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It is actually the norm to hear of drug addicts having relapses, or to hear that a person has been 'clean' for a long period of time, in fact for even as long as a few years, only then to hear that the person is back to giving in to his/her drug addiction.

What ever happened to the promise of
relapse prevention and eternal cleanliness from the dreaded and terrible arm of drugs? Actually 1800nodrugs.com provides a toll-free line for a referral service designed not only to help drug addicts, but also alcoholics, chronic relapse victims and their families seek effective drug rehab treatment of the best at no cost.

International callers who need to seek help (if not for themselves than for a loved one) can reach them at 001*281-377-4290 or by their local number at 001*269-963-2827. Don't forget to tell them that ah ling recommended their services hor.


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