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Fly here and there.

In case you don't know what year this is, this year happens to be Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY 2007). FOr those of you not from Malaysia, you really have to book a flight to Kuala Lumpur as soon as possible.

Why? Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful cornucopia of many mixes of cultures and races, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. On top of that, Kuala lumpur is a wonderful city which never sleeps. Imagine, local cuisine 24 hours a day! Nightlife and sightseeing are also must sees. to give you an impression of how unique Kuala Lumpur is, well, majestic sky scrapers can be found in the midst of a serenic 'kampung' or village.

To book reasonable holidays and/or flights to Malaysia, and to other countries, like Mauritius holidays, to New Zealand, India, Japan, New York and more, just click on the link above and check out the special deals available. And when you've done that and travelled here, I guarantee that you'll be back for more.


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