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Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" - Couture for a cause.

Would you believe that you can actually get an Anya Hindmarch bag for less than
RM 100? Here's what you have to do to get one. Go to the Anya Hindmarch store in KLCC, tell them you want to book the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" tote (it's on the counter, btw, so you can have a good look at it), write your name and telephone number and the number of bags you want to book! So simple!

And they are only bringing in a limited number into Malaysia (around 2000 pieces?) in July, or so Richard the nice SA working there today told me. I'm pretty sure there's an Anya Hindmarch store in U Parkson One Utama, but since I was unsure if they would take orders there I booked two bags in KLCC already since I dragged the penguin boyfriend's ass there anyway!

What it looks like :

The US edition. But it looks exactly like the one I saw earlier, so probably this will be the one being brought in.

More about it HERE at bagsnob.com to find out about the craze surrounding these canvas tote bags.

Quickly! Go go go since the waiting list is being filled up really fast!!!

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