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Transcribe voicemails into e-mails.

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Don't worry about my previous post where I was cursing like a fishmonger. I've cooled down sufficiently enough to review an independant support site of Vonage. Was just reading about the innovative "Vonage Text" service which has just been launched (approximately two days ago). The option of being able to allow consumers the convenience of reading their voicemails (!!!) at anytime and anywhere as Vonage Text automatically transcribes voicemails to text so that they can be read right from e-mail. Wow. Imagine having someone moan into your voicemail. This service should be fun. If you're very 'tulan' (pissed off) with a particular someone and the person leaves you a voicemail, you wouldn't even have to hear the person's voice in case it pisses you off any further. Just transcribe it using this service and read it. Heh.


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