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ah ling gone wild.

Nothing new about that eh.

Just the other day at Toys R'Us in One Utama, the penguinboyfriend and I were walking past the stuffed toys section when I saw something and backtracked.

I saw Spongebob!! The yellow sponge with boxy pants!! I was so thrilled that I said this out (a bit too loudly) to the penguinboyfriend:

"Ooh! Look! Spongebob! Can I rape him?!?"

If it had just been only the both of us there, it would have been fine, but there was another couple there. The penguinboyfriend just ignored me and walked off =(

Sometimes, he will tell me that he's ignoring me =) But still sad also-lah, being ignored =( But also cannot blame him cos' he only ignores me when I say or do nonsense =)

One picture of me for you to stare at before I go to bed :

ah ling

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