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Event management made easy with RegOnline.com


I like event management. The planning that goes into it, the running around, the great feeling that one gets when the event is pulled off smoothly. But if I could rely on a program to help me in the preparations that would be even better (less headache, you see).

With a god sent program like RegOnline.com where it assists in special event planning, this will really help to make life a little easier for all the event planners out there.

What more with great
features like creating registration forms effortlessly and also creatively, taking care of the payments of the participants of the event, customizing and personalizing badges or identification tags for the event and even down to generating reports about the data accumulated, it really is a must have for event management companies, and just about any other company who does carry out events.

Oh, and FYI, this event registration software is now also able to intergrate with SalesForce.com, so you do not neglect your Customer Relationship Management at the same time.

More details from their press release:

Collaboration aids event professionals in achieving greater success with marketing and event follow-up.

RegOnline, a leading provider of online registration and event management services, has recently completed integration of its services with Salesforce, the award-winning CRM product. This integration addresses the growing needs of the event planning business, as more event professionals capitalize on automation of their processes with computer software.

The integration of CRM tools into registration software will help to improve the efficiency of a process that already boasts impressive numbers. Integration with SalesForce allows users to share leads and customers between services, greatly increasing the efficiency of marketing efforts across events and channels.

Many of RegOnline's clients are already taking advantage of the new integration and with the addition of RegOnline to the AppExchange network, it is expected that SalesForce clients with event management needs will begin looking at online registration software as a complementary system to their lead-generation efforts.


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