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Securely Zip your private & confidential data.


Ever wished at some point of your life that you could easily and effortlessly ZIP away all the private and confidential data you have, maybe data pertaining to your financial status, or even files which are of absolute importance because they concern work and if anything happens to them, you are so screwed. Data, which are kept where only you can access to them, when you need them. For me, I would like to keep my e-mail messages and also nude pictures, hahah, I'm JOKING certain information private. But what about medical records? Financial information? Tax records?

At www.securezip.com, you are able to keep the above mentioned types of information secure. On top of that, feel safe and secure in the fact that your passwords, bank statements and other information which are stored on your computer can be kept only privy to yourself. With SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP, even e-mails and e-mail attachments are kept confidential. This is essential, especially if you are sharing those messages which contain sensitive information.

To give it a try, visit Securezip to download a free copy of your own software. It's just for a limited time, and it's not a trial copy. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP would be great to use, especially on shared computers. Note to self: must inform penguinboyfriend about this.


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