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ah ling is pregnant.

No -lah, bluffed you onli.

But if I were pregnant, do you think I'd look like this?

I think I'd be so depressed wei(if I were pregnant now).

But I'm not. *smirk*

So here's a picture of me looking back at ya:

Oh, and by the way, if you thought that I you can see my mantiespanties and that the penguinboyfriend took a "peek-a-boo" shot of me, well, you're wrong. It's the fraying edges of my skirt. Pervs.

Guess who was in the house?


And more Candy:

I really love this pix. *waiting for the penguinboyfriend to 'float'*

Today I am very happy, cos' today Candy understands the word 'stay'.

For a while, anyway.

After a while, she starts rolling over and pawing me for a tummy rub.

"Sien(bored) already, no one is scratching my stomach also.."

I told the penguinboyfriend that the title of this next picture should be 'Two Bitches on the Floor'.

And to end this photo-heavy (by my standards anyway) entry, here's one of me being random and emo with the piano bench:

Thank you penguinboyfriend for helping me today. *muax*

ah ling

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