguin's boyfriend's friends will be married.

When is it going to be my turn?


Had quite a depressing talk with my boss 2 days ago. Well, I found it depressing anyway. Too bad he wasn't really in a 'ghosty' , yes, 'ghosty' not 'ghostLy', mood. If not he could have told me more stuff. You see, he happens to have the ability to 'see' things, and he can also 'sense' good/bad energy coming from people.


Also guess what? I won myself a 1 Gig iPod shuffle...finally. An MP3 player of my own... and i won it fair and square ^_^ but i'll prolly give it away.


Also I will be off to Cherating on Wednesday. Will be back on Saturday at something pm, so i will be in time for the Tiesto rave.

Boo, off to continue packing for Malacca.

*The penguin boyfriend just called! oh no, i still have so much stuff to do.*

Have a great weekend people!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

nonsensical post.

As the title says it all, i am in a bit of a silly mood today, hence i have decided to change my name to 'hamster-in-the-pot'. Okay, that is all for now.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a teensy-weensy religious post / park shuffle

19 ‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust* consume and where thieves break in and steal; 20but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust* consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Jesus’s words from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6:16-18)


And there's going to be a park shuffle event @ Central Park Bandar Utama today (4th March) at 8 pm.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

happenings in ah ling's life on the 2nd & 3rd March

Okay, i know the title of this post sounds really really boring, but wth - lar. There are pictures!!!

Let's see.

2nd March.

Went to the FILA warehouse sales. Yes. Got Donny ( bless you!) to help me stand in line and pay for my stuff. Bought a pair of shoes for less than RM 40. Finally met Mei Ching(faster add me hor so i can read your blog? thanks.) ^_^

anyway, dinner later that night at Delicious Cafe was great. The penguin boyfriend had the spring chicken. Check the pictures out(no, it's not a typical food blog, just one of those rare occasions where we felt the food neede to cam-hoe).

Mr spring chicken. You died for a very good cause. You tasted real good too.

one more result of the penguin's boyfriend's picture - taking moment.

and a VERY disturbing picture of the chicken's..erm. asshole(?!?!!) this picture is my work hor, so dun blame the poor penguin boyfriend.

we also found a few garlic cloves and half a lemon inside the poor spring chicken.tsktsktsk. We really felt its pain. =.=''''''

3rd March

Oh did I mention that the penguin's boyfriend's credit card is officialy NOT A VIRGIN anymore? *insert evil laugh here as you wish* all because i went to MAMBO @ KLCC today. they're having a clearance sale!! I bought 2 pairs of board shorts. the normal price for one pair is rm 150, but i got them at 60% off. YES. SIXTY PERCENT OFF. also got the penguin boyfriend a t-shirt for 51 bucks, normal price rm 170. QUICK GO GO GO. no wait, let me go there again and buy some more stuff first hor, cos today i onli had 1/2 hour to shop. =.=''''

Since it was one of my colleague's birthday that day and she IS a vegetarian, we got her a present. Instead of a fruit basket, we got her a VEGEbasket. =.="""""

the vegebasket.

please note how they arranged the eggplants and cucumber. *extreme sweat*

side view.

one of the guys even got here a 'bouquet' of serai (lemongrass), curry leaves and some creeper leaves. Too bad i didin't get to take photos of that though. It was even beautifully wrapped okay. I have a bunch of whacky colleagues. Makes life all the more interesting.


I really found this signboard disturbing, so i got the penguin boyfriend to stand next to it so i could take pictures of it.

awww.. isn't he cute...^_^


Took Tommy 1 out again to Coffeebean. Guess he's becoming a real regular hor..

Have a great weekend people. Nyehnyehnyeh.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missing those days again.

Re-reading my last post and I really really really miss those days *huge sigh*

Us @ Zoukfest Genting 2005

So guys, the Tiesto rave ( on the 18th March) how ar?

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!