Monday, March 28, 2005

fly me to the moon...

Happi Birthday Shunzi... so sorri i can't get you a hp like Hengli's...the black 6260 lar. =P

( this part of the post has been deleted by the author)

I guess i better keep the fact that i like the Liz Clairbourne bag to myself? Grrr...but he alreadi knows....*evil evil laugh*

I'm supposed to be completing my Pricing Strategy report, btw. darn.I'm a happi lil' procrasinator...

current mood : blah
current music : Hed Kandi - All I Do

Sunday, March 27, 2005

breaking news.

Yeah, I have boy stories aplenty.

Especially about 'loh hang' (<--old men) and weird people.

But since I'm now with Mr K.(<--if you had been reading my friendster's profile you would have realized...), things are different.

Bless the both of us...=)

Music : Jesse McCartney - Come to Me
mood : exam fever...NOT! =P

Thursday, March 24, 2005

jump around..

tralalallalalala...I'm happi, oh so happi.

How long will it last this time?

tralalalallalala!!! so happi!! so happi!! (and nothing's even happened yet) =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

good things happen in 3's.

sure or not, Ah Ling?

wth. heheheh, there are 3 ppl on that list. 'that' list.

Today is the Ex's birthday. if you are reading this then here's to a Happi Birthday..many happi returns, mate.

I love the way things are turning out. Should I give him a chance? Should i? Should i? GRRRrrrr....


Donated blood today, feeling so tired now..


For Andrew's sake i ain't talking about the guy who is alreadi attached...=)

off to sleep now...


music : Camelia feat. Urban Xchange - Not that type of girl

Monday, March 21, 2005

it's a mixed up world.

there's no reason to go crazy though.

seriously, everything's all weird and stuff. Did i mention i refuse to start dating again so soon? Cos' i really don't feel like being in a relationship anytime soon again.

When i told dearest Rew Rew about my suspicions, he tells me that that was what he thought too, cos of the body language. Great. (<---dun say who's it all about yah, Drew.) Argh.Argh.

Anyway, i am digressing. Back to the original post i had in mind..

The person i feel best suited for me, i don't think i will ever have a chance with him. Unless he breaks off with his current beau now, but i wouldnt be able to live with myself if i knew that it was because of me.So i think i can just forget about it. ARGH. this is so frustrating.SO, SO,SO,SO,SO, UBER FRUSTRATING.

And now all these other people in the picture.

Weird, but when i'm not looking for a beau, i get all this, but if i'm on the prowl, i get ZILCH.ZERO.NADA. *makes fingers into a shape of an 'O' *


On other matters, i got really pissed off today, but i'm not going to say why here. But i got to eat pork mee after.Heh.

And CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATIONS TO ME!!! I lost another kg. YAY!! SO FREAKING HAPPI!! now to keep it off forever. Next goal : 50kg.


rew rew,

may you find happiness with Mr. A. For we ourselves determine how happi we want to be.


and i think that's all for now. Have a great week ahead people.

"Temperatures are rising here, and i'm not just talking about the weather either....."

Sunday, March 20, 2005

sarcasm as a religion.

really. Khut Winkert and Ah Ying style.

went to the Curve for the street party. Street party my ass. Ended up @ Coffee Bean drinking moggiato (<--how do you spell it??!) with onli ONE, yes ONE shot of coffee. Unlike SOME ppl, who had a TRIPLE shot. Was playing with tiny tiny star wars figurines, the chewbacca (<--is this the right spelling?) and those droids, and other creatures. Met another of Ah Ying's friends, this guy called Jay, and he works for Lotus in their R&D department. Cool eh? So he was talking about the lotus elise parked out front in the curve. then back to Rasta to drink..damn. i didnt have to pay for anything, nor did i have to drive. This is called being spoiled okay!! I'm back now, and i am so tired. nites..

Saturday, March 19, 2005

we were all motherfuckers.

to the grandmaster of hip-hop or grandmaster of whatever he is called anyway.

Zouk's Ghetto Heaven yesterday was so freakin' packed!!! And Fergie and that really tall guy from the Black Eyed Peas were there!! Also spotted : Alex Yoong and his wife.
My beloved brother was there too (with Meggie, no less)!! Miss you so much Andrew!!! so good to see you again!! *muax*

wore my new shades(bought yesterday)..and im glad i did.The lights were blinding-lah, even with the shades on. Anyway i just realised that there are a lot of weird ppl at Zouk.

went for 'tim sum' breakfast today.yay!

no more clubbing for a while...i'm so tired.(<--the effects of ageing)


On another note here's one of THE most important rules in my life :

I DO NOT DATE MY PET BROTHERS.That applies to ALL of them.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Eye opening ...o.O

ooh la la.

got this off 's blog.

Image hosted by

Ms. Sharon Stone.
not bad for an 'old' lady eh?


'Stu' sent us out of the college. Damn. He really is a nice guy. And don't think otherwise. 'Stu' = my Pricing Strategy lecturer and tutor for this semester..he taught us 2 semesters ago too..


Maybe going to Zouk tomorrow...Hmm..see how first lah..

And i'm working during the upcoming PC fair @ PWTC on the 25,26 n 27th march. will be working for a chinese computer magazine ( PC3 ?!) . i think i will be walking around with another person asking ppl questions and if they get it right we're giving them an empty CD-RW. Heh. No selling involved.Yay!
And i think i will have to call that woman and let her know that i don't want to work this Sunday..too lazy lah.

"Falling Into You" - Celine Dion

And in your eyes I see ribbons of color
I see us inside of each other
I feel my unconscious merge with yours
And I hear a voice say, "What's his is hers"

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

I was afraid to let you in here
Now I have learned love can't be made in fear
The walls begin to tumble down
And I can't even see the ground

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star
Finding a belief, falling where you are

Catch me, don't let me drop
Love me, don't ever stop

So close your eyes and let me kiss you
And while you sleep I will miss you

I'm falling into you
This dream could come true
And it feels so good falling into you

Falling like a leaf, falling like a star
Finding a belief, falling where you are

Falling into you
Falling into you
Falling into you


" You have to give this up, Ah Ling.."

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Extended stay.

I just came back from Ipoh just now. And today is Monday. If you're thinking about what i'm going to talk about, then yes, i did miss my classes today. And all with the blessings of the parents. *evil laugh*. They came back yesterday while i stayed on till today.

Aih. Please don't think that they advocate skipping class.Cos' they don't. It's just because of circumstances. Yes, CIRCUMSTANCES. Involving death and all that.. *sigh* i guess soemtimes death should be looked upon as a blessing especially if you are all alone in this world?Let's put it this way : I believe everything was fated to happen, once again. Life is so freakin' ironic!!! but the poor 'fei mao' ( fat cat) is now an 'orphan' so my auntie has another pet cat now.

Anyway the main reason we went back to Ipoh on Saturday was for a wedding dinner. That means we took pictures.

The seating was totally mixed up. Seriously. We thought there would be a shortage of seatings..hey, i even volunteered to sit on the floor okay. Damn sad. And even though the venue was air-conditioned ( Tai Thong @ Heritage Hotel) and i was wearing a tube i was sweating.. =.='

I want to continue raving and ranting about the stupid small girl who was supposed to be seated behind me, but maybe her ass was really itchy, so to stop it from itching she had to keep going to the other side of the restaurant ( cos there was another wedding dinner going on) and in the process keep banging my chair. fucking annoying!!and she didnt just bang it once or twice. But MANY MANY TIMES. i really felt like sticking my chopsticks up her orifices okay. You may think that i am just being mean/cruel /other unflattering adjectives but if you were me you would prolly have wanted to do the same thing too (and more!!).

So i just sat there and drank Carlsberg. The waiter even kept refilling it for me. Hurray for good service!! And the dinner started off really early. Like at 7.30. That's so early, kan? Normally everything is delayed and stuff. But the food wasnt that good. And most of the time i was texting ppl. So my dinner companion was my lovely handphone.

fuck. the pictures can't be uploaded to today. The connection sucks again.

this post was supposed to be accompanied with pictures. DAMN. Anyway my photoshop programme is gone, so it's currently being downloaded.

damnit. Misunderstanding or not, there doesn't seem to be a reason not to hate that person. Apparently they don't like him too. Hey, everyone's BUSY, okay? People just have time for other things which are more important to them. So what if im not on the priority list anymore? Friendship just can't seem to compete with other things rite? Especially if it's a friendship with me.

so whatever. One burden less, and i'm happier. Truly. I'm not just saying it to make myself believe it. Yay. back to college tomorrow, and then my appointment at 5 pm after.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

i love this song!i love this song! i love this song!!

SCARS - Papa Roach

ooh la la.

nothing new's happening in my life right now.

ok, actually got lar. But i don't know how to put it here. Maybe if you were to talk to me in person i would tell you, but as of right now even if u were right in front of me i wouldn't know what to tell you either. seriously. These are all random feelings.

so lets talk about my shopping.

this week i bought :

1) 1 jacket
2) a tube and a halter from cats whiskers and a pair of earrings from there
3) nail art stickers and one pen ( for drawing on the nail with)

damn, i must go to the SS2 pasar malam again with Karen.
then can buy the hunnydews ( 1 for rm2, 3 for rm5) and can hold them like breasts. summore they are around the same size. ( ooh! nice round juicy...MELONS. o.O)

oh and all my songs are gone. except for the ones andrew gave to me, cos they were in a folder in desktop. daddy changed the computers they are the flat-screened ones.
so now im getting more songs thru morpheus..damn.file sharing is illegal kids. but they're for my own personal use, so i guess it should be alright.

i havent planned what to wear for the wedding tomorrow...damn. last minute decisions. i hate them, especially when they involve clothes.

oh hey, is it my comp's settings or is it my tagboard's problem? i cant seem to see the tagboard. so if you guys have been leaving messages at all, im so sorry. im enabling the comment system again, so please post whatever u have to say there yah?


Light my Fire - Will Young

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you girl
We couldn't get much higher
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
Oh, the time to hesitate is through

There's no time to wallow in the mire
If I was to say to you
That our love becomes a funeral pyre
Come on baby, light my fire

Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh ohMmmm, yeah
Oh oh
Light my fire

Light my fire yeah yeah
Mmmm, yeah
The time to hesitate is through

There's no time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love becomes a funeral pyre
Come on baby, light my fire

Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fireYeah
Come on baby light my fire

Come on baby light, light my fire
Light my fire, light my fire, light my fire
Whoa, yeah
Light, light, light, light, light, girl
All you've got to do is light my fire

You gotta light it girl
You gotta light it yeah
Light my fire, light my fire, light my fire,
Whoa, yeah
Light, light, light, light, light, girl, girl

this song is so nice!! why is Will Young gay???!? of course I don't need a girl to light my fire..wahahahha.

tried on these pair of shades today..damn..they're dam nice. but they're from Hugo Boss and they cost rm430 after a 50% discount.

have a nice weekend off to Ipoh tomorrow. Oh, its time to meet the relatives again...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

*NEW* !!

just received these pictures via MSN Messenger...

Scroll down to take a look...



keep going...

does all these remind you of those dumb-ass chain letters?

chill. you won't have to make a wish and send this to like a hundred people in order for you to have a successful love life.

Before everything we walked around the First World Indoor Theme park and plaza..and we ended up here :

Look carefully and you may just see the diners inside. Yup, it is actually a restaurant's wall.
Image hosted by
Karen, me, Siew Li

yeah, so time to :

Image hosted by

while waiting and freezing outside :

Image hosted by
Siew Li, Karen, me, Audrey , Grace

all the while wishing i had Candy's fur(minus her tail and whiskers and 8 nipples) :

Image hosted by
Candy looking away in disgust

okay fine.

Image hosted by

me, Karen, Jackie @ Zouk's main arena. Taken halfway while dancing. heh.
surprisingly dancing keeps you warm. i should know ; i was wearing a tube without a jacket.

that's my photo entry for today. i have to go sleep in a while if i want to lead a 'normal' life. hahah. insider joke.whatever. nitez...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

time to sober up.

and i'm not talking about the after-effects of my drinking. Because i haven't drunk any alcohol in a long while. I was on an euphoric high ( nope, i don't abuse substances either).
Zoukfest = memorable. yeah. really. wanna know why?

cos it was the first ( and last!!) time i slapped one of my bestest ever friend. not even friend actually. more like a brother to me. Here's my public apology to you, Andrew.I'm so sorry.

cos it was freakin freezing and windy!!

cos i saw so many ppl i haven't seen since leaving high school.

cos i saw a certain local celebrity chef doing something else that he's (in)famous for besides cooking (apparently he was stoned)

cos there was something rather than someone hovering over me at nearly 9 in the morning while i was trying to sleep in Andrew's room.

cos i made some really nice ( not to mention sarcastic!!) friends.

cos it's the first rave i've been to.I even wore someone's shades.

cos it was my first time seeing and being in a port-a-loo.

and that's about it, unless something tiba-tiba pops out of my memory.


my main reason for blogging now is because i wanted to say that i heard a song just now in the car and it was in my head, and just now while blog-hopping, the first thing i saw in someone's blog was the lyrics to that song. and no matter if things blow hot and cold, i feel happier now. But maybe i'm just trying to tell myself that i'm happier. Is it working?
When i think back to whatever happened, and whatever is happening now, oh god. It seems to have gone up in smoke. I have been burned. Badly.
Sad that people, especially certain ones end up treating others like that huh? actually i shouldn't be surprised.

but whatever.

i went shopping on my own last week and got myself two pairs of sandals from Nose. Then earlier i went shopping with Karen and i got another jacket and a skirt. yay! the skirt is so feminine.(<----sweat).

And that's about all my bitching for today. Bless you all.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Miracles do happen.


cos i passed all my papers for the last semester!! Thank god!!

and i also managed to get tickets for the Zoukfest which is tomorrow thru a friend of mine.

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!!

and my grandmother is getting better.

and things happen for a reason. this reasoning has proved to be uncannily true twice this week.

1) on the day i woke up late, thus missing my first class, i found out that a friend of mine parked his car where i would normally park mine, and he kena 'saman'. Damn. the best part is that he normally doesnt park there.

2) i went to Tower Records yesterday to buy tickets for the Zoukfest( dunno what prompted me to do so) instead of going today as planned, and i found out that all the tickets were sold. Luckily for having contacts. *sigh*

what a week.

Genting, here i come!!! WOO-HOO!!WOO-HOO!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

what's happening..

Hello fellow earthlings *stoned face*

My presentation is tomorrow and i am so unprepared.

Other than that i just found out around 15 minutes ago that my mother has rushed back to Ipoh on emergency leave because my grandmother is very ill. I don't know if she will make it through this time.

Damn, everything has to happen all at once.

mood = flustered

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!