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As what I said in my previous post....

...I really am in Coffeebean, and the connection to Airzed today is..*pulls face*

Shite, it really made me wanna throw my notebook against the slate wall and bang my head repeatedly on the aluminium table. But of course, I didn't, if not I wouldn't be blogging about this right now.

Tetek Leong told us something very funny that day. Right before the penguinboyfriend and I went back to Malacca, we were all talking.PenguinBoyfriend was saying that he wanted to take me to a place in Malacca where they serve good 'roti John' (roti as in bread, but in this context roti as in roti canai, a Malaysian specialty). Jamie and I were saying that in Kay Elle, roti John is easily available and Tetek Leong said that the last time he tried ordering roti John, the waiter asked him this "Siapa John?" (Who is John?).

-___-""" But we found it pretty funny. Heh.

ah ling

P.S: Yam still here at Coffeebean, and FYI, am NOT connected to Airzed. Luckily One Utama's wifi is an open connection so am bumming off it. It was realy sucky just now either, but now it's much better.


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