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Introducing the new pet.

Remember in THIS POST I said that there was a new pet?

Finally, I'm showing you all the pictures!! only two pictures lah.Kecoh.

I was really startled to see a small pair of eyes staring at me. When I looked closer, I saw a BAT.


No, not this guy.

Mr. Bat sleeping

And another of Mr. Bat sleeping. It's unofficial name which I bestowed upon it is 'Mickey'. Please don't ask me why, I wouldn't be able to answer you.

With both its wings extended, the length of 'Mickey' is around 1 foot. And it's only a BABY. The penguinboyfriend's father went bat hunting and apparently they found 'Mickey' clinging to its mother. Imagine how huge the mama bat must have been! *shudders*

The penguinboyfriend's dad did ask me if I'd like to take it home, but I declined. I don't think my parents would take too kindly to the fact that their daughter has a bat for a pet (Hey! It rhymes!).

ah ling

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