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Eclipse broadband makes online surfing a breeze.

Eclipse offer broadband for the Home and Business user.
We are looking for a bit of buzz around these areas please include one of the links outlined in the opportunity are included.
No blog post that used no-follow in the opportunity link or nofollow robots meta tag in the page will be accepted for this opportunity.


If I had another option rather than *looks around quickly* Streamyx I would go for it. You should know by now by reading my blog that I always bitch about how bad the connection is most of the time. Why can't we have
Eclipse Internet here or something? With options like leased lines for the
business owner or wireless broadband for the home owner, surfing the Internet should be a pretty good experience (no cursing the connection and banging your head on the wall). Especially for business broadband, in places like Coffeebean (where I am now), the connection is really unstable. *sigh*


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